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Meghan Crumpler Family: Dad, Mom, Siblings, Husband

1000-Lb Best Friends Meghan Crumpler embarked on a journey to lose her weight on national TV with her three best friends. There are a few things she wants to experience in life and the list includes flying in an airplane, going swimming, going on a cruise, taking a vacation, kayaking, taking dance lessons, and even crossing her legs.

And she knows that a few of her closest friends who are overweight also have their own respective dreams on a personal level. While they hop on that journey, they have other family members to support them to get in shape at any cost.

So, who is in Meghan Crumpler’s family? Learn about all the individuals we know of in this article below.

Meghan Crumpler Family

If you’re keeping up with TLC’s 1000lb Best Friends, then you know by now that Meghan Crumpler, one of the lead casts on the show is an adoptive child. She comes from a family of four that includes her parents and her younger sister. Meghan grew up in a loving family in Stockbridge, Georgia.

His parents stayed married for 40.5 years until her father’s death.

Meet Meghan Crumpler’s Dad, David James Crumpler

Meghan Crumpler was very close to her adoptive father David James Crumpler. She has talked about her father on the show and shared, “My dad was not just my dad. He adopted me. He chose to love me. We had a special bond.”

David is the son of Barbara K Crumpler and David Crumpler. His mother was a member of Liberty Baptist Tabernacle in Stockbridge, GA. Mrs. Crumpler was formerly employed by Georgia Art in Atlanta and Roosevelt High School, where she was a cashier in the lunchroom for 23 years.

He had a sister named Laura Tierney. She lived with her husband David in Lawrenceville, GA.

  • What Was David James Crumpler’s Cause Of Death?

Meghan Crumpler lost her beloved father David James Crumpler on 21 November 2019. He suffered from the worst case of Gout known in history to date. Meghan shared on her socials that her father developed Gout from having a work accident in October of 1980 that caused him to have an electrical shock.

He had enough electricity going through him to have been in an electric chair. That day changed his life forever. He was so severe that he had over 300 knots all over his body at some point. He lost his Life insurance when he had to retire due to being on Hospice. During that period he also has kidney failure because of gout.

The exact cause of his death wasn’t shared.

  • David James Crumpler Age At The Time Of His Death

At the time of his death, James Crumpler was 60 years old.

  • David James Crumpler Job

David James Crumpler started working at the age of 17. He was a 12 year veteran of the Army National Guard. However, his illness forced him to retire from his job. But, he worked with his hand even when he was thrown by the disease in his wheelchair and got hospitalized.

Meet Meghan Crumpler’s Mom, Wanda Teresa Crumpler

Meet Wanda Teresa Crumpler, Meghan’s mom. Wanda loved her beloved husband immensely. In her Facebook story, she posted, “I was and am still very proud of you. Still miss you and carrying your memory with me always love, TC”.

Wanda is the daughter of Carolene Kirby. Teresa lost her sister Nanette Henson on 15 July 2010. She also has a brother John Kirby and David Kirby.

  • Is Wanda Teresa Crumpler Still Alive?

Yes, Wanda Teresa Crumpler is still alive. She is active on Facebook and proudly posts about her family on her social media account.

  • Wanda Teresa Crumpler Age

As of April 2022, Wanda Teresa Crumpler is 61 years old.

  • Wanda Teresa Crumpler Job

There is no information on Teresa Crumpler’s job.

Meet Meghan Crumpler’s Sibling, Ashley Wood

Meghan Crumpler has one younger sister named Ashley Wood. In July 2021, Ashley shared on her Facebook that her parents were celebrating 42 anniversary. She wrote, ” Tomorrow is my parents’ wedding anniversary, 42 years. I love you, momma & daddy. Daddy may be in Heaven but the love shared is never forgotten”.

  • Ashley Wood Age

Born in April 1981, Ashley Wood is 41 years old.

  • Ashley Wood Job

According to Ashley’s Facebook, she has been working as Service & Controls Accounting Associate at Batchelor & Kimball since September 2013. According to ZipRecruiter, accounting associate makes nearly $33,802 per year in Georgia.

Ashley further stated that she is an HVAC, Piping, Plumbing Service & Controls Billing Specialist. Whereas, her Linkedin revealed that she attended Clayton State University where she studied Business Administration and Management till 2002.

  • Is Ashley Wood Married?

Ashley Wood is married to her husband Chris Wood. They got engaged on 15 December 2006.

In mid-August 2020, she shared a few details about her marriage via a FB post. In the post, she wrote, “Happy Anniversary to the man who still and always will have my (heart emoji). You make every day feel like we’ve just begun. 14 years together and 11 married, there’s no one else I’d rather go through life with. I’m so thankful that all my roads led to you! I love you, Chris Wood I thank God for you every single day!”

Ashley and her husband share one daughter named Taylor. She turned 14 years old on 25 July 2021.

Chris attended Stockbridge High School and graduated in 2002. He worked at R & L Carriers/Gator Freight.

Meet Meghan Crumpler’s Husband, Jon

Jon is the fiance-turned-to-be-husband of Meghan Crumpler. They have been dating each other for over 10 years. They met each other online while playing games but met in person when he was 25 years old while Meghan was 35. In June 2021, Meghan wrote on her Instagram, “meghancrumpler_toolarge #couplegoals  #Toolarge  #selflove  #cougar  #agegap  #MeghanCrumpler_toolarge This is the week that I met Jon for the first time when he came from California to meet me. Era 2013. I was 35 and he was 25.”

As the story goes, Meghan was initially hesitant to reveal herself. She did, however, mistakenly switch on the camera one night when they were discussing. He later admitted to her that he had seen her, and she was relieved that he had stayed. In the show, Jon told, “I love Meghan to the world and back. Everything that she does. She’s such a wonderful person. She has such a kind, sweet, heart.”

They got engaged on 24 February 2021. Jon was so happy that Meghan accepted his proposal. “She said yes. I’m so excited,” he said with a huge grin on his face. “I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with someone I love.”

  • Jon Age

Currently, Job is 33 years old.

  • Jon Job

There is no information regarding Jon’s job. However, he studied Visual art at Berea College.

  • Is Jon On Instagram?

No, he is not on Instagram but has a Facebook page (@JonToolarge).

Related FAQs

  • Do Meghan Crumpler Family Appear On 1000-Lb Best Friends?

By far we’ve only seen Meghan Crumpler’s fiance on 1000-lb Best Friends. We might expect to see Meghan’s sister and her mom on the show, but fingers crossed.

  • Have Meghan Crumpler Family Members Appear On The Reality Star’s Instagram?

Meghan Crumpler featured her family members on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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