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Aida Osman Family: Brother, Mother, Father

Rap Sh!t which premiered on 21 July 2022 on HBO Max is an American comedy streaming television series that centers on two Miami-based rappers who try to find success in the music industry. Aida Osman and KaMillion Alja Jackson portray these roles and about one of these actresses, i.e. Aida Osman’s family, we shall discuss in this writing.

Who Are Aida Osman Family Members?

Aida Osman’s biological father was not in her life. And she still does not seem to have overcome that pain, from that void he left behind. She often writes about it on Twitter. For instance, this one time, she tweeted that she forgot to message her dad Happy Father’s Day a day before. Then, she added that because he also forgot to raise her they were even. Then this other time, she wrote that had her father come back after going out for cigarettes that one day she could stop oversharing (tweeting) with strangers.

Luckily Aida got to grow up with a very good mother. Her name is Semira Osman and she got married again after Aida’s father left her and their kids.

Moreover, there is also a stepfather in the picture.

Meet Aida Osman Father, Yacoub Idris

Yacoub Idris is apparently Aida Osman’s stepfather. And he and Aida seemed to have a good relationship.

Yacoub continued to remain married to Aida’s mother as of the time of this writing. He called himself loving, caring, and supportive on his Facebook. While on Instagram @yacoubidris, he introduced himself as a married professional who is devoted to social justice activism. Other than that, Yacoub is also into listening to music and sports like bowling, basketball, and soccer.

As for Aida’s biological father, he gave her the Eritrean American lineage. When talking to Vanity Fair about her journey to Issa Rae’s New Show recently, Aida discovered that she and her interviewer who was also Eritrean American on her father’s side, learned that both their fathers are from the city of Keren, Eritrea, and have known each other for years.

In 2018, Aida once also hinted that her father is Muslim in a tweet that read: “when my Muslim dad finds my tweets about d*ck”.

Meet Aida Osman Mother, Semira Osman

Aida Osman’s mother, Semira Osman turned 56 years old in September 2021. As per LinkedIn, she is a community support professional at Region V Services.

Semira by herself raised both her kids while also working until late at night.

Who Was Aida Osman Brother, Samson Goitom?

Samson Goitom was the only brother and also the only sibling that Aida Osman had. Unfortunately, he passed untimely in March 2017. He was 21 at the time.

Aida and Samson were exactly 11 months apart. But, Aida said in an interview, that their mom would always just spin the narrative that they were twins.

Samson was autistic, nonverbal, and epileptic and had leg braces on growing up.

Telling her brother’s story to the world years after he was gone, she gushed that every ounce of heart that she has is because of his brother. Because having to take care of him since she was eight, she never really developed any selfish bones in her.

Aida, eight, had to put her brother to bed every day because their mom was at work.

Aida loved her brother more than anything and anyone. So, did everyone. Now even after he is gone Aida believes he is with her guiding her and teaching her about herself.

In March 2020, Aida informed on Twitter that her brother’s wrongful death litigation is finally over. Samson’s cause of death was due to lifeguard inattention and poor pool design.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Aida Osman Family Live Today?

When Aida talked to in July 2022, she was in Lincoln, Nebraska (her hometown) taking care of her mother who at the time had to get her gallbladder out. Blaming that the coffee is kicking in, Aida got informal and shared how her mom had been running around the house acting like she does not have four holes in her stomach right now. “You aren’t superwoman, you need to relax”, Aida said she would tell to her mom and she would instead crack jokes like “Nah, I was like this when I had my C section with you too, I could have run a marathon.”

So, yes. Aida’s mother and stepfather were living in Lincoln, Nebraska as of the time of this writing.

As for Aida, when not vising her parents was happy in Los Angeles. Yet, she missed her hometown every now and then. She especially missed living with her mother. One evening, she jested on Twitter that because she is missing her mom, she is going to dilute the dish soap and put the pots in the oven in her honor.

  • Does Aida Osman Family Appear On Her Instagram?

Since like always, Aida has talked about her mother in her tweets, Instagram, and Facebook posts. She would inform people things like her mom reading her essay for English class and asking her if she had plagiarized it because she used “a lot of big words. “Apparently my mother thinks I’m a dummy”, Aida would then complain in humor.

Undoubtedly, Aida also cannot stop recalling memories that she lived with her late brother.

So, yes. Aida Osman’s family appears on not just her Instagram (@shutupaida) but also on Twitter and Facebook.

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