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Imani Ayan Bio, Age, Family, Dating, Job, Love Island USA

Early in August 2023, Imani Ayan made her way to Love Island USA Season 5 as a bombshell, naturally to cause a stir.

Imani is a social media star and YouTuber in the making, focusing her activity on travel, lifestyle, and lifestyle. She packed up and moved to Sacramento a year before Love Island. Going on a show like Love Island was not always a plan but she could not have found for herself a better platform to turn heads and get her graft on. Keep reading and we shall tell you more about her.

Imani Ayan On Love Island USA

During S05E14 on Love Island USA, viewers were introduced to two new bombshells Imani Ayan and Marvelous Mike. The episode concluded with Anna Kurdys self-eliminating, leaving Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen with no pairing. And in order to fill this gap, Imani and Mike were brought in, and also to once again shuffle the storyline and the existing couples’ status.

The very episode then finished on a cliffhanger, making fans wonder who will Imani and another new islander go on a date with. Also, pairing them up was up to the fans. They were told to vote. Results were yet to be out but thus far Imani was the one speculated to land a “pity date” with Carsten Bergersen.

Is Imani Ayan Dating Anyone?

As of the time of this writing, Imani Ayan’s relationship status was not understood. What is known is until around Valentine’s Day of 2022, she was most likely single and not seeing anyone. She meant so herself in a video she posted on her YouTube channel.

She talked about self-love, regaining confidence in being alone, and also briefly mentioned her previous relationship not ending well.

Imani also has made a TikTok video about no one approaching her because of her appearing intimidating at times. Another time in a clip like this, she opened up that in case she finds someone hot and has to “shoot her shot” she smiles at that person and walks past that person a few times.

Imani Ayan Age

Imani Ayan herself mentioned in a TikTok video that she was born in 2001. So, she reached the age of 22 in 2023.

Imani Ayan Family

Imani Ayan has not been seen talking about her parents or siblings on social media. She has however mentioned her grandparents. Back in February 2022 when she won “Miss Sacramento” she gushed on a social media post that her “pahpah and grandma” would be so proud of her.

One more time, Imani mentioned another family member, her aunt. “Went to my aunt’s wedding, I loved every moment of it! I wanna go next, where’s my ring!”, she had written as a caption showing glimpses from the wedding.

Imani Ayan Job

Imani Ayan is a fashion model and despite describing herself as “not a pageant girl”, she has gone on to participate in quite a few beauty pageants.

She took part in her first pageant in March 2021 and almost won Miss California. She is a Top 10 Miss California contestant. They gave her a scholarship of $3,600 to pay for school and $250+ for winning Tony Moises’s top interview, representing Miss Sacramento County in a pageant competition.

Taking a step further in her career, Imani excitingly launched her boutique, dropping affordable high-quality clothing, on 30 June 2023.

Also, back in July 2020, Imani said she is a first-generation college student and very proud to represent her family and to take every opportunity given to her. A year later, she also talked about picking up all of her belongings and leaving everything that comforted her to turn her passion for lashing (5 years of experience) into a full-time business while also preparing for medical school. That is how her brand Graced by Mani was born.

Imani Ayan Height

Imani Ayan stands 5’7″ in height and hates it when guys lie to her over text telling her they are 5’9″. As much as her height, and tanned and toned form, Imani is also very proud of her tattoos. She loves to parade them while doing flattering bikini poses.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Imani Ayan From?

Imani Ayan was born in Southern California, Los Angeles to be exact. As of 2023 though, she had been living in Lancaster, California.

  • When Is Imani Ayan Birthday?

Imani Ayan’s birthday is on June 30th and that makes her a Cancer.

  • Is Imani Ayan On Instagram And Facebook?

Imani Ayan was on IG @imani.ayan with 128 posts and 35.7K followers as of 3 August 2023. She could not be found on Facebook though.

Fortunately, if you are just getting to know her, you may also look her up on TikTok @imaniayan, where at the time of this writing she entertained 21.7K followers.

Imani also has a YouTube channel and here she tries to show people how she is “Just living the dream.”

From here, one can tell Imani is really passionate about veganism and farmer’s markets. She can be seen urging her followers to do their research before buying any herbs. Imani often tells her followers that she is a total earth and nature lover.


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