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Indie Treadwell Bio, Age, Job, Harry, Love During Lockup

Meet Indie Treadwell who is known more by the shortened “Indie” on the new Love After Lockup spinoff, Love During Lockup that is to drop on WE tv on 12 January 2022.

Indie is among the ones looking for love behind bars, this season. And before she shows us what it is truly like to date an inmate, here’s ‘Indie Treadwell Bio’ telling you all about her relationship with inmate Harry Valez, her journey on Love During Lockup, and more.

Love During Lockup: Are Indie Treadwell And Harry Valez Still Together?

So, it is supposed to be this way in Indierra Treadwell’s part of the story when Love During Lockup airs.

Indie is ready to risk everything to move and be with her inmate lover, Harry Valez. She is involved with him to the extent that she believes and refers to him as her spiritual husband.

Adding spices to this story is the fact that they have never met.

Indie found Harry on TikTok and committed to a serious relationship via video chat, emails, phone calls, and letters. So, Indierra only knows what he has told her.

But luckily, there enters her family! They have been watching out for her. And when they pitch in their view of him, she sure realizes she needs to back up, a little bit or even more. But that is easier said than done for Indierra is already madly in love with Harry.

However, when it came to making the final move, she took advice from a trusted psychic to consult what will be good for her and what she should do next in her life. And accordingly, she moved to Ohio and to wait for Harry to get released.

Despite all doubts, Indierra still seemed to be looking on the brighter side believing “one of the best things about having a love locked up is that “they can’t cheat on you”.

In the meantime, it was not understood if they managed to stick together even after their tenure on Love During Lockup came to an end.

  • So, why is Harry in prison?

As it happens, Harry was convicted of kidnapping and aggravated robbery stemming from an incident in 2017, according to Starcasm. He was originally facing six total charges, including theft and robbery. He pleaded guilty to the aggravated robbery and kidnapping charges as part of a plea deal that resulted in the other charges being forgiven.

So, in April of 2018, Harry was sentenced to 4 years in prison. He got three years for each of the remaining two charges, but those were concurrent. Therefore an extra year was added due to the use of a firearm during the robbery.

Indie Treadwell Age

When Indie Tredwell made her reality TV debut in 2021, she was 29 years old.

Indie Treadwell Job

Indie Treadwell formerly worked as a hookah girl. If you do not already know, the dictionary meaning of ‘hookah girl’ is someone who lets herself be passed from one guy to the next in the same way a hookah pipe is passed among many people.

Today, she earns her living as a makeup artist. And according to an estimation done by, the average salary for a makeup artist is $21.43 per hour in Maryland.

As for the net worth, Indierra reportedly made almost $200K net worth by January 2022.

Is Indierra Treadwell On IG, Facebook?

Yes. Indierra Tredwell was active on Instagram and Facebook as of the time of this writing, i.e. as of 10 January 2022.

She started posting on her Instagram @indie_loveduringlockup only in August 2020 and thus far had 6 posts and some 2,596 followers.

Indierra also occasionally posted on her ‘Indierra Treadwell’ Facebook.

Then, of course, she also had social media activity over TikTok @indie_loveduringlockup (11.6K followers) and Pinterest @indierra.

Indie Treadwell Family

So far, the people we knew of Indie Tredwell’s family were her mom Yolanda Treadwell (aged 51), sister Allegra Eriel, grandfather Aaron Treadwell Sr., and aunt Riley Andrea.

(Of course) Indierra also has a daughter whom she gave birth to likely in September 2016. (Indierra is a single mom and baby father details were not available.)

So, her young one is the foremost reason why her family does not take kindly to her leaving to be with Harry. Her family is worried that Indierra would bring her daughter too, wherever she goes.

This is why Indierra’s mom, a bounty hunter, started investigating Harry. And she successfully discovered that he is nothing more than a criminal. The matriarch thus decided that she will not just sit back and let her daughter move across the country for some criminal.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Indie Treadwell Birthday?

Indie Treadwell’s birthday falls on the 31st of January. She is lucky she gets to celebrate the day every year with her twin sister.

  • Where Is Indie Treadwell From?

Both Indie and her inmate beau Harry are natives of Beltsville, Maryland.

  • How Tall Is Indierra Treadwell?

Indie Treadwell stands below 5’6” tall.

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