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Physical 100 Amotti Bio, Age, Job, Real Name, Instagram

Amotti, a CrossFit competitor, is competing in Physical 100 season 2 on Netflix. Is he in a relationship? What does he do for a living? What is his height? We have the answers you seek if you come looking for them.

Tag along and read all about Amotti in this short bio.

Meet Amotti, One Of The Contestants On Season 2 Of Netflix’s Physical 100

Season 2 of Netflix’s Physical: 100 is back and one of the contestants this season is YouTuber Amotti. Physical: 100 is back for another exciting challenge that pushes the boundaries of 100 fitness enthusiasts both mentally and physically.

Amotti is a part of Group Five titled “athletic celebrities”.

The popular reality Netflix Korean series debuted last year and attracted a devoted following (guilty), thanks to its intense challenges (one-on-one wrestling matches, team competitions to pull a 4,000-pound ship, etc.) and the endearing camaraderie and sportsmanship among the season 1 contestants.

With more challenging rounds and an even more remarkable ensemble, Netflix promised that season 2 would raise the standard, and thus far, the new episodes are starting an incredible season of Korean entertainment.

Olympic gold medalists, pro bodybuilders, top influencers, and famous athletes are among the national and international celebrities who make up the cast of Physical: 100 season 2. Similar to season 1, several competitors are bringing obscure sports and careers to a worldwide audience.

Since there were only 50 participants left after eliminations, not all of the winners are featured in Physical 100 Season 2. The first team challenge, the third mission, pitted two teams against one another to determine who would stay in the series and who would go. The first winners thus far are Lee Won-hee’s and Kim Dong-Hyun’s teams.

Amotti is a member of a team which also include Kim Jee-hyuk, Kim Do-hyeon, Kang Young-seo, Kim Ki-hyuk who lost against Kim Dong-hyun’s team in Quest Two.

When the surviving competitors had to cooperate in the Five-on-Five Team battle to escape elimination, Physical 100 Season 2 turned ruthless. Lee’s team’s plan of securing two of the weighted scales leading to victory helped them win by the end of Quest 2. Hwang and his squad were eliminated as a result of it. The teams that played next were Kim’s and Amotti’s.

Even though there was a lot of tension up until the very end, Kim’s squad won, and Amotti and his team were eliminated. The following game pitted Hong’s side against Lee’s team. Hong’s squad led Quest 2 before to the cliffhanger, but the winner is currently unclear.

#Physical 100 Season 2 March 19th only@netflixat! (Everyone is taking cool pictures, but why am I laughing?) @netflixkr,” Amotti shared on his Instagram.

Physical 100 Amotti Age

As of 2024, Physical 100 Amotti is 31 years old.

What Is Physical 100 Amotti Real Name?

The real name of Physical 100 Amotti is Kim Jae Hong.

Physical 100 Amotti Job

Physical 100 Amotti is a YouTuber or content creator who creates exercise ( CrossFit ) and vlog content. CrossFit Vlog is the primary feature, and Yoon Seongbin, Caro, Louis, June Berry, and actor Park Hae-jin are all working out together in Sweat on Seoul. They frequently show up in each other’s films because they train together at Sweat on Seoul.

Amotti posts vlogs about her everyday life regularly. As a result, most of his videos are about food and fitness, with the occasional trip or vacation video added. The relationship between Yoon Seong-bin, Louis, and Caro—who work out together and frequently appear in the video—is enjoyable and positive, despite the overall calmness of the video.

The majority of the film features people working out with a strong sense of resolve, and there are numerous instances in which Amoti yells out to fight even in scenarios where it appears that no one else has the strength to voice. Many viewers remark in their comments that they find motivation in Amotti’s mindset and that they wish to adopt it. He was a top-ranked CrossFitter in Korea before the incident, but he sustained a major ankle injury in a scooter accident.

As a result, he is not presently competing in CrossFit events. In the past, he placed second at the Asian Championships in China and earned sixth at the 2019 CrossFit Open.

Amotti stated that his current objective is to enjoy working out while watching YouTube. Before his accident, his goal was to become a top CrossFit athlete.

His YouTube channel currently boasts 154K subscribers.

Before starting in CrossFit, he was enlisted in the 1st Marine Division back in 2012.

As for his education, Amotti graduated from Daegu Jibong Elementary School, Neungin Middle School, Neungin High School, and Yeungnam University.

Physical 100 Amotti Height

Amotti stands tall at 1.83 meters and weighs 85 kilograms.

A video announcing that Amotti had been in a serious vehicle accident on January 21, 2021, was uploaded after a few weeks without any videos being uploaded at the start of 2021. He claimed that he was riding a scooter when he got into an accident. Although he didn’t believe his injuries were serious at the time, he ended up needing 10 hours of surgery and spending roughly five weeks in the hospital.

Is Physical 100 Amotti Dating Anyone?

The relationship status of Physical 100 Amotti is unclear. He hasn’t hinted at his dating life on any of his social media posts.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Physical 100 Amotti From?

Physical 100 Amotti hailed from Daegu, South Korea.

  • Is Physical 100 Amotti On Instagram?

Indeed, on Instagram (@amottivation) Amotti has garnered 55.5K followers.

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