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Is Park Myung-hoon Gay? Is The Money Heist Actor Married?

It’s not easy to play the most hated character on the show. But Park Myung-hoon owned his role as “Cho Youngmin” in the Korean version of the Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area.

So, along with his popularity, there also arose a lot of questions like — Is Park Myung-hoon gay? And is the Money Heist actor married? Well, find answers as you scroll down. 

Park Myung-hoon On Money Heist: Korea

The Korean version of Money Heist wasn’t any different from the original series. The series which premiered on June 24, 2022, followed the same old classic tale of thieves meeting thieves, following the well-orchestrated plan of the criminal mastermind Professor (Yoo Ji-tae).

However, their plan wasn’t that easy. Despite robbing the money in the United Korea Mint and holding up hostages, the team also needed to execute Professor’s time-intensive plan to print out 4 trillion won, and escape.

And this was where Park Myung-hoon’s character “Cho Youngmin” comes in. The director of the United Korea Mint, Cho will do anything to save himself, even put hostages at risk, let alone the robbers who are unwilling to harm anyone.

Moreover, Cho has an affair with Yun Misun, a member of his staff, and is highly possessive of her. So, later when Yun falls in love with a robber, Cho loses it and stops caring about escaping from the building.

Even the actor agreed that his character is an evil figure. “Young Min is a bad person. He is very evil. I think he is worse than the robbers,” Park explained.

Park’s character is played by Enrique Arce as “Arturo Román” in the original series.

Joining Park for this inaugural season of Money Heist: Korea were co-stars Kim Yun-jin as “Inspector Seon Woojin”, Park Hae-soo as “Berlin”, Jun Jong-seo as “Tokyo”, Lee Won-jong as “Moscow”, Kim Seung-o as “Captain Cha Moohyuk”, Kim Ji-hoon as “Denver”, Jang Yoon-ju as “Nairobi”, Lee Joobeen as “Yun Misun (Mónica Gaztambide)”, Lee Hyun-woo as “Rio”, Kim Ji-hoon as “Helsinki”, and Lee Kyu-ho as “Oslo.”

Did you know: It was March 2021 when Park’s appearance on the  Money Heist remake was first confirmed.

Is Park Myung-hoon Gay?

No, Park Myung-hoon isn’t gay.

Well, given the hate he received on Money Heist: Korea and Parasite, it’s no surprise the actor’s off-screen life was also affected. But take out words, Park’s persona is the complete opposite of what he portrays on screen.

After portraying “Geun Se,” the basement-dwelling husband of the Park family’s old housekeeper, Park was already on the “villains list.” And jumping on to his role as the manipulative director of the United Korea Mint on Money Heist: Korea, Park certainly topped that list.


Is Park Myung-hoon Married?

Yes, Park Myung-hoon is a married man. He tied the knot with his lovely wife before 2014. Though we don’t have much info about their wedding, we do know that Park rocked a black suit, brown bow tie, and a grey waistcoat, while his wife looked beautiful in the white wedding dress.

On December 4, 2014, at 6:30 pm, Park and his wife then welcome their first son named Ha-Jun Park. “I just met Ha-Jun Park, the son God prepared for me. Thank you Ha-Jun-ah for coming to us,” Park expressed his happiness at the time over his IG.

But that wasn’t the only time Park featured his son over his IG. Infact, his son was the star of his socials. From telling the world about his son’s birthday to the places and products Ha-Jun likes, Park never held back.

“My son Park Ha-joon who is growing up quickly ♡♡♡ I miss you more because I am filming in Dangjin ㅜㅜ,” Park posted on his IG on September 13, 2016.

Guess, he really missed his son a lot at work.

Park Myung-hoon Net Worth

Park Myung-hoon flaunted a net worth of over $2.5 million in 2022.

An actor by profession, Park has appeared in over 12 movies and TV shows including The Policeman’s Lineage (2022), On the Line (2021), Deliver Us from Evil (2020), Crash Landing on You (2019), Byeonhyeokui Sarang (2017), Ash Flower (2016), Snowy Road (2015), and more.

However, his road to stardom wasn’t smooth sailing. Infact, he had to settle for a political science major after failing the entrance exam for the theatre and film department. Moreover, his study was interrupted by a 2-year long mandatory military service.

But this interruption came as a blessing to the star. He then took a part-time job as a bill poster for a theater in Daehangno, Seoul’s theatre district, and worked his way up until he walked on stage in 1999 to perform the Korean play. And before he knew he, he was working in the cinemas.

Now, the actor has several titles under his belt including “Best New Actor” by the Korean Film Directors Network and the Baeksang Arts Awards, and a historical award for “Best Ensemble” from the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Park Myung-hoon Age

Park Myung-hoon was born on May 28, 1975. That made him 47 years of age in 2022.

As per his birthday, Park is of the Gemini zodiac.

Is Park Myung-hoon On Instagram?

Yes, find him on Instagram @park_myung_hoon_528.

Trivia: Park Myung-hoon’s native name is “박명훈.”

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Park Myung-hoon Kim?

 Park stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

  • What Do We Know About Park Myung-hoon Family?

Park didn’t talk much about his family except for his father Park Gun-il Passed who passed away in April 2022.

According to the actor, his father was suffering from lung cancer and was bedridden at the time. But thanks to director Bong Joon Ho’s consideration, he got to watch Parasite before anyone else.

“At the time, he still had good eyesight. But now, he can barely see anything in front of him. I’m so thankful that director Bong Joon Ho let us watch it beforehand,” Park recalled.

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