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Willow Day Bio, Age, Family, Job, Boyfriend, Made In Chelsea

Willow Day has returned in her sophomore year as a cast of Made In Chelsea. This time in 2023 the cast has headed to Corsica in France and with a new getaway to enjoy there is also a new drama. Who are her family members? How old is she and when is her birthday? Who is her current boyfriend?

Scroll down and enjoy a few details about her via this bio.

Willow Day On Made In Chelsea

Willow Day is a newcomer to reality television; she only recently joined the Made in Chelsea ensemble in the summer of 2022 when the cast traveled to Mallorca, where she was raised. She was one of the four newbies at the time. The independent fashion model’s TV career is continued in the program. She admitted to being a serial dater.

Willow met a handful of the MIC boys and, of course, grabs not one, but two of their attention. The romance enthusiast stated that her main need for men is that they “have to be gorgeous”. She visits Mallorca again in the summer to take advantage of the upscale beach clubs, boat parties, and gorgeous weather the island offers.

The group departs for a glam stay on the stunning island off the southern coast of France in the new episodes of MIC: Corsica. While there, we can anticipate romantic relationships, strained friendships, and a few newcomers. Liv Bentley and Tristan Phipps, a recently split couple, will also reconcile on the island, and based on the trailers, Yasmine Zweegers will once more be at the center of the drama.

Willow Day Boyfriend: Is She With Harvey Or Julius?

In the MIC Corsica, Willow Day was dating Harvey Armstrong. However, he also slept with fellow cast Imogen Bloom (newbie in 2023 and friend of Ruby Adler) at the same time. When Imogen discovers this, she confronts Harvey.

Imogen recently told Harvey: “Be honest that we had something real and you’ve shunned it.” It comes after he said he had sent her messages saying that they are not exclusive while dating and kissing Willow.

The 2022 newbie said it was “very intense” when Imogen questioned him about it before stating that she and Harvey are “single.”

When Imogen questioned Harvey about MIC’s newbie, he said that he and Imogen were “not exclusive.” When he went on a date with Imogen, she said: “You had s*x with someone, you f***ing pr***.” Imogen then admitted she really liked him.

Imogen admitted that she “can’t turn her feelings off” while having lunch with Ruby, Emily, Harvey’s ex-girlfriend, and Lily. She then added that she didn’t think Willow was a girl’s girl. She was supported by Ruby, who added that it “can’t have been nice for her, either.”

In an episode of Made in Chelsea 2022, the model and Julius spent a steamy summer together in Mallorca. But once they departed from the bright island, their summer romance regrettably came to an end.

Miles Nazaire seemed to be interested in the freelance model, but she soon bonded with Julius, his best friend. The two appeared to click, and during the course of the series, they had a summer fling. But after the series ended, their relationship ended. Julius appeared content living alone in Chelsea.

Willow, however, had other ideas when Julius thought they had ended their relationship in Mallorca. She unexpectedly showed up where Julius was having lunch in Chelsea in the opening episode of season 24, trying to keep their affair going through the summer. She postponed her travels for him, shocking Julius so much that he even said, “I’m very much in a single headspace.”

But Willow was a little upset by this because she got the impression that he wasn’t thrilled to see her.

Issy overheard Mallorca native saying, “I expected to see him a little bit more happy to see me.” In episode 2, Julius revealed to Verity that he thought her astonishment was “intense.” “When she arrived, it was a bit of a shock,” he added. “I was speechless.” “When she said that she came for me, it did make me feel a bit like… okay, that’s intense.”

So, Willow is single and in a relationship with neither of them as of this article. But, there might be something bubbling up between her and Miles.

Willow Day Age

In January 2023, Willow Day turned age 21.

Willow Day Family

Willow Day is the daughter of Pebbles Day, her mom, and her dad Michael Day. Pebbles went to Saltash Comprehensive School, Clarendon College, Nottingham, and worked at Palma Pictures.

Originally from Saltash, Cornwall, Pebbles, and Michael are living in Palma De Mallorca, Spain.

What Job Does Willow Day Do For A Living?

Willow Day began her career as a freelance model when she was just 13 years old. She relocated to Milan for an internship at the Versace design house after studying fashion at a university in London.

Willow was a graduate of Graduate of Vogue Fashion Foundation Programme class 2021, at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design. She wrote in her bio, “I was encouraged by the year 2020 to create a project regarding the theme of 2020’s silver linings. In my work, I focused on what good came out of a challenging time and how we have benefited from it in the long run.”

Since 2022, she has added the title of reality star to her resume.

In her free time, she takes advantage of the sailing, horseback riding, and archery the island has to offer.

Willow Day Net Worth

Willow Day’s net worth is currently below $100K. She hasn’t released detail on the real figure.

Willow Day Height

Based on her pictures, Willow Day stood tall above 5 feet 7.5 inches.

Willow Day B*ob Job

Willow Day got her bo*b job sometime in the fall of 2022. However, she hasn’t discussed many details about her surgeries.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Willow Day From?

Although Willow Day was born in England, she was raised in Spain’s Mallorcan village of Alaró.

  • When Is Willow Day Birthday?

Willow Day celebrates her birthday on 9 January.

  • Is Willow Day On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Willow Day has a Facebook and Instagram account.

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