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Hong Beom Seok Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Physical 100

Netflix’s Physical 100 brings many talented and strong people from different backgrounds and one of them is returning cast member Hong Beom Seok. Who is his wife? How tall is he?

Read all that we know about him here in this article below.

Hong Beom Seok On Netflix’s Physical 100 Season 2

Season 2 of Netflix’s Physical: 100 is back and one of the contestants who is back again this season is Hong Beom Seok. Physical: 100 is back for another exciting challenge that pushes the boundaries of 100 fitness enthusiasts both mentally and physically.

Beom Seok is a part of group two titled “The Warriors”.

The popular reality Netflix Korean series debuted last year and attracted a devoted following (guilty), thanks to its intense challenges (one-on-one wrestling matches, team competitions to pull a 4,000-pound ship, etc.) and the endearing camaraderie and sportsmanship among the season 1 contestants.

With more challenging rounds and an even more remarkable ensemble, Netflix promised that season 2 would raise the standard, and thus far, the new episodes are starting an incredible season of Korean entertainment.

Olympic gold medalists, pro bodybuilders, top influencers, and famous athletes are among the national and international celebrities who make up the cast of Physical: 100 season 2. Similar to season 1, several competitors are bringing obscure sports and careers to a worldwide audience.

Since there were only 50 participants left after eliminations, not all of the winners are featured in Physical 100 Season 2. The first team challenge, the third mission, pitted two teams against one another to determine who would stay in the series and who would go. The first winners thus far are Lee Won-hee’s and Kim Dong-Hyun’s teams.

Beom-seok is in a team that also includes Gibson, Kang Cheong-myeong, Seol Young-ho, and Park Ha-yan who won against Lee Jang-kun’s team in Quest Two.

When the surviving competitors had to cooperate in the Five-on-Five Team battle to escape elimination, Physical 100 Season 2 turned ruthless. Lee’s team’s plan of securing two of the weighted scales leading to victory helped them win by the end of Quest 2. Hwang and his squad were eliminated as a result of it. The teams that played next were Kim’s and Amotti’s.

Even though there was a lot of tension up until the very end, Kim’s squad won, and Amotti and his team were eliminated. The following game pitted Hong’s side against Lee’s team. Hong’s squad led Quest 2 before to the cliffhanger, but the winner is currently unclear.

#Physical100Season2 physical100 season2 – underground “Challenge” always excites me. ⚡️Released March 19th,” Beom Seok took to his IG and wrote.

Hong Beom Seok Job

Hong Beom Seok is an ex-firefighter who quit his job in 2022 to run a sports center. During his time as a firefighter, he won 1st place in the 2018 World Firefighters Championships, The Strongest Firefighter (TFA), 1st place in the 2018 National Firefighting Technology Contest, Strongest Firefighter, 2018 Gyeonggi-do Fire Technology Contest, Strongest Firefighter, 1st Place, and 1st place at the 7th Gyeonggi-do Fit Firefighter Competition in 2020.

In addition to being a former firefighter who placed first in the 2018 World Firefighters Championships, he spent ten years serving as a special forces soldier in the Korean military.

Beom Seok enlisted in the Army Special Operations Command (164th Special Operations Noncommissioned Officer), served in the 11th Airborne Special Operations Brigade. Furthermore, he also served in the 707th Special Mission Battalion from 2007 to 2012.

Later he started serving with the 61st Battalion, 11th Airborne Special Forces Brigade. He was released as a sergeant from the 707th Special Mission Battalion in 2017 after serving there from 2014 to 2017.

Besides the current Netflix show, Beom-Seok has also been on King of Wrestling, Steel Troops 3, and The Soldiers. Additionally, he also modeled for a brand named Synta6 which he also served as an ambassador for in 2023.

Hong Beom Seok Age

As of March 2024, Hong Beom Seok is 37 years old.

Hong Beom Seok Wife

Hong Beom Seok is married to his wife who has been a married couple for more than 18 years. In November 2022, Beom Seok shared that his wife was only 22 when she married him.

“My wife, who got married at the young age of 22 and has always supported and helped me from the beginning until now ! Would I exist today without you? I’ve been married for 16 years and it’s still great🤍 #love #relationship #couple,” he explained in the post.

Unfortunately, Beom Seok hasn’t shared any details about his wife. On Instagram, she goes by (@j___.table).

The married couple share two boys; Hong Jong-woo who was born in 2010 and their youngest son Hong Jeong-woo born in 2014.

The two boys are often featured on Beom-Seok’s Instagram. Jangwoo finished elementary school in December 2022. He wished his son, “Jongwoo! Congratulations on your graduation~ Dad will always be behind you in the future, so let’s have fun and do our best in whatever we want to do🤍.”

Hong Beom Seok Height

Hong Beom Seok stands tall at 1.81 meters and 76 kilograms.

Related FAQs

  • Is Hong Beom Seok On Instagram?

Of course, Beom Seok on Instagram has 78.8K followers (@hongbeomseok_).

  • When Is Hong Beom Seok Birthday?

19 May is the birthday of Beom Seok.

  • Where Is Hong Beom Seok From?

According to Namu Wiki, Beom Seok hailed from Gwangju, South Korea.

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