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Colby Ryan Bio, Today, Biological Father, Married

Meet Colby Ryan, the only surviving and oldest child of Lori Vallow. He starred in Netflix’s Sins Of Our Mother where he talked about his siblings. Learn more about Colby Ryan, his biological father, his marriage, and where he is today in this piece below.

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Netflix’s Sins Of Our Mother: Meet Colby Ryan, Lori Vallow Son

Colby Ryan is the only surviving child of Lori Vallow. She is a disgraced mother and the subject of Netflix’s Sins Of Our Mother. The explores the terrifying story of Lori Vallow-Daybell and the disappearance of her two children, Tylee and J.J., who were then tragically murdered.

Among many people interviewed for the show was Lori’s son Colby Ryan. According to New York Post, Colby took to Instagram to pay tribute to his siblings. He stated that he was “broken” over the deaths of his siblings. He captioned, “To my beautiful, amazing, sweet angels. The only peace I have is knowing you are in paradise. I’m broken over this. I have more love for both of you than you could ever know. I miss you both, I love you both. This seems like a nightmare. It seems unreal.”

Colby Ryan Biological Father

The biological father of Colby Ryan is William Lagioia. Lori and William reportedly married on 22 October 1995 in Travis County, Texas but parted ways a year later. Lori filed for divorce on 17 December 1996.

They finalized their divorce on 25 February 1998.

Colby had filed a lawsuit against Colby’s father William in July 1995 for “intentionally and knowingly causing bodily injury to Lori Cox by hitting Lori Cox on and about the head with the Defendant’s hand”. The affidavit for a warrant to arrest LaGioia for hitting Lori is notarized on the same day incident occurred.

Colby’s birthname was Cox, so his parent’s relationship was bad at the time of his birth.

However, at the time of the wedding of Lori Cox and William Lagioia, she was three months pregnant. Hence, many believed that the couple was having a shotgun wedding or that William was stepping up to the plate for someone else.

His mother then married Joseph Ryan in 2001, who is the biological father of his late half-sister Tylee Ryan. The couple was together for three years before divorcing in 2004, and KSAZ reported Ryan died of an apparent heart attack in 2018.

In 2006, Joseph filed a motion back stating he had been denied all visitation with his daughter Tylee for the month of August.

The lawsuit led to a dispute between Ryan and Vallow’s brother Alex Cox during which her ex-husband was attacked with a stun gun. The filing by Ryan began a custody battle that lasted until his death in 2018.

However, on Facebook, he always considered Charles Vallow to be the father figure in his life. On Father’s Day 2021, he dedicated a post to Charles writing, “Dear Dad, Thank you for raising me. Even though I wasn’t yours. It never seemed that way. You took care of me, my sister, and my brothers. You wanted to help everyone no matter what You always loved me. Even though I didn’t ever feel worthy. You gave me love when I didn’t trust any Men. You are and always be my father. Thank you, Dad, For everything.”

Where Is Colby Ryan Today?

In early September 2022, Colby Ryan was arrested after his estranged wife Kelsee Ryan accused him of raping her at her home. He was put in jail and charged with two counts of sexual assault and domestic abuse. The accusations were dropped without prejudice by the county attorney’s office, so they might potentially be brought up again in the future.

Colby was busted in Arizona Saturday and booked into Maricopa County Jail, where he remained on a $10,000 bond on two counts of sexual assault, court records show.

According to court documents that The Post was able to get, Ryan’s accuser said that he went to her Mesa home last Wednesday and nagged her for sex while they watched TV. According to the complaint, the 6-foot-3, 230-pound suspect forced himself on her despite her pleading with him to “stop” and telling him, “I don’t want to do this.” She kept asking him, “‘Stop, I don’t want to do it,'” the lawsuit claimed, while “trying to push him off.”

The complaint claimed that when Ryan was finished, he “stated he was sorry and started to cry.” After the accuser closed herself in her bedroom, Ryan slept on the couch.

The next day, she called Ryan and recorded him as he “agreed that he ‘raped’ her” and continued having sex after she begged him to stop, the court document stated.

After his arrest, Ryan also “made verbal admissions” to having sex with the accuser even after she “told him to stop multiple times,” the complaint said.

Colby Ryan Age

The date of birth of Colby Ryan is 8 April 1996. Hence, he is 26 years old as of September 2022.

Is Colby Ryan Married?

Yes, Colby Ryan is currently married to his wife Kelsee Ryan. Since Colby Jordan Ryan was her brother’s buddy, the Arizona native Kelsee first met him in middle school, and they just got to know one another intimately in junior high. They both recognized from away that their connection had the makings of something more, but it wasn’t until the latter was in college that he formally asked her out.

The only problem they had at first was that Colby’s mother, Lori, didn’t accept her because, according to the original, she believed that her firstborn was being taken away from the LDS Church.

“I think it was more about control for Lori than anything,” Catholic-raised Kelsee said in the docuseries at one point. “She was just very passive-aggressive She would like snake her way into things, try to manipulate things, or make Colby feel bad. She was always competing with me for Colby’s love and attention… I don’t know; I just always had an off feeling about her.”

As per Kelsee, Lori’s behavior ostensibly grew even more bizarre once the couple got engaged and eventually married, which didn’t help Kelsee’s view of her either — she hence kept her distance from her mother-in-law. Kelsee then went through every old family-related digital footprint to help her husband in his efforts for some answers, all the while raising their daughter, Riley, but sadly to no avail.

To get to her current situation, Kelsee gave birth to their second child, Ava, in January 2022. However, the months that followed saw another change as Kelsee and Colby split up in the middle of the summer.

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  • Where Does Colby Ryan Reside Now?

Lori Vallow Son, Colby Ryan is currently residing in Arizona.

  • Is Colby Ryan On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Colby Ryan is on Instagram (@colby_j_ryan) and also on Facebook.

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