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Is William Lagioia Still Alive? Where Is Lori Vallow Ex Now?

Meet William Lagioia, the ex-husband of Lori Vallow and the father of Colby Ryan. Is he still alive? How old is he? What does he do for a living?

Learn all about him in this article below.

Meet William Lagioia, Lori Vallow Ex-Husband & Colby Ryan Father

William Lagioia is one of five husbands (the second husband, to be more precise) of disgraced “doomsday mom” Lori Vallow. After the end of their first marriage, Lori moved to be with William Lagioia in Texas in 1995. They reportedly married on 22 October 1995. They had lived together off-and-on unmarried in Austin, Texas for 4 years before their wedding.

The couple welcomed their son Colby Jordan Ryan on 8 April 1996 but were separated at the time as William was in prison for assault and battery. They mended their relationship after their son’s birth because Lori wanted a complete family. However, Lori and William divorced in February 1998.

According to her firstborn Colby, she and William were genuinely “in a bad relationship. She didn’t feel like she wanted me to be in that and basically took me and removed me from the situation.”

According to a Lori Vallow subreddit, Lori had filed a complaint against William and his stepfather Vito Lagioia. The complaint comprised:  Auto Theft, Larceny, False Imprisonment, Conspiracy With Intent to Defraud Creditor, Perjury, Concealment of Stolen Property, and Obstruction of Justice.”

Lori states, “During our on-again-off-again relationship, William Lagioia (my boyfriend at the time) was mentally and physically abusive towards me. On two different occasions, I had called for police protection and had him arrested for assault and battery. We were separated in February of 1996, due to this abuse.”

She added, “In July of 1996, my husband William LaGioiaa, called me and asked me to come to Brackettville, Texas (where he was living with his parents) to attend his family’s baptism into my church. During our relationship, I prayed that he would accept my religion, repent of his carnal, selfish, and sensual behavior and become a Christian. He told me that the separation had caused him to think things over and that he had been studying with the missionaries and wanted to change his life and accept God and get marriage counseling and psychological therapy.”

In the complaint, Lori also accused William of “knowingly and intentionally conspired to defraud me into quitting my job (where I earned about $45,000 annually) to come and live with him and his parents in Brackettville where he would work and take care of us, pay the car payment and all of the household bills.”

However, according to Lori, William resumed his old ways after the couple moved in together. Lori writes, “To my disappointment, William took possession and custody of my car (he had never paid a penny for any of the payments) and he used to car for his personal agenda and leisure. He did not allow me to drive my own car. Every time I would ask to leave and go back to Austin, my husband would fight with me and physically hold the keys away from me. He kept me imprisoned at his residence.”

However, she was able to sneak away one night after William and his family were asleep. She moved to her family home in San Antonio, Texas. He asked for repentance and reportedly promised “If things did not work out then I would be free to leave and take my car and possessions.”

However, not only did things not go as expected but they turned for worse according to Lori’s account. Learn more about their story in this link above.

Is William Lagioia Still Alive?

It appears William Lagioia is still alive as of 2023.

Where Is William Lagioia Now?

Public record shows that William is residing in Flower Mound, Texas.

William Lagioia Age

Reportedly Born in 1972, William Lagioia is 50 years old.

William Lagioia Job

Sadly there is no information about William Lagioia’s job and career. The internet holds no information related to his career history.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is William Lagioia From?

William is a native of Texas. Over the years, he has lived in different cities like Plano, Del Rio, Austin, and Travis among others cities.

  • Who Were William Lagioia Parents?

Based on records, William was close to his stepfather Vito Lagioia. His ex-wife also filed a complaint about Vito according to the record previously mentioned.

  • Is William Lagioia On Instagram?

No, William is not on Instagram.

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