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Hunter Moore Dad: Who Is Edward Moore? His Age, Job

Edward Moore and his wife Jeanette Moore raised their son Hunter Moore in a normal household. But what prompted him to quit school, host se* parties in New York after running across a porn star, maintain sexual connections with young women that could get him arrested and imprisoned, and most significantly, run the “revenge porn site”

Users had the option to publish videos and photos anonymously while the site was operational, with the majority of the content being naked, erotic, and sexually explicit images. The website featured and published numerous images of these performers in their underwear and was closely related to the metalcore and post-hardcore music scenes. He was bringing in hundreds of thousands of followers each day making a chunk of profit.

Is Anyone Up? was the subject of heated debate because of the prevalence of submissions of revenge porn to the service, many of which were made with malice aforethought and without consent by former romantic partners. Many of the uploaded revenge porn images were obtained through numerous email account intrusions. Due to the recurrent incidents, Hunter Moore, the company’s founder, and the owner got numerous lawsuits and even death threats. The website was taken offline on April 19, 2012.

But when he went too far and one of his victims alerted the FBI, Hunter Moore, the site’s creator, was done. What does his mother think of him, then? Jeanette Moore: who is she? What profession does she have? Let’s investigate some of the information at hand.

Meet Hunter Moore Dad, Edward Moore

Hunter Moore enjoyed athletics growing up, had lots of friends, and spent weekends hunting with his dad Edward Moore. Hunter’s name is a result of his father Edward’s love of hunting.

A reporter from RollingStone reached out to his wife after they were done interviewing Hunter Moore. The reporter quoted that Ed’s wife Jeanette sounded both “surprisingly sane and unsurprisingly baffled by her son’s career”. Jeanette opened up about the day Hunter was born. She said that there was such a huge storm that it ripped the barn door off the farm they were living on at the time. She thinks that the event speaks quite a lot about her son.

Jeanette insisted that she and her husband raised Hunter and his sister in a “normal” environment. She told RollingStone, “we’re normal people. He had a normal upbringing”. Jeanette had to add that her son was never normal as he couldn’t be intimidated. According to Jeanette’s account of her son, you could tell him he had to wear pants, and he’d hide under his bed. You could forbid him to get a tattoo, and he’d get your face inked on his arm. But then again, he could be so sweet, so funny, so full of charisma.

“Unless you had a kid like this, you couldn’t understand,” Jeanette told. Now she’s just “hoping this crazy life warps into something else”.

Edward Moore Wife And Kids

On May 18, 1985, Edward Moore married Jeanette Moore. As of the writing of this piece, they stayed happily married for 37 years. In addition, they continue to live a happy married life.

On Ed’s birthday in 2014, Jeanette wished him, “Happy Birthday to my wonderful Husband Ed, who not only just re-did our kitchen but for me I know he hung the moon! Happy Birthday, Babe!”

Ed and Jeanette welcomed their Hunter in March 1986. Born in June 1977, Hunter’s sister Alexis is 45 years old. Alexis is a mother of two daughters. According to DailyBeast, Alexis, a missionary, stepped in when Hunter was organizing s*x parties throughout New York City, catering to middle-aged white businessmen, advertising the parties on swinger websites, and making more than $100K in the first six months.

Is Edward Moore On Facebook?

No, Edward Moore is not on Facebook.

Edward Moore Age

Edward Moore is 69 years old as of 2022. His date of birth is 30 November 1952.

Edward Moore Job

Edward Moore’s wife Jeanette announced their retirement via a Facebook post. But, it appears he is back from his retirement and serving as the Director at Carlton Club in Woodland, California. According to the Carlton Club where he was a past president, he serves steak dinner.

Based on his email address, Edward might’ve worked at Four Seasons hotel previously. In his free time, Edward creates furniture. He has built a very stunning table and a lamp using the horn of the elk/deer that he had hunted.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Edward Moore From?

Hunter Moore’s dad Edward Moore was residing in Woodland, California. Now they have moved to a property near a hunting preserve in Idaho.

  • Did Edward Moore Appear On Netflix’s The Most Hated Man On Internet?

No, Edward Moore’s father Edward doesn’t appear on Netflix’s The Most Hated Man On Internet.

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