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Hunter Thore Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Is He Gay?

TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been exploring the life of body-positive influencer Whitney Way Thore winning people’s hearts since 2015. And one of the most important people in Whitney’s life is her brother Hunter Thore.

But who exactly is Hunter Thore? What does he do? Does he appear on My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

Meet Hunter Thore, Whitney Thore’s Brother

Hunter Thore is the younger brother of Whitney Way Thore and the son of Babs Thore and Glenn William Thore. Like Whitney, Hunter’s hometown is also Greensboro, North Carolina but he currently lives in New York.

Hunter is not a regular part of My Big Fat Fabulous Life (because he lives in New York) but because he is such an important part of Whitney’s life, he does appear from time to time. The most recent appearance has to do with their parents.

Babs Thore and Glenn Thore live with Whitney and they are more regular on the show. Both of them are more than 70 years of age and both of them had fallen down the stairs of the house. Most recently, it was Babs who had fallen which had made Whitney concerned about her parents’ health and well-being.

So, Whitney had the idea of moving her parents to a bedroom on the ground floor, and for that, she had sought the help of Hunter. However, when Hunter came to live with them for a while, he completely changed his stance and asserted that their parents should have their choice.

That led to a little disagreement between Hunter and Whitney. However, other than such usual sibling altercations, Hunter and Whitney have a very loving relationship. They post long loving odes to each other on their birthdays and on occasions of their parents’ anniversary (7 August).

Hunter Thore Job: What Does He Do For A Living?

Although his Facebook says that he is “self-employed”, Hunter Thore is a professional actor. Regarding the start of his acting career, The Jewish Theatre of New York says: Hunter Thore grew up in North Carolina and discovered acting in theatre at age 8 and the guitar at 12. By the time he was in college, he had already acted all over North Carolina and toured the East Coast with his band, which had been signed to an indie label based in the New York punk rock scene…After college, a chance encounter with the actor Robby Benson brought him to NY to act in Robby’s off-broadway show, “Open Heart,” produced at the Cherry Lane Theatre.”

The Jewish Theatre of New York also mentions that Hunter has worked in plays like Beirut Rocks and The Bump.

He made his screen debut with 2014 TV series called Skye of the Damned. His most important performances were in TV shows Demon Doctor (2019-2020), Skeleton Crew (2016-2019). One film of his Country Line: No Fear is in post-production.

Regarding his music career, Hunter was a part of a band called Plague of Jackals. The band’s Twitter page describes itself as “Plague of Jackals: Metal. Hardcore. Music Terrorists…. Beware the Plague.” You can listen to the band music here, here and here.

Some other interesting facts about Hunter Thore:

He is a very keen motorcyclist. He has a Harley Davidson, which he flaunts quite often on his Instagram and calls the motorcycle “my baby”.

He graduated high school from Page High and then went to Appalachian State University.

Hunter Thore Net Worth

Sources say that Hunter Thore has a net worth of slightly more than $300 thousand.

Is Hunter Thore Gay?

No, Hunter Thore is not gay. On his social media, Hunter has mentioned his girlfriend. So, unless Hunter was closeted at the time (of mentioning his girlfriend) and has come out since (and this is no evidence of him ever doing that), Hunter was not gay.

Hunter Thore’s Relationship Status

Hunter has indeed mentioned his girlfriend(s) on his Twitter. In 2018, for example, he tweeted:

However, he has never mentioned any names or any other detail about them. He remains very low-key regarding his relationships, although his very active on social media. So, we do not know his current relationship status.

A fun side note: Doesn’t #antivax just mean “against vaccinating?” Let’s b clear about one thing. no one should ever compare what they’re going through 2 being called the n-word. A few years ago they called my girlfriend that and then they threw a glass bottle at her head.”

In a 2015 Tweet, he called Rosie Perez (@rosieperezbklyn) his “future girlfriend”.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Hunter Thore?

Being born on 14 February 1985, Hunter Thore was 36 years of age. And his zodiac sign was Aquarius.

  • Is Hunter Thore On Instagram?

Yes, and you can find him here. You can also find him on Facebook

  • How Tall Is Hunter Thore?

Not one of the tallest guys, Hunter Thore stands at a height of slightly over 5 feet 7 inches.

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