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Hue Ho Bio, Age, Job, Net Worth, Instagram, House Of Ho

Hue Ho is the wife of Binh Ho and the matriarch of HBO Max’s House of Ho. Hue has been described in the show as a loving wife and the matriarch of the family. She is always the perfect-looking, highly critical mom who thinks her children can do no wrong. She often defends the children when Binh seems unreasonable, especially over Washington’s hard-partying ways.

Her love for her family is rivaled only by her love of cooking, which is on full display at the weekly Sunday dinner she hosts. The authentic Vietnamese fare is mouth-watering but the drama at the table is even juicier.

Proceed with this article to learn more about Hue Ho. Here we bring you details about her age, job, net worth, and her children.

House Of Ho: Meet Hue Ho, Binh Ho Wife

Binh and Hue married in December 1976. Hence, they have been happily married for 45 years as of 2022. Before their hard work changed their life, they raised their kids in an economically backward community in a 1700-square-foot home.

Before Hue came to the states, Binh had come to the states in 1968 and 1971 to train in the air force. However, when the war broke out, he didn’t get to leave right away because Binh had to get Hue. ( Three days later, they got rescued by a ship. Later, the ship
took them to Singapore and later to the Philippines where they stayed in the refugee camp.

Finally, the US sponsored them to America and they arrived in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, where a lot of Vietnamese refugees lived. They lived in Arkansas for six months before they got sponsored to Kerrville, Texas. The married immigrant couple then began their journey to where they are now today.

Hue and Binh raised three children together; Judy who is an attorney by profession and two sons; Washington and Reagan. Judy the oldest is 42 years old, Washington is 41 years old, and Reagan is currently 39.

After coming to the states, Hue learned English from a lady teacher named Judy, hence she named her daughter that. Her husband named her two sons; Washington, after the first president, and Reagan, after Ronald Reagan who was president in 1983 when Reagan was born.

The married couple is very involved in the lives of their children and all the drama unfolded in HBO Max’s House Of Ho’s. With luxury vehicles, private aircraft, horse races, excellent Champagne, and high-stakes poker games, the Hos’ Succession-style family dynamic and obvious affluence are undoubtedly well-packaged for reality TV. But among Vietnamese Americans, their story of rags to riches is still unusual.

In addition, the show never fully places the Hos in the context of Houston’s greater Vietnamese community, which is centered in areas like Chinatown and Alief. A lot of the filming took place in 2019 before Vietnamese Americans gained national attention in 2020 for their opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement and their disproportionate support for Donald Trump. As a result, it glosses over more difficult subjects like class, racism, and politics.

It is understandable why the Ho children struggle with happiness given the societal constraints associated with wealth, Asian ideas of guilt and shame, and centuries-old Confucian patriarchal norms. Binh and Hue are startled to learn that Judy has a new boyfriend, and they even ask her to make apologies to her husband despite the fact that she was quite unhappy in her marriage.

Matriarch Hue, who rarely showed emotion in the show, suddenly expressed her worry about the divorce by speaking in Vietnamese, a language she obviously feels more at ease in. They also blame their daughter for the failure of her marriage.

Her daughter Judy revealed in an interview with Salon that her parents were apparently ambushed into filming the series, which they initially thought was about the American dream: given their fixation on reputation and image.

Hue Ho Age

Born in May 1953, Hue Ho turned 69 years old in 2022.

Hue Ho Job

Hue learned English at Schreiner College. She came from a small town in Vietnam and her idea was food and water in the home. After moving to Houston with her husband, she worked for UtoteM which owned Circle K. Hue started off sweeping floors,
and she became the supervisor. Once she became the supervisor, her husband called his brothers and sisters and got them to start working there.

Hue trained all the family members.

After her husband started their bank, Hue Ho started working there as the controller and CFO of the company. She was in charge of finance and human resources. Talking about her family, similar to her husband, she came from a huge family with eight brothers and sisters. She was the oldest.

How Much Is Hue Ho Net Worth?

Because Hue Ho also played an equal role to help her husband build the family fortune of a whopping $250 million, Hue Ho’s net worth is above $100 million.

Is Hue Ho On Instagram?

No, Hue Ho is not on Instagram. However, she has been featured on her children’s IG a few times.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Hue Ho Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Hue Ho is Phu. She is the oldest of 9 children born to her parents.

  • Where Is Hue Ho From?

Hue Ho grew up in Long Xuyen, Vietnam which is about three hours from the capital— Ho Chi Minh City. She is currently based in Houston, Texas with her family members.

  • How Tall Is Hue Ho?

Hue Ho’s height should be around 5 feet 5 inches.

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