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Is Nate Boyer Married? His Relationship Status Explored!

While Nate Boyer’s career has been an open book same cannot be said of his married life. He wears many hats but does that include the gracious titles of husband and father? Was he ever married or in a relationship?

Read all about that and more in this article.

Is Nate Boyer Married?

No, Nate Boyer is not married. In fact, he has never been the one to opt for a conventional way of life. According to ESPN, “He has no wife, no children, no dog, He longs for the next adventure, He is ready to go.”

But, Nate was likely linked to one Natalie Galdamez. On Nate’s birthday in January 2021, he posted several pics of the two where Natalie was all over him and even gave a peck on Nate’s cheeks. But were they together romantically, we don’t know that for sure.

Who is Natalie? She is working as a Senior Creative Strategist at MoxieLash now. She studied theatre, acting, and film at the University of Southern California. Natalie is Latino and has done a lot of theatre acting. She has performed in the production of You Don’t Have To, Plain White T’s Land Of The Living, Resting Place, and The Fantasy among others.

In conclusion, Nate appears single.

Nate Boyer Net Worth

Mate Boyer’s net worth is above $5 million. In 2015, Nate Boyer, an Army Green Beret, and former NFL player played for the Seattle Seahawks. He relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career after finishing high school. He enrolled at the University of Texas, where he surprised everyone by starting as the team’s long snapper despite never having played organized football before.

Nate earned a degree in physical culture and sports in 2013. After going undrafted in the 2015 NFL Draft, he later signed a free-agent contract with Seattle. He was released by the Seahawks a few months later.

Was Nate Boyer In The Military?

He ultimately decided to enlist in the army in 2005, though. Nate, who also constructs refugee shelters in Sudan, received his training at Fort Benning before being admitted to the Green Berets in 2006.

Nate shared with Medium, “I signed up for the Army in 2004 but didn’t go into training until early 2005. Within a year and a half, I would graduate and become a Green Beret.”

“I did three combat deployments in total, one in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. My first deployment was about 10 months and then my last two were four months each. The final two took place while I was enrolled in college and playing football for Texas. I was in the 19th Special Forces group with the Texas National Guard and they would attach me to teams during the summer. I would take my finals early and then deploy for four months before coming back to school and playing football.”

Nate served many missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Boyer left the Army in 2010 with an honorable discharge after serving for six years. He served with the Special Operations Joint Task Force-Afghanistan in Afghanistan in 2013. After completing his final deployment in Afghanistan in 2014, he joined ODA 3116, 3rd Special Forces Group.

Nate Boyer Political Party

The political affiliation of Nate Boyer is vague. However, he once tweeted in 2018, he wrote, “Not Democrat. Not Republican. American!.”

Nate also wrote an open letter to Donald Trump, Kaepernick, NFL, and America in 2017.

How Old Is Nate Boyer?

Nate Boyer turned 42 years old in January 2023. He celebrates his birthday on 10 January.

Nate Boyer Parents

Nate Boyer is the son of Steve Boyer and Laura Boyer. His father Steve worked as a veterinarian. Meanwhile, his mother is an environmental scientist.

“He was 24. It was a big surprise because he had talked about joining the military when he was 18, but basically, we talked him out of it. We didn’t think he knew what he was getting into exactly. We didn’t think he was quite in the right frame of mind at that stage. But he was 24 and had just returned from the Darfur region on a trip on his own, and had a reason,” Speaking of Nate’s upbringing and joining the army, Steve shared. “He was inspired by what he saw outside our country. He wanted to do something to help and actually make a difference and felt this was the best way, and at that point, I just figured he was going to be surrounded by competent people and that it’d be good. We were for it at that point.”

Laura also said of her son to ESPN, “Wouldn’t even take our help. He was determined to find his own path.”

Both of his parents reside in California.

Nate Boyer Height

Nate Boyer’s height measures 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nate Boyer From?

Nate Boyer hailed from Pleasanton, California, a suburb in California’s Bay Area, 25 miles southeast of Oakland.

  • What Is Nate Boyer Ethnicity?

Nate Boyer is White-American by ethnicity.

  • Is Nate Boyer On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Nate Boyer is on Instagram (@nateboyer37) and Facebook.

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