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Who Is Jeon Jong-seo Boyfriend? Is She Even Dating Anyone?

Money Heist: Korea debuted on 24 June 2021, and one of the most anticipated performances in the show was from actress Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo. Making her debut in 2018 with Burning, her popularity increased after the 2020 movie The Call. Along with her professional life, fans were also eager to learn about her dating life.

So, when Money Heist: Korea premiered is Jeon Jong-seo had a boyfriend? Is she dating anyone? Find the answers below in this article.

Jeon Jong-seo On Money Heist

Jeon Jong-seo is playing the role of Tokyo, a North Korean immigrant worker. Tokyo made her ends meet by robbing gangsters before she joined Professor’s operation. She is tough but has stayed by the principle and adheres to Professor’s directive to avoid harming the hostages, which causes her to clash with Berlin.

In the original show, Úrsula Corberó plays the role of Tokyo.

Jong-seo shared her thoughts on the remake of the hit show.

“[The drama] does a great job portraying the near future,” she remarked. “The North Korea-South Korea situation adds an element of tension and suspense, and it also bears the meaning of unity. This two-sided situation completely fills up the background setting of the Mint”.

The actress also revealed that viewers might be surprised by her version of the Tokyo character. She commented, “I think viewers will [go into the show] imagining the free-spirited charms and vibe of Tokyo from the original version. But the Tokyo in our remake is calmer, and she’s someone who steps up and tries to resolve the situation. I tried to maintain a cleaner and more aloof tone [for our version of Tokyo]. You can look forward to seeing a new side of Jeon Jong Seo”.

Jeon Jong-seo Career

Jeon Jong-seo started her acting career when she auditioned for the part of Shin Hae-mi in the 2018 movie Burning. People were surprised when it was publicly announced that Jong-seo was starring in the Lee Chang-dong movie with no prior experience in the film industry.

As reported Korea JongAng Daily, she pushed her way through the fierce competition. She joined the cast of Lee’s mystery flick alongside famous actors like Yoo Ah-in from Veteran and Steven Yeun from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Jong-seo was criticized for covering her face from photographers on her way to Cannes Film Festival where Burning was screened.

“I was craving an on-site film experience, but wasn’t desperate for the [‘Burning’] role,” She said of the role. “That’s because I merely considered the audition to be the first out of the myriad of auditions that I would have to go through to finally land a part”.

“I was happy about heading to Cannes, not because I was invited to the festival but because I could begin another journey with the co-stars and the director, who I really enjoyed working with,” said Jeon. “Perhaps that’s because I’m so inexperienced that I don’t know how happy I should feel about being invited to Cannes”.

“As someone who has just started a career in acting, I would like to do what I can within my range [to improve women’s rights]. So I hope to work on films that talk about women’s rights at the core,” speaking of her thriving career, she added. “I hope people pay more attention to trying to create a better environment [for women]”.

“I want to become a happy person. Being an actor is a job I have, and I am a human being before being an actor. I hope that the profession doesn’t change who I am as a person”.

According to her IMDB, other notable works are The Call, Mona Lisa & the Blood Moon, and Nothing Serious.

She has also made an appearance on Knowing Bros.

Who Is Jeon Jong-seo Boyfriend? Is The Actress Even Dating?

Lee Chung-Hyun, the director of The Call, is the boyfriend of Joen Jong-seo. And, yes she is currently dating. The relationship was confirmed by the Jong-seo’s agency MY Company in December 2021. Although the rumor of the two dating each other surfaced a while back. However, the agency confirmed by stating, “It’s true that the two recently began dating”.

They reportedly met each other on the set of The Call, the movie created by Netflix. Ever since the relationship was confirmed fans of both went frenzy on several social media platforms. On 17 June 2022, a picture of the dating couple appeared on Jong-seo’s unconfirmed IG page.

One fan commented, “Director Chunghyeon, I knew it, but it’s great…. If you make my unnie’s eyes cry, I can’t stand it!!!!”. Another jealous fan commented, “Since you’re dating me, I’ll treat you better than your boyfriend’s”.

Talking about her boyfriend, Lee Chung-Hyun is the director and screenwriter. As of June 2022, his projects are Heart Blackened, Heart Attack, Bargain, Ballerina, and The Call.

In The Call, two women who are geographically and temporally apart have their lives intertwined as a result of an odd phone call. The Caller, a 2011 Puerto Rican and British production, served as the inspiration for the movie. As the lead character Young Sook in The Call, Jeon Jong Seo made an enduring impression.

Despite being a relatively inexperienced performer, the 28-year-old actor won Best Actress Awards at both the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards and the 30th Buil Film Awards by impressing fans.

Chung-Hyun rose to prominence with his short film titled Ransom in 2015.

When Jong-seo posted multiple snaps of herself with another actor Sukku Son, fans believed that they were dating each other. The photos were posted a month before the relationship was confirmed.

Jeon Jong-seo Height

A lot of fans of Jeon Jong-seo praise the actress for her elegant beauty. Her stunning appearance is further accentuated by her height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters).

Jeon Jong-seo Age

Jeon Jong-seo was born on 5 July 1994. In June 2022, she turned 27 years old.

Is Jeon Jong-seo On Instagram?

Yes, Jeon Jong-seo seems to be on Instagram (@wjswhdtj94). She also has a Twitter Fanpage (@ongseo_fan) with 1113 followers and an IG fan page (@jeonjongseo_fanpage) with 17.6k followers.

Jeon Jong-seo Speaking English

There are no videos of Jeon Jong-seo speaking English. But, her family raised her in Canada she should be fluent in English.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Jeon Jong-seo Born?

Jeon Jong-seo was born in Seoul, Korea.

  • How Much Is Jeon Jong-seo Net Worth?

Jeon Jong-seo’s net worth should be above $600 thousand. With the new show, her net worth is sure to see a rise in 2022. Moreover, she also landed deals with several fashion brands such as Prada which contributed to her burgeoning fortune.

  • What Do We Know About Jeon Jong-seo Family?

Jeon Jong-seo shared a picture of her father once on her IG in March 2022.

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