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Robin Andrade Bio, Husband, Net Worth, Ladies Who List

Robin Andrade has a story and it is not the kind of story you usually see on reality TV. And yet, she is an up-and-coming star of the reality TV world. OWN TV’s new reality show, Ladies Who List Atlanta is trying to fully portray the complex story of its characters.

So, what is Robin’s real story? Read Robin’s inspirational bio below. Also, find out information about her husband and her net worth.

Robin Andrade On Ladies Who List: Atlanta

Ladies Who List Atlanta premiered on 8 January 2022 on OWN (Oprah Winfrey) TV. Ladies Who List Atlanta is all about African American businesswomen based in Atlanta.

Apart from Robin Andrade, who is a real estate agent, the show will also feature Cristyl Kimbrough (closing attorney), Kira Oliver (luxury realtor), Tiffani Hawes (closing attorney), Quiana Watson (real estate broker), and Tiana Harrison (realtor).

The show is full of drama and an in-depth portrayal of the lives of the characters of the show.

Robin was initially scared about how she was going to be portrayed in the show. In the first episode, she was shown as dramatic. She fought with co-stars, argued, and acted out. And that was exactly what she was afraid of. However, the show matured with newer episodes.

And apparently, her fuller story would come out with the upcoming episodes.

Furthermore, Robin said during an interview that she was using the reality TV platform “to make a difference”. She wanted to bring the racism in the real estate world to the public view and all her struggle and success. So, hopefully, we shall see some of that too in the upcoming episodes.

Robin Andrade Net Worth

According to some sources, Robin Andrade has a net worth of around $2 million.

Robin’s career as a real estate agent started back in her teenage years when she got pregnant with her first child (read below) at the age of 16. The early years of her adult life were full of struggle.

When she got pregnant, Robin’s mother asked her to “get out there” and “be a woman”. And she did get out there. In the beginning, Robin lived with the mother of her baby-daddy, Cookie. Cookie was a very kind and generous woman, who took her in and treated Robin like her own child.

Of course, Robin was not satisfied with living with someone else. She got a Section 8 certificate list and got an apartment to live in. However, someone complained to Section 8 that the father of her baby was also living with them. And apparently, that was illegal.

Her Section 8 certificate was canceled and her struggle to make the rent increased. Fortunately, they found an opportunity to buy the house as it was going on foreclosure. Robin and her baby-daddy raised money and bought a house.

A few years later, Robin was working for Little People’s College. She ran transportation for the company. And while working there, she realized that she was doing well for the company but she could work similarly well for her own business.

By that time, Robin had bought her second home with her baby daddy. She sold the house for a good profit and then the real estate bug caught on. She moved to Atlanta “dominated” the real estate scene of Atlanta.

As a real estate agent, Robin has worked for Sell Atlanta for over 15 years. She has a broker license from Georgia Real Estate Commission.

Robin has one volunteer experience as a Director of Project Management for The Rights 2 Life Foundation.

As for her education, Robin gave her GED exam on her own. Robin had to leave school to raise her daughter. New Bedford High did not allow students to be pregnant. She did go to an alternate school but even there she could not see to her daughter and attend classes at the same time.

Does Robin Andrade Have A Husband?

No, Robin Andrade does not have a husband. She is not married. She is a single mother of two. In the past, she was with the father of her children (name unknown). Robin and her baby father lived together for a long time before parting ways as they were “growing in two different directions”.

Robin got pregnant with her eldest daughter when she was only 16. Her second child, this time a son, was born years later.

Talking about her children, we do not know their names. However, we found out that Robin has built a new construction property for her children and herself.

Robin Andrade Age

Reportedly, Robin Andrade was born in 1971. That means, as of January 2022, she was 50 years of age.

Robin Andrade Family

Robin Andrade was born to teenage parents. Just like Robin herself, Robin’s mother had given birth to her when she was only 16.

Robin grew up in the housing projects in a family with two young parents and two siblings. Reportedly, she suffered from depression from an early age. And she continues to battle depression.

Not much is known about her siblings except that in 2021, she took her sister on a trip to Jamaica.

How Tall Is Robin Andrade?

Robin Andrade is a woman of average height. She is not more than 5 ft 6 inches.

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  • When Is Robin Andrade Birthday?

There was no record of Robin Andrade’s birthday.

  • Where Is Robin Andrade From?

Robin is originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts. However, of course, she currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. During an interview

  • Is Robin Andrade On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Robin is on both Instagram and Facebook. And she is also on Twitter.

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