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Meet Sahira Zacarias, Alejandro Padron Ex-Wife! Her Age, Job

Sahura Zacarias is the first ex-wife of Alejandro Padron, the star of TLC’s The Family Chantel. The ups and downs of Alejandro’s relationship with Nicole on the show grabbed attention. So, if you wish to learn more about his ex-wife then you are at the right place.

Delve into this article which brings you information on Alejandro Pardon’s ex-wife Sahira Zacarias.

Meet Alejandro Padron Ex-Wife, Sahira Zacarias

Alejandro Padron was married once before he met Nicole Jimeno from The Family Chantel. The name of his wife is Sahira Zacarias. The romantic connections between Sahira and Alejandro persisted as early as January 2015. They were publicly addressing each other as hubby and wife.

However, neither Sahira nor Alejandro opened up about one important thing. Since when they started dating each other.

Regardless of that, the two of them were madly in love with each other. Alejandro wasn’t cheap, and we could safely say that he didn’t hold himself back from spoiling Sahira. He would often present Sahira with flowers and chocolates. Alejandro exhibited his romantic side by posting songs by Ed Sheeran, Prince Royce, Clean Bandit, and many other music artists.

On Valentine’s Day 2015, Sahira took pictures of all the valentines day gifts which she received from her man and posted them on her Facebook.

Sahira then captioned, “My Valentine’s gifts!! Thanks my love I loved them!!!”.

A week later, on 21st February, Alejandro surprised her with a colorful bouquet and a card at the work. The real surprise that Alejandro had planned was the marriage proposal. He brought a big diamond ring and asked Sahira to marry him. Sahira updated the big day on her Facebook and said, “He proposed to me marriage and I said…… yes!!! Surprise at work!!!”.

Alejandro also commented on the post while writing: “I love you baby… I’m glad you liked your surprise!!” Only three days after the engagement, on 25 February, Alejandro announced on Facebook that they got married.

In 2022, Alejandro is on the cast of 90 Day Fiance spin-off The Family Chantel. His scandalous romance with Nicole Jimeno allowed their relationship to sore high in the show. Born in 1992, Alejandro is 29 years old and once claimed that his uncle Carlos was a father to him.

By profession, he worked as a part-time software developer at Experience It Now Travel. He is originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Why And When Did Alejandro Padron And His Ex-Wife Sahira Zacarias Divorce?

The once-married couple Sahira Zacarias and Alejandro Padron never gave the answer to this question. At some point after their marriage, the spell of blissful romance waned off probably resulting in the marital problems. They eventually separated and the divorce came after that.

But as already stated, the “Why” and “When” remains unclear.

However, we know for a fact that Alejandro reportedly dated Nicole while still married to Sahira. So, whether Alejandro and Nicole’s relationship was the reason for divorce or they started dating after the married couple’s relationship soured is unclear.

Alejandro Padron And Nicole Jimeno Relationship

The family members of Nicole Jimeno showed dissatisfaction after hearing that she maintained a relationship with a married man. The drama ensued from the very beginning regarding Nicole’s relationship with Nicole. They reportedly met each other when Alejandro had a wife. Moreover, she supported Alejandro throughout the time he worked to finalize his divorce.

Regardless of all the dramas and disapproval from family members, they still managed to make it through to the end of season 2, the season where Nicole’s relationship was explored for the first time.

Nicole and Alejandro also had their own internal conflicts. Like, Alejandro did not support Nicole’s decision when she wanted to get breast implants. The couple was forced to reach a snag. But, Nicole was absolutely infuriated when she discovered that Alejandro was talking with another woman online behind her back.

Nicole’s best friend Coraima encouraged her to end things with him permanently and she listened to her. In season 3, Nicole reconciled her relationship with Alejandro. Many viewers believed that she made the choice only to get back at her brother.

Sahira Zacarias Relationship Status Today

Sahira Zacarias hasn’t updated her relationship status for a long time. In August 2019, she posted a picture of a newborn baby on her Facebook. Many of her friends and family congratulated her and many believed it was hers. Later on, she clarified in the comment section that that wasn’t her baby.

Meanwhile, Sahira’s Instagram, which possibly could give a glimpse of her current dating life is private at the moment. So ever since her divorce from her ex-husband Alejandro, her relationship status is a complete mystery.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Sahira Zacarias?

In 2022, Sahira Zacarias should be above 31 years old.

  • Where Is Sahira Zacarias From?

According to her Facebook, Sahira Zacarias is from New York. But, she is originally from the Dominican Republic and also seems to have ties with Lebanon.

  • Is Sahira Zacarias On Instagram?

Indeed, you can find Sahira Zacarias on Instagram (@sahiz14).

  • What Does Sahira Zacarias Do For A Living?

Sahira Zacarias revealed that she is a college graduate but she never revealed what she did for a living.

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