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Is Kento Bento Still Alive? His Illness, Real Name, Age, IG

Kento Bento’s fans started wondering what happened to the YouTuber after he stopped posting videos and interacting with fans. He stopped posting and interacting in April 2021 and fans were concerned about him. The only thing fans knew was that he was ill.

So, in 2022, is Kento Benot still alive? What’s his real name? How old is he? Is he on Instagram? Let us help you to get to know him a little better and answer all the above questions in this article.

Is Kento Bento Still Alive? What Illness Does He Suffer From?

Yes, Kento Bento appears to be alive. We are yet to get updates on the mysterious illness that kept him away from YouTube for so long.

The Hong Kong-Japanese YouTuber has forged fandom. They were concerned about his well-being after he stopped uploading videos for more than a year. People loved his animations and the topics that he discussed in the videos. So, it was natural for fans to start wondering when he stopped posting videos for the longest time.

Nina, his girlfriend, and his frequent collaborator, posted in November 2019, about Kento’s health condition. She posted, “Hi, this is Nina. I’ve been slowly taking over the Facebook & YouTube accounts recently. Kento is out-of-action due to some ongoing health issues since the start of the year. DON’T WORRY, not a huge deal but this is to let you know that (along with several other reasons that happened in the same month) the next video has to be delayed. [I] will update.”

Fans said the prayers for one of their prayers to one of their favorite YouTuber.

In 2020, Kento recovered and was back for a new video. But, he vanished after The Insane Hijacking of Japan Airlines Flight 351 which he uploaded in April 2021. He had shared about his collaboration with Nebula and only posted a teaser of Orchestrating Most Insane Hijacking and the full video.

Fans tried to reach out to him via email and Twitter. But, they got no response from him. One Redditor wrote, “There’s a contact email address on his YouTube channel. I mailed him on 1st July. Still haven’t got any response. Hope he’s alright.”

A hopeful fan commented, “He has health problems and is still dealing with it”.

Some fans went in deep and did some research. Another Redditor posted, “the only thing I found is that he posted to Patreon on 1st Sept that he once again had to step away due to recurring health issues”.

Kento Bento was dealing was health issues. He also posted on his Twitter bio (illness break). But, some of his fans and followers were not buying it.

One follower added, “I find it strange how he seemed to have private most of his videos prior to him changing his channel style, even private the story of his grandfather’s Hiroshima story. Kento Bento seems like a great guy, however, it seems like he’s always just dealing with a lot mentally and I guess doubts most of his work. Idk, hopefully, he’s doing alright”.

Some even compared his situation with that of Apollo Legend. They wrote, “I really like Kento Bento’s videos and the fact that he hasn’t uploaded makes me kinda worried that we may have a similar situation as Apollo Legend (google it if you want to know what happened to him).

Others didn’t hesitate to reach the conclusion he might’ve passed away.

So, is Kento Bento alive in 2022? It appears yes. Kento was active in June 2022. One follower asked, “how are you holding up bro?”. To everyone’s surprise, on 8 June 2022, Kento replied, “getting better thanks. I’ll be back”.

Fans were glad to know that Kento was still alive. So, it is only a matter of time before he returns back to upload new content.

Kento Bento Real Name

Kento Bento is yet to reveal his real name. He once tweeted in March 2017, “Oh gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve appeared in a video that people have forgotten my name!”

But, it is likely that his real name is Kento.

Kento Bento Age

Reportedly 1988 marked the year of Kento Bento’s birth. In September 2021, he turned 33 years old.

Is Kento Bento On IG, Twitter?

No, Kento Bento is not on Instagram. However, he is available on Twitter (@kentobentoYT). Also, there is a joint Facebook page of Kento and Nina (@kentobento2015). Also, they created Patreon’s page after years of doing YouTube.

Kento Bento Photo

There are several photos of Kento Vento on his Facebook pages.

Kento Vento with Sam from Wendover Productions (Pic: Facebook)
Kento Vento along the trendy Navigli canal in Milan, Italy (Pic: FB)

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kento Bento From?

Kento Bento hailed from Hongkong. One fan asked him on Facebook, “do you consider yourself more Hongkongese or Japanese?” Kento replied, “about the same to be honest”.

Did You Know: Kento speaks English, Cantonese, and Japanese. He was also trying to learn German.

  • Is Kento Bento Involved With Nebula?

Yes, Kento Bento is involved with Nebula.

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