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Babs Thore Bio, First Marriage, Age, Net Worth, Health

TLC viewers have fallen in love with the feel-good show My Big Fat Fabulous Life and its cast that includes Whitney Way Thore’s mom Barbara Thore, popularly known as Babs Thorne.

The reality television series chronicles the life of Whitney who is often seen going to her mother for advice. So, along the way, the spunky mother also managed to have a soft place in fans’ hearts.

Now, in this Babs Thore Bio, discover all that you have been curious about Babs Thorne.

Meet Babs Thore, Whitney Thore Mom

It is believed, a lot of My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s success has to do with Whitney’s mom, Babs Thore. It’s like, though Whitney is the star of the show is Babs who has been a scene-stealing fan favorite.

Babs has appeared in almost every episode every since its Season 1 premiere in January 2015.

Fans have loved how Babs has always been there for Whitney. The 39-years apart mother-daughter pair have a very special relationship.

Babs Thore Age

Babs Thorne reached the age of 75 on 22 June 2021. Celebrating her birthday, daughter Whitney did a “vintage Babs photo dump” of Babs and her memories through the years on her Instagram @whitneywaythore (with 1.1 M followers).

For the caption, Whitney wrote: “It makes me so happy to know how far and wide my mother is loved — she is laughter, comfort, and strength personified. With every passing day, I hope I’m closer to becoming her when I grow up!”

Babs Thore Net Worth

Babs Thore’s net worth had an estimated $200 thousand net worth until 2021.

Reportedly, Babs is a stay-at-home wife and parent. She studied at Greensboro College and went to Grimsley High School.

While her husband Glenn Thore is a VP General Manager at Millennium Print Group in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

What Has Babs Thore Said About Her First Marriage?

From My Big Fat Fabulous Life, we learned, Babs Thore was married before her current husband Glenn Thore.

So, her first marriage lasted for four years and they parted ways after they divorced.

Babs revealed to her daughter Whitney that she had started dating her previous husband when she was 17 and he was 22.

The matriarch, however, had no kids from the marriage.

Babs Thore Husband And Kids

Babs Thorne has been married to her husband Glenn William Thore since 6 August 1977.

In 2021, they celebrated their 44th year of marriage anniversary.

Years before on the same occasion, their Whitney had taken to her Facebook to write: “Happy 41st anniversary to Babs and Glenn! The only thing I love more than having been raised by these spectacular humans is being able to share them with you!”

In 2021, the family also celebrated 75 years of Babs’s husband Glenn gracing this planet with his wisdom, his love, and his binders. When Whitney also took to her Instagram to say: “I have always known I won the parent lottery and I have never known what I did to deserve this man who is still my biggest supporter, protector, and cheerleader.”

The proud and grateful daughter shared she is so happy that millions of people all over the world have watched him on TV. That, she loves it how on My Big Fat Fabulous Life the, viewers have gotten to see a sliver of the strength and joy through him.

With that being said, Babs and Glenn, who worry about Whitney “finding happiness while they’re still on the Earth”, are also the parents to their son Hunter Way Thore.

Hunter is a professional actor who made his screen debut with a 2014 TV series Skye of the Damned. Besides, he also did a notable job in Demon Doctor (2019-2020) and Skeleton Crew (2016-2019). The Harley Davidson owner is also a very keen motorcyclist.

Babs Thore Health Status

During season 4, viewers watched as Babs Thore suffered from a stroke and a few seizures. Luckily, she recovered back to her normal self and her daughter Whitney played an active part in her recovery.

In April 2021, Whitney updates Babs that Babs had been “fully vaxxed and moderately relaxed” even vaccinated with a Pfizer with the entire family.

Whitney has been a huge help to her dad, Glenn Thore.

Whitney attends both her parents’ doctor appointments so they understand exactly what information the doctors are giving them.

Babs’s husband wears hearing aids in both ears and without them, he is unable to hear what’s being said in conversations.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Babs Thore?

Babs stands 5 feet 4 inches in height.

  • Is Babs Thore On Instagram, Facebook?

No! Babs Thore is not on Instagram. But you may give her a follow on her Twitter and Facebook.

Until 26 October 2021, Babs’s Twitter account @babzillathore had 15.1K followers. Also, on her ‘Babs Thore’ Facebook, she entertained 3,455 friends.

  • Where Is Babs Thore From?

All her life, Babs has lived in her hometown of Greensboro, a city in North Carolina, in the United States.

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