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Is Robert Sheehan Gay? Is He Dating Anyone In 2022?

The 2022 sci-fi series The Last Bus was everything Robert Sheehan needed to get gen z’s attention. But when a millennial’s on your case, it’s no surprise that they’d want to learn everything about you, including personal matters like your sexual preferences.

Thus, here we are with answers to queries if the actor’s gay and who he’s dating in 2022. 

Is Robert Sheehan Gay?

No, Robert Sheehan isn’t gay. Short and simple, he’s a straight male who has had a few “experimentations” in the past.

Ever since a child, Robert was instilled with a sense that he could do anything he wanted to do. “There was no talk of, ‘Oh it’s not the most practical thing,’” he explained. No wonder, the actor wasn’t afraid to explore his sexuality to see if there were any tinges in a gay or bisexual area.

Also, he added, “I think it would be irresponsible not to question my sexuality.”

In his youthful years, after Robert dropped out of college in Galway, he had “plenty of opportunities” to meet girls. But it wasn’t always girls. The actor shared that he has had quite a few intimate moments with dudes as well. However, it didn’t quite work out for him. “I tried it, experimented to see if it did anything for me…It didn’t, but I gave it a go,” he recalled.

So, there you go. Robert might have had a few flings with male partners in the past, but it only led him to confirm he wasn’t gay.

Also, the actor now prefers to portray male roles and so he does in The Last Bus. His character, Dalton Monkhouse is a playing tech billionaire who provided the students with the answers when it came to the psychotic robots.

Joining him this season were actors — Tom Basde, Daniel Frogson, Curtis Kantsa, Lauryn Ajufo, Lara McDonnell, Carys John, Nathanael Saleh, Moosa Mostafa, Marlie Morrelle, and Phoebe De Silva

Robert Sheehan And Sofia Boutella’s Relationship

Robert Sheehan and Sofia Boutella began their story in 2014 after initially meeting on a set. However, the two remained lowkey at the time, and only started making public appearances — at bars, restaurants, and various other events — much later.

And when they finally did go public, they made sure that the whole world knew that they were dating. Back in 2015, the pair even shared pictures of themselves flying in a helicopter piloted by Tom Cruise. Yes, the Mission Impossible actor.

Unfortunately, the couple then went on to split in 2018

Sofia was then romantically engaged with Miles McMillan.

But though the pair have gone their separate ways, they confessed that they “still love each other a lot,” and have remained good friends ever since.

Is Robert Sheehan Dating Anyone In 2022?

Yes, Robert Sheehan is dating a “certain someone” as of 2022. Sadly for his fans, he wanted his girlfriend to remain anonymous. However, he did share quite a few details about his relationship with his current girlfriend in an interview.

According to that actor, dating now has become an “interesting learning challenge” — confrontation with the self and noticing old patterns emerge and then watching them dissolve. Overall, relationships have become easier for him because he knew he was just fighting with himself.

“Suddenly you’re five years old and you’re having the same feelings you had when your mother told you to go to bed early and, all of a sudden, you’re playing the role of your five-year-old self, and your girlfriend is your mother, and you might punch a wall because you’re an adult,” he explained.

Also, Robert confessed that though he might have gotten a lot better at relationships, he still tends to get rather selfish at times.

As for his plans about settling down and starting a family of his own, that seems like a distant dream to Robert. Even seeing his friends get into a marriage felt “deeply irritating” to the actor.

Did you know: After Robert’s split with Sofia in 2018, he was no longer interested in one-night stands and sleeping with fans. Yes! Moreover, he shared that he even apologized to a few of his exes after that.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Robert Sheehan Net Worth?

Robert’s net worth was $2 million as of 2022.

An actor by profession, Robert started his career in the entertainment industry in the early 2000s. His most popular movies and TV shows to this date would be — Foreign Exchange (2004), Young Blades (2005), Rock Rivals (2008), Killing Bono (2011), Misfits (2011), Me and Mrs Jones (2012), Love/Hate (2012), Fortitude (2017), and The Umbrella Academy (2022).

  • How Tall Is Robert Sheehan?

Robert stands tall at a height of 6 feet (183 cm).

His district features include — an athletic body build, green eyes, and a triangular face.

  • Who Are Robert Sheehan’s Parents And Siblings?

Robert was born to parents, Joe and Maria Sheehan

His father, Joe was a member of Garda Síochána, Irish Police Force.

Talking about his siblings, they are Brendan Sheehan (a Mortgage Broker) and Shauna Sheehan.

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