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HGTV Kim Wolfe Siblings: Beth Saxton And Clint Spradlin

Meet HGTV Kim Wolfe siblings — Beth Saxton and Clinton Spradlin.

Below, you’ll learn about their age, job, and their married life. Keep scrolling to learn more about HGTV Kim Wolfe siblings!

Who Are HGTV Kim Wolfe Siblings?

In HGTV’s new show Why The Heck Did I Buy This House? the show host Kim Wolfe and her husband, Bryan Wolfe will help seven families fall in love with the property they regretted buying. Kim is no stranger to reality shows as she is best known as the winner of Survivor 2012.

Born to Mike Spradlin and Roxanne Hughes Spradlin, as the second child, Kim has other two siblings. Her mother is a renowned artist who does commission work. She earned fame by creating murals in her hometown. Meanwhile, her father is a football coach who coached Abilene Cooper football for five years, coached the Temple High School football team, and joined the Rockwall-Heath football team in 2019.

Mike announced his retirement in December 2021 after serving 33 years in public education.

Learn more about her siblings below.

Meet HGTV Kim Wolfe Sister, Beth Saxton

HGTV’s Kim Wolfe has an older sister named Bethany “Beth” Saxton. She recently featured her sister in July 2021 post and shared, “Thankful for a sister that will spend the weekend working with me. Love you”.

  • Beth Saxton Age

Born on 30 January 1981, Beth Saxton is 41 years old in January 2022.

  • Beth Saxton Job

Beth Saxton has worked as an event planner. She operated under the brand name Saxton Soirees Party & Event Planning. She has done birthday parties, weddings, and kid’s parties. On her Saxton Soirees blog, she revealed that she is obsessed with the details. She revealed, “I love the way colors, textures and a little creativity can take something from plain Jane to pretty fabulous.  If you are looking for a little (or a lot) of help for your next soiree you’ve come to the right place.”

Furthermore, in her personal blog, she described herself as a quality life coordinator for her husband. She stated, “I’m pretty sure documenting our life falls under my “job description” which is where this blog comes in handy! We’ve been on an adventure across America (courtesy of the United States Navy) but we’re happy to have recently found our way back to Texas. In my spare time (wait, spare time what is that?!)”.

Moreover, she had also tried her hand at graphic designing and photography.

  • Is Beth Saxton Married?

Beth is married to her husband Nathan Saxton (@dadasaxton). In August 2019, they celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. They dated for a year before deciding to get married.

Beth and Nate have three children: Carter, Emerson, and Cash.

Nathan turned 44 years old on October 12, 2021. He studied at Mary Hardin Baylor University and worked as a Youth Minister during his adolescence. Nate entered the US Navy as a Flight Officer in 2004 after being inspired by the events of September 11th. He served for nine years.

Nate has worked for an engineering firm as the Director of Government Development. Following Belton High School, he attended and graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. He claims to be the owner of his Facebook page. According to his Facebook, he is the owner of Chick-fil-A Odessa, University Boulevard.

Meet HGTV Kim Wolfe Brother, Clinton Spradlin

Meet Clinton Michael Spradlin, the younger brother of Kim Wolfe.

  • Clinton Spradlin Age

As of April 2022, Clinton Spradlin is 37 years old.

  • Clinton Spradlin Job

Clinton Spradlin was attending the University of Houston when he decided to leave the university and join the Marines. He board the plane headed to San Diego, California in 2004 and landed at the United States Marine Corps Boot Camp, at Camp Pendelton. Everyone knew he had dreams of playing professional football so joining the marine came as a shock.

Clinton graduated three months later and his whole family was there to support him. He had completed training in areas such as the Advanced Infantry Course, Marine Combat Water Survival Instructor, and earned a black belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

His Drill Sargent had made him Platoon Leader and he told his father, “Dad, I have taken your words to heart and I will be the best!” Later on, he earned an Expert Marksman medal. Three months later, Clint was among the seven men who were selected as Platoon Honorman for Platoon 1005.

Kim Wolfe’s brother Clinton Spradlin, President Bush, and Kim and Clint and Kim’s father Michael Spradlin (Pic: Roxanne’s Blog)

Clint was in Washington D.C. where he was hand-picked to become a part of President Bush’s security detail at the White House- a team that he would later go on to lead as the senior ranking non-commissioned officer.

After two years of service, Clint participated in an Exit Ceremony in which he was able to invite his father. They were officially introduced to President where upon entering the Oval Office the President thanked Clint for his service.

He moved back to Texas and looked for a job. Now, he is working as a financial advisor. He also worked as an instructor at Iron Centurion Forging Leaders.

  • Is Clinton Spradlin Married?

Clinton Spradlin is married to his wife Jenny Spradlin. The married couple shares two daughters and lives in Kellar, Texas.

Related FAQs

  • Are HGTV Kim Wolfe Siblings On Instagram?

Yes, Kim Wolfe’s two siblings are on Instagram. You can find Beth at (@bethsaxton) and Clinton at (@csprad22).

  • Where Do HGTV Kim Wolfe Siblings Live?

Kim Wolfe’s sister Beth is living in Midland, Texas. Whereas, her brother Clinton is living in Kellar, Texas.

  • Do HGTV Kim Wolfe Siblings Appear On Why The Heck Did I Buy This House?

The appearance of Kim Wolfe’s two siblings hasn’t been announced yet. But, we can expect it to happen in the future.

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