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Binh Ho Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth, House of Ho

Binh Ho, the star of HBO Max’s House Of Ho, is a success story of an immigrant who came to the US to live the “American Dream”. His struggle story has fascinated people who wanted to learn more about where he is today. This article covers details on his parents, height, net worth, age, and more.

Tag along with this Binh Ho Bio which attempts to cover all the details.

Binh Ho On HBO Max’s House Of Ho

House Of Ho from HBO Max was a perfect show for the fans of Crazy Rich Asians which premiered in 2020. The show followed the Ho family in Houston with eight 30-minute episodes.

According to HBO MAX, “Led by patriarch Binh Ho and his wife, Hue Ho, the power couple immigrated from Vietnam to the United States with little money, relying on hard work to establish the ultimate American dream. They have built a multi-million dollar bank, a real estate development company, and a new generation of American Ho’s.”

Lionsgate SVP and Head of Unscripted Programming said then, “The Ho family is wildly engaging and we’re very excited to partner with HBO Max in bringing this hilarious and exuberant series to viewers”.

Binh Ho, the patriarch of the Ho family despite being super strict, has nothing but good intentions. Originally from Vietnam, his hard work paid off and he is now the owner of a successful bank. Even though Binh is living the “American Dream,” he feels the need to supervise his kids’ every move.

Binh Ho Business: How Did He Make His Business?

Binh Ho arrived in the United States in 1968 and 1971 to train in the Air Force. After arriving in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas in Vietnam, he and his wife got sponsored to live in Kerrville, Texas. His first job in America was pumping gas at Exxon. Although life was hard for them, Binh was grateful that he was going to end up in a country where any one of his– his dreams could come true.

Not long after he learned the business and his wife who learned English, helped him grow the business. The family moved to Houston, Texas in 1977. There, Binh started selling insurance for a company called Washington National Life Insurance. The couple bought their first convenience store named Circle K convenience in the Fifth Ward and learned the English language from a woman who taught at Schreiner University.

Five years later, they bought and sold almost 100 similar businesses. It was then, that the family delved into the real estate business for the family.

Binh had a dream to open a bank because he felt there were a lot of Vietnamese refugees who weren’t as educated as him, and he wanted to share his knowledge of the American financial system. Once he created the bank, Binh felt like the legacy to help other Vietnamese or minorities learn about finance, learn how to borrow money, so that they could build and scale their businesses.

Speaking about Binh, his son Washington said in an interview, “Well, my, my parents are, they’ve always put, you know, there’s their faith number one, and their family number two. And what I see from my father’s leadership, him being a big brother, he always made sure that his family was taken care of— not just with food and water, but to put his family in the best position to succeed. Before he invested in any businesses, he always wanted to invest in his family first. And that means time.”

How Much Is Binh Ho Net Worth?

By 2022, Bih Ho’s estimated net worth was around $350 million.

Binh Ho Age

As of 2022, Binh Ho is 74 years old. 1948 marked the year Binh was born.

Who Were Binh Ho Parents?

Binh Ho came from a family of successful entrepreneurs. When he arrived in the United States, Binh, the oldest, had 10 brothers and sisters and his two parents. In a way, he was the head of the house and had to figure out how to feed a family of ten people.

Binh Ho Height

Binh Ho stands tall at a height under 5 feet 8 inches.

Is Binh Ho Still Married?

Yes, Binh Ho is still married to his wife Hue Ho. The couple tied the knots in December of 1976.

Hue is a loving wife and the matriarch of the family. Hue is always the perfect-looking, highly critical mom who thinks her children can do no wrong. She often defends the children when Binh seems unreasonable, especially over Washington’s hard-partying ways.

Her love for her family is rivaled only by her love of cooking, which is on full display at the weekly Sunday dinner she hosts. The authentic Vietnamese fare is mouth-watering but the drama at the table is even juicier.

Hue learned English at Schreiner College. She came from a small town in Vietnam and her idea was food and water in the home. After moving to Houston with her husband, she worked for UtoteM which owned Circle K. She started off sweeping floors,
and she became the supervisor. Once she became the supervisor, her husband called his brothers and sisters and got them to start working there.

Hue trained all the family members.

After her husband started their bank she started working there as the controller and CFO of the company. She was in charge of finance and human resources. Talking about her family, similar to her husband, she came from a huge family with eight brothers and sisters. She was the oldest.

The married couple shares three children together; Judy who is an attorney by profession and two sons; Washington and Reagan. Judy the oldest is 42 years old, Washington is 41 years old, and Reagan is currently 39.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Binh Ho Birthday?

As of this article, Binh Ho’s birthday is in March.

  • Where Does Binh Ho Live Today?

As of 2022, Binh is still a resident of Houston, Texas. He is originally from Saigon, Vietnam.

  • Is Binh Ho On Instagram?

No, Binh Ho is not on Instagram or any other social media platforms. However, he has been featured on his kids’ socials.

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