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Is Zion Clark Married? Does Zion Clark Have Kids?

You should have been acquainted with AGT contestant Zion Clark’s story already. Fret not if you missed out though. In the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all, especially the married life and kids part.

AGT’s already favored Zion is a professional mixed martial artist and wrestler with no legs. He was born with a condition called caudal regression syndrome, that is, he was born without part of his spinal cord. And yet, he was able to not only wow the audience but also get four yeses from the judges when he auditioned for Season 18 of AGT recently.

Is Zion Clark Married?

Zion Clark, before deciding to go on AGT to use the platform to inspire people and lift up everybody else around him, while at the same time also enjoying himself, was already married. This woman named TeíTeí BabiiGlocx Rosa (AKA Victoria Markard) happens to mention “Married Zion Clark on March 14, 2021” on her Facebook relationship status. And Zion too on his own Facebook wrote “In a Relationship with TeíTeí since September 7, 2021.”

Manhattan, New York native/dweller TeíTeí is believed to be a model. On her IG @bodacious_teitei, she also highlighted her pronouns as ‘they/them’. She also kind of associated herself with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Fast forward to 2023 though, Zion and TeíTeí just maybe no longer together. TeíTeí marked her relationship status on FB as ‘single’ at this point and Zion marked it as being “In a relationship”.

Then, on 12 March 2023, Zion took to his Twitter a clip of a blonde beauty lip-syncing to a track and in the caption introduced her as “This is my beautiful girlfriend ❤️🤞🏾.”

Does Zion Clark Have Kids?

Zion Clark had no kids as of the time of this writing. Of course, this has not in any way stopped him from inspiring children and being that light. He has often talked about giving them hope in whatever they are doing or dealing with.

What Is Zion Clark’s Story?

“An inspiration to everyone who meets him…” even Ellen Degeneres has said this about Zion Clark.

Today, Zion is an All-American wrestler, a Guinness World Record holder, the subject of an EMMY Award-winning Netflix documentary, an author, an internationally acclaimed speaker, and so much more. But things were not always so good leading to here.

After being born disabled and with no father in the picture, Zion’s birth mother gave him up for adoption. In turn, he had to navigate the foster care system. He had to learn to fend for himself very early on in life. His childhood, which he now terms “disaster” was mainly about him bouncing between foster homes. Especially the first 17 years of his life, Zion said was the tough time when he was put between nine different homes, Naturally, he was labeled a “problem child”. But then, even then, he somehow picked up wrestling and music and this became an outlet for self-expression and building confidence while living in such abusive living situations. And with time and consistency, this also brought him to where he is today.

Even Forbes, last year in its story cited Clark’s growing list of achievements, including All-American Wrestler at Kent State, two-time state track champion, and Guinness World Record holder “fastest man on two hands for the 20m sprint”.

How Much Is Zion Clark’s Net Worth?

Zion Clark reportedly had an estimated $1 million net worth by September 2023.

Before beginning to work full-time as a motivational speaker, athlete, and influencer on his own, in February 2021, that same year, he got his BBA from Kent State University.

Zion Clark Age

Zion Clark was born on 29 September 1997. So, he reached the age of 25 in 2022.

Zion Clark Family

Zion was born with such an ailment due to his birth mother abusing drugs during pregnancy. Time and again, Zion has talked about it and his mom not wanting him. However, at the same time, he also has some of the best things to say about Kimberlli Clark Hawkins, his new mother who adopted him when he was 17. By that time, Kimberlli was also already fostering other children as well. Zion has said he since then found a support system in his mom and coach/father figure Gilbert Donahue.

About Kimberlli, Zion has said he has the best mother ever. Also, on Mother’s Day last year, he gushed “Happy Mother’s Day to my biggest supporter Love you Mama ❤️❤️.”

Kimberlli has indeed been always there for Zion. She was there with him celebrating his “first professional win” in January 2023. But, sadly. she was not able to make it to Zion’s AGT audition as well as other performances. When wanted to talk about this, Zion, filled with sadness, said she was instead taking care of foster kids who at the time could not leave the state without approval.

In his family. Zion also has a sister named Quamarri Hawkins (Quay).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Zion Clark From?

Zion Clark originally hails from Columbus, Ohio.

  • Is Zion Clark On Instagram?

Yes. Zion Clark could be found on Instagram as of September 2023. The account @bigz97 included 1,399 posts and as many as 1M followers. Here, he quoted “I’m here to get what’s mine NO Excuses” and also presented Craig Levinson as his manager.

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