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Is Paul Teutul Sr Still Alive? What Is He Doing Now?

American Chopper, a show on the Discovery Channel, launched a brand for Paul Teutul Sr. (also known as Senior) in 2003. Paul Teutul Jr., also known as Junior, and his father Paul Teutul designed unique motorcycles in the manner of chopper bikes for the event. However, Junior departed the show due to tension with Senior, although his father stayed on until 2019.

Is Paul Sr, still alive? What is he doing now? Find out the answers in this article below.

Is Paul Teutul Sr Still Alive?

As of January 2024, Paul Teutul Sr is still alive and well.

What Is Paul Teutul Sr Doing Now?

Paul Teutul Sr. filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and relocated to Florida, where he also moved Orange County Choppers’ operations. In Clearwater, he inaugurated the OCC Roadhouse and Museum in 2021. The building has a music hall as well, but there has been some debate regarding the management of the business’s finances. In 2018, the Miami Herald revealed that a Ponzi scheme involving the OCC Roadhouse and related “shares in paper companies that had no value at all” had defrauded many overseas investors of millions of dollars.

That wasn’t Paul Sr.’s first venture into the restaurant industry or his first run-in with the law over restaurants. The Orange County Clerk’s office filed a warrant for over $22,000 in unpaid state taxes for his Orange County Choppers Cafe in Newburgh, NY, according to a Page Six report that same year. The publication also said that he was facing foreclosure on his Montgomery house.

Paul Sr. and his son shared a brief reunion on television ten years after the show “Senior vs. Junior” highlighted their frequently tense relationship. When Paul Jr. discovered in 2020 that the original Orange County Choppers facility was going to be demolished, he invited his father to participate in one final build in their former shop. An official account of the endeavor can be found in American Chopper Season 12, Episode 9, “The Last Ride.”

The August 4, 2020 episode featured Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. back to their previous antagonism. Many people observed right away that Paul Jr.’s father disregarded most of his suggestions for the build.

Paul Sr. isn’t prepared to give up the concept of appearing on camera, even though he and his son seem to have completed manufacturing bikes together on television.

A new internet streaming network named Outlaw TV, hosted by Paul Sr., Billy Layne, and former “West Coast Choppers” host Jesse James, has been revealed. The network will contain shows hosted by James, Paul Sr., and Billy Layne (“Monster Garage,” “The Great Biker Build-Off”). “Senior Living,” Paul Sr.’s Outlaw TV show, will air, although its substance was not disclosed in the press release.

Outlaw TV’s president will be David McKillop, a producer on “Deadliest Catch,” “Cartel Land,” and other shows who received five Emmy nominations and two wins. David stated in the press release, “I have a strong interest in Outlaw TV. It should be the pinnacle of my professional life. “These are no-nonsense guys who’ve seen success, still do, but have paid their dues along the way,” added James. I’ve supported those who work with their hands for 25 years, and I work with them.”

Paul Teutul Sr And Paul Teutul Jr Relationship

The father-son team, Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. gained notoriety for their custom motorcycles and epic battles when they launched their reality show American Chopper in 2003. But following their ups and downs as they managed the family business manufacturing chopper-style bikes for years, Paul Jr. was sacked by his father from the company in 2008 following a “final brawl.”

Paul Jr. exclusively revealed to PEOPLE in 2019, “There was a lawsuit and it was ugly.” Consequently, he executed a one-year non-compete agreement before launching Paul Jr. Designs. (Orange County Choppers is owned by Paul Sr.) Even though the two later got back together for the Sr. vs. Jr. spinoff, their relationship was irreparably damaged.

“I don’t think people realize this, but my father and I didn’t speak for 10 years,” Paul Jr. said. “It was a tough situation for both of us, we were really at odds.”

The network did not contact them on a potential reboot until 2018. “We tiptoed into it and the more we got around each other, the more we started to build trust,” Paul Jr. said.

Although the father and son no longer conduct business together, they nevertheless enjoy working on collaborative projects. “Working together was the downfall of our relationship, and I’m not willing to give that up again,” says Paul Sr.

How Much Is Paul Teutul Sr Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Paul Teutul Sr. is above $500 thousand. He built a successful career as a motorcycle designer and builder.

As the creator and proprietor of Orange County Choppers, Paul Sr. is renowned across the globe as one of the top custom motorcycle builders in the business. In addition, he and his business are well-known for serving as the subject of the spin-off program Orange County Choppers and the reality TV series American Chopper.

Teutul often uses Twitter and Instagram to interact with his hundreds of thousands of fans and followers, sharing images and videos of his fast-paced existence on two wheels. Through the cameo platform, he is also available for that customized shout-out. Orange County Choppers is the name of the company’s official YouTube channel, and is its website.

Paul Teutul Sr Young

Young Paul Tetul Sr

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Paul Teutul Sr From?

Paul Teutul Sr was born and raised in Yonkers, New York. He is now living in Florida.

  • Does Paul Teutul Sr Own A Restaurant?

Yes, Paul Sr. owns a restaurant named OCC museum in Clearwater, Florida.

  • How Old Is Paul Teutul Sr?

Paul Teutul Sr was born on 1 May 1949 which makes him 74 years of age as of this writing in 2023.

  • Is Paul Teutul Sr On Instagram?

Yes, Paul Teutul Sr is available on Instagram (@paulteutulsr).

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