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Is “I Love A Mama’s Boy” Star Matt McAdams Gay? Details

TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy’s viewers think that Matt McAdams might be gay. But, is he gay? Let’s discuss his relationship with his mother and his ex-girlfriend Kim to know about his sexual orientation.

Is “I Love A Mama’s Boy” Star Matt McAdams Gay?

No, I Love A Mama’s Boy star Matt McAdams is not gay, at least that’s what Matt says. He even addressed the gay rumor and explained that he isn’t gay. However, fans aren’t still convinced with his answers. Many of the viewers feel that Matt is in denial of his sexuality.

Ever since Matt moved in with Kelly after his house burned down, the mother-son disturbing relationship disgusted viewers each week. Drinking tea, watching TV on a couch together, rolling on the couch, and foot massages, it was beyond disturbing sight for the viewers.

A viewer added, “Matt … Kim, you can’t be as intimate with Matt as you’d like because he’s GAY. You don’t need lingerie. You need a strap-on!!!” “Ummmm, Kim, your boyfriend Matt is 100% gay”.

In one episode when fans watched Kelly and Matt planning a visit to New York to surprise Kim, fans made comments about him being gay. One viewer wrote, “A birthday trip with your bf and his mom at this point Matt is doing any and everything to not be alone with Kim! Just come out the closet #iloveamamasboy”.

On Reddit, one viewer pointed out that it wasn’t his mannerism that made people believe that he was gay. It was because Kim was hot he was his girlfriend but he still didn’t have chemistry, se*ual attractions, romance, and intimacy and barely even knows affection. The person also pointed out it happens if a couple isn’t interested in each other but why would he keep dating Kim if he isn’t interested.

So, fans believed the only explanation was it was because he was gay.

When Did Matt McAdams And Kim Cobb Split?

Matt McAdams can’t seem to cut “the umbilical cord” from his overbearing mother though he is an adult. He spends a lot of time with his mother and their disturbingly close relationship has also affected his dating life. Moreover, fans even gave him a prediction that he was going to die single.

From the very beginning, Kim Cobb was fighting for Matt’s attention. Fans watched Matt spending a lot more time with his mother than his girlfriend. Four years into their relationship, Kim wasn’t able to get him off Kelly’s hook. It became so disturbing at a certain point that Matt even went lingerie shopping for his girlfriend and his mother.

He ended up buying the same robe for both “love of his life”.

With the passing episodes, Kelly and Matt’s relationship became even more cringy. But, thank god Matt and Kim ended up getting engaged which most fans thought was never going to happen. Kim was happy in a way that Matt didn’t bring along his mother when he planned to propose to her.

But, Matt wasn’t off the hook alright.

Kelly made sure that her involvement was a must in every decision during their wedding planning. Even on the biggest day of Matt and Kim’s life, Kelly tried to be the center of attention and even wrote a poem that she could recite at their wedding which didn’t find entertaining.

But, Matt and Kim’s relationship started hitting the troubled waters in season 2. Matt, Kelly, and Kim always had arguments and Matt always sided with his mother. Moreover, when they chose to build a custom home in the open space inside Kelly’s garage, she made most of the decisions herself, making Kim feel like the third wheel in her own relationship.

An opportunity also rose for Kim to get a job in Austin, Texas and she took it. Kim was attacked for prioritizing her job over their relationship.

And by the end of season 2, they called it quits. But fans speculated and hoped for them to break up for how Matt was treating Kim. The separation rumor escalated after Matt and Kim unfollowed each other on their socials in 2021.

Why Did Matt McAdams And Kim Cobb Split?

The fights and coming second to Kelly made Kim Cobb not see her future with Matt McAdams.

“It was sad,” Matt said after the split. “We were together for four years, we were engaged for almost a year. Looking back on it, I feel like we were not a match. She doesn’t accept my mom the way I do.” Kelly must’ve been thrilled about her son’s breakup. She tried to console her son and shared, “I will do anything to help my son get through this”.

But it appears a very different drama brewed off camera.

Nicole Schneider, mother of Kim Cobb went on the FB page of I Love’s Mama’s Boy and announced that her daughter wasn’t appearing in season 3. She pointed out that Matt shouldn’t be on the show in the first place and it disgusted her that TLC would let people like him on the show.

Nicole blasted Matt saying: “I’m definitely biased to the situation because I’m Kim’s Mom and I feel helpless due to my poor health. He has been a narcissist, emotionally and physically controlling, and as in most abusive relationships he isolated Kim from her family/friends”.

She added, “Matt’s history of violence, which I have witnessed with my own eyes over these past years would make any parent sick to their stomach. Kim is not allowed to talk about any of this. Matt’s aggressive behavior towards her at the restaurant in the season 2 finale is only a small glimpse into his irrational abusive behavior towards Kim”.

Hence, Kim ended up getting a protective order against Matt in February 2022.

One fan commented on Nicole’s post, “I was praying Kim would not be back and cut all ties. She is a beautiful vivacious woman and doesn’t belong with Matt and Kelly. Thank you for speaking out.”

While appearing on Sarah Fraser’s show Kim also told her that she has no intention of reconciling with Matt as of now because she needs to “recognize that self-worth”.

Is Matt McAdams Still In A Relationship With Brittany?

No, Matt McAdams is not in a relationship with Kim Cobb. In fact, in this new season, he has already found a new girlfriend named Brittney. However, as of June 2022, it was unclear if Matt and Brittney were still in a relationship.

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