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Marvelous Mike Bio, Love Island USA Season 5, Age, Height

Along with Imani Ayan, Marvelous Mike joined season 5 of Love Island USA as a bombshell. They arrived soon after the introduction of Emily Chavez, Kenzo Nudo, and Jonah Allman.

Here, we discuss Mike’s Love Island Season 5 stint, age, height, dating status, as well as his last name.

Marvelous Mike On Love Island USA Season 5

Love Island USA season 5 premiered on July 18, 2023, and it saw a cast of 12 singles searching for love whilst also aiming for that $100,000 cash prize. However, Mike’s entry to the Fiji villa didn’t arrive until several episodes into the show.

Since fans could set up a date between the bombshell and a fellow contestant, fans already seemed biased towards setting Mike up with Vickala ‘Kay Kay’ Gray. Before his arrival, Vikala was close to Keenan Anumay, who ultimately lost interest in her.

One of the social media users wrote, “Mike better be going on a date with my girl Kay Kay I know that.”

“I’m sorry, but Keenan and Kaykay need a damn break! I’m glad they brought Imani and Mike. If they were meant to be, they would get back together 😘,” added another.

Twitter user @myrtlemartin tweeted, “Kaykay deserves a break from Kenan and his 💩 Mike is right on time.”

Marvelous Mike Dating Status

When Marvelous Mike joined Love Island USA Season 5, he was most likely single.

However, Mike has experienced his fair share of heartbreaks. One such heartbreak led to a massive transformation. At 16, he was 160 lbs, often bullied for his weight. Fast forward to 2022, Mike already weighed 195 lbs. Mike claims he completed the transformation naturally and through continuous dedication.

Marvelous Mike Age

In March 2023, Marvelous Mike turned 23 years old.

Celebrating his 20th birthday via Instagram, Mike wrote, “My 20th journey around the sun is complete today. Happy birthday to me. All praise to the most high, he brought me through my teenage years safely. R.I.P. to those who I lost along the way, gone but not forgotten.”

Marvelous Mike Family

Marvelous Mike is a naturally private individual. This reflects in his Instagram which is devoid of photos of his family.

However, Mike doesn’t seem to shy away from uploading videos/pictures with his nephew, Ayden. Not only is Ayden Mike’s best friend, but he is also his gym partner. Ayden has appeared in a couple of Mike’s workout videos on Instagram.

Ayden, based on Mike’s IG post, was reportedly born in 2016. On his 4th birthday, Mike wrote, “Happy birthday to best friend and favorite workout buddy. You’re the reason I go so hard, imma make it for you bro. You’re destined for greatness, it runs in the family.”

Marvelous Mike Height

At 21, Marvelous Mike measured 6’3” in height. 2 years before that, he was only 6 feet tall.

Up until his teenage years, Mike hated his body, despite training 5-7 times a week, often 2-3 a day. Reflecting on the dark times, Mike shared, “I thought something was wrong with me because all the kids who didn’t train as hard as me & eat as much as me still were bigger and stronger than me”

“To make things worse I started consuming a lot of fitness content online (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.) Until I started to compare myself to professional fitness models,” Mike continued.

With self-love and the pursuit of fitness for the right reasons, Mike overcame the hurdle.

Marvelous Mike Job

Marvelous Mike dons several hats — fitness trainer, fashion model, entrepreneur, and social media star.

According to, Mike has modeled for Edge Lifestyle. He also enjoys a partnership with Alphalete.

To inspire others, Mike also launched a workout app in June 2022. He announced the app by uploading a collage of photos from his teenage years to show how far he has come.

As a fitness coach, Mike is available for 1-On-1 Online Coaching. You can fill out this form and book him for a tutorial.

The most underrated career choice that Mike has made is his pursuit of a social media influencer. While Mike’s YouTube video appeared in 2020, it is on TikTok where he has discovered his niche. With street-style interviews, he has hit the 1 million views mark on the platform several times. By Aug 2023, he had 260 followers on his TikTok profile @marvelousmike.

Relatively a successful figure, Mike has already bought his dream car bought from money from the Internet. Sharing his excitement, Mike wrote, “Cashed out on one of my dream cars at age 20 with the money I earned from the internet, honestly kinda crazy not flex at all (I bought her used) but I’m as grateful as ever‼️”

Mike is either a graduate of Harlan High School or Northside Independent School. He may have attended  The University of Texas at San Antonio, where he was a student-athlete.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Marvelous Mike Birthday?

Every 26th March, Mike celebrates his birthday.

  • What Is Marvelous Mike Last Name?

Mike has yet to tell his followers his last name. Citing privacy concerns, he may have opted not to use his real name as his social media handles.

  • Where Is Marvelous Mike From?

Love Island USA Season 5 star Mike reportedly hails from Houston, Texas. Over the years, he has also called San Antonio, Texas his place of residence.

  • Is Marvelous Mike On Instagram?

Mike’s Instagram @officialmarvelousmike had around 35K followers as of August 2023. While he was away on the Love Island villa, DeVynne Starks was handling his IG. Announcing the news, DeVynne wrote, “Hey everyone! This is Mike’s manager @devynne.starks taking over his page for a while. I just wanted to let everyone know that you might see a familiar face while binge-watching season 5 of @loveislandusa 👀😈… Download the @peacock app and be sure to tune in 6 nights a week! #VoteMike

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