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HGTV Jenna Perusich Parents: Jimmy And Connie Perusich

HGTV’s Jenna Perusich was born to her parents Jimmy And Connie Perusich. On HGTV she appears on The Great Giveback co-anchoring the show with her cousin Melissa McCarthy. This article is put together to bring you information on Jenna’s parents. It covers everything from age, job, and social media reach.

In addition, you’ll know how she is related to Melissa along with information on her siblings. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about Jenna Perusich’s parents.

Who Are HGTV Jenna Perusich Parents?

Jenna Perusich, who is co-hosting HGTV’s show The Great Giveback with her cousin Melissa McCarthy shared some information about her parents while interviewing with HGTV. She shared that she sees her parents as the ultimate couple. (

According to Jenna, her parents have been married for 37 years. In fact, everything she knows about art, design, fashion, and music, her parents inspired her taste in those aspects.

“I’ve learned so much from my parents about art, design, fashion, and music. Yet it’s their dedication to each that I admire most,” Jenna said. “Married for 37 years, they define what love is all about. I’ll be watching TV downstairs in their house only to walk upstairs and find them laughing and dancing to music, enjoying the moment. They are my role models.”

Back when she collaborated with the Property Brothers to remodel her parents’ house in Celebrity IOU, Jenna was inspired to combine her desire to help others with her love of renovation.

Let’s take a closer look at the life of her parents.

Meet HGTV Jenna Perusich Father, Jimmy Perusich

James “Jimmy” Perusich is the father of Jenna Perusich.

Jimmy was born to his parents James M. Perusich Sr. and Eleanora Perusich (nee Schwabek). He also has a sister whose name is LaVerne Perusich. LaVerne’s husband is Joe Niezgoda. Jimmy lost her mother in November 2004 at the age of 89.

On Father’s Day 2015, she shared a picture of her father on Instagram and captioned the post, “Happy Fathers Day to the coolest guy there is. #jimmyp”. Later in 2017, she posted a throwback of her father. She wrote as a caption, “the one and only Jimmy P. #dad #greaselightning #americangraffiti #classicman #mcm”.

  • Jimmy Perusich Age

Born in 1940, Jimmy Perusich is 81 years old in 2022.

  • Jimmy Perusich Job

Jimmy Perusich served in the Chicago Police Department at unit District 008. He joined the police department in December 1969. He retired as a police officer in May 2003 after 33 years of serving in Chicago PD at the age of 63. According to his profile, his badge no. was 14428.

His base salary was $69,264 per year.

Moreover, he was entitled to $65,316 in the “Current Annual Pension” amount whereas $146,977 of “Employee Contributions to Their Pension”.

  • Is Jimmy Perusich On Instagram?

No, Jimmu Perusich is not on Instagram.

Meet HGTV Jenna Perusich Mother, Connie Perusich

HGTV Jenna Perusich’s mother is Constance “Connie” Perusich. In May 2019, she posted a picture of her mother and captioned it, “Mama ❤️”.

  • Connie Perusich Age

Born on 22 August 1954, Connie Perusich is 67 years old.

  • Connie Perusich Job

Like her husband, Connie Perusich also served as a police officer in unit 009 but changed unit in February 1983 to unit 073 and again in December 1992 to unit 184. She joined the Chicago Police Department on 3 January 1977. Her badge number were 40106, 20106, and 16981. Her base salary was $93,192 per year. In her 36 years of service, she received eight civilian compliments.

In 2004 and 2008, Connie received the “Attendance Recognition Award”. Later, in November 2008, she also received “The Presidential Election Deployment Award 2008”. In January 2009, she was the recipient of the “2009 Crime Reduction Award”. A year before her retirement, in May 2012, Connie received the “Nato Summit Service Award”.

Connie retired in January 2013 at the age of 59. She was entitled to $67,997 in the “Current Annual Pension” amount whereas $255,210 of “Employee Contributions to Their Pension”.

  • Is Connie Perusich On Instagram?

Yes, Connie Perusich is on Instagram (@conniemac106) and Facebook (@connie.m.perusich).

Related FAQs

  • Are HGTV Jenna Perusich Parents Still Married?

Yes, HGTV’s Jenna Perusich’s parents are still married in 2022.

  • How Many Kids Do HGTV Jenna Perusich Parents Have?

Other than Jenna, her parents also have a daughter named Gina. Born in 1990, Gina is 31 years old. She studied at Saint Xavier University. She has been in a relationship since August 2021.

Jenna has featured her sister Gina a few times on her Instagram. Meanwhile, Gina is on Facebook.

  • Where Do HGTV Jenna Perusich Parents Live?

HGTV Jenna Perusich’s parents are currently living in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Which One Of The HGTV Jenna Perusich Parents Is Related To Melissa McCarthy?

HGTV’s Jenna Perusich’s mother Connie Perusich and Melissa McCarthy’s father are related to each other. To be more precise they are siblings, and Connie is the youngest while Melissa’s father is the oldest.

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