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Zion Clark Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

America’s Got Talent had a very interesting contestant going by the name Zion Clark and after hearing his story people are interested in learning more about his family. Here we bring you details related to his father, mother, and siblings.

So, tag along and read all that we know about Zion Clark’s family.

Meet Zion Clark Family Members

America’s Got Talent contestant Zion Clark is an MMA fighter and mixed martial artist but has no legs. He wowed the audience with his performance on the show and his stories got them intrigued.

Caudal regression syndrome, an extremely uncommon illness in which a portion of the spinal cord fails to grow, affects Zion. Cases vary, but Zion’s situation resulted in him being completely without legs.

Zion was born on 29 September 1997 in Columbus, Ohio. He had to negotiate the foster care system when his mother put him up for adoption because he was born without legs. Zion overcame these obstacles by being tenacious and persistent on his own, becoming a success story.

Zion had emotional and physical abuse in his early years, and at the age of 10, he made an attempt on his own life. Zion’s early years were marked by despair, but he eventually found wrestling and was able to use it as a means of expressing his aggressive sentiments. In addition to being a professional wrestler and combatant, Zion now works as a professional speaker and is striving to accomplish even more through America’s Got Talent.

In addition, he has been in various other media venues, including Forbes, Men’s Health, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, ESPN, The Ellen Show, and Apple commercials that ran during the 2020 Super Bowl.

Zion elected to enroll at Kent State after being solicited by multiple institutions to wrestle. There, he spent the next two years progressively honing his skills and succeeding on the varsity level. ​He opted to take on his most difficult task yet: becoming the first American wrestler to compete in both the Olympic (wrestling) and Paralympic (wheelchair racing) Games in Tokyo (2020), since his self-assurance and national ranking were on the increase. ​

Zion surrounded himself with a committed and incredibly supportive squad, including Olympic/World Champion Jordan Burroughs and undefeated (133-0) 4x NCAA champion Joey Davis, after realizing the gravity of this formidable endeavor. He started pursuing interests in wheelchair bodybuilding, power-lifting (bench press), and circus arts due to his exceptional upper-body strength and athleticism.

Who Is Zion Clark Father?

The bio of Zion Clark suggests that his biological father was never in the picture. However, he did have his coach Gilbert Donahue who was his father figure and most importantly a support system.

Who Is Zion Clark Mother?

Zion Clark is close to his adoptive mother Kimberlli Clark Hawkins. As for his biological mother, she was deemed unfit to take care of him as she was abusing drugs. His upbringing was tough as he was beaten and starved. And, his mom didn’t want him in her life. He bounced from one foster home to another who he claimed used him.

When Zion was 17, Kimberlli chose to become his mom who was already fostering other children. Kimberlli recalled her first encounter with the boy she would eventually adopt. He had spent some time moving between foster homes, but it didn’t take long for the two to bond and find Zion a permanent home. Kimberlli also quickly came to understand how unique her new son was.

“I would say he truly exemplifies the saying, ‘When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade,'” Kimberlli told Indeonline. “He’s no different than any other kid, any other teenager. He doesn’t let it get him down.”

Kimberlli first met Zion at Washington High School. Her younger daughter Indy who was a grade ahead was with Zion in choir. So, Kimberlli and Zion met for the first time in January 2015. Just over a year later, in February, the adoption was made official.

“Two or three weeks after he came to my home and I asked him, I said, ‘Is it OK if I can be your mom?’ He was like, ‘yeah,'” Kimberlli recalled. “The social worker was like, ‘You didn’t even have to work at it Zion this time.’ … In all honesty, everybody needs somebody.”

“She’s done a lot,” Zion said about his mom Kimberlli. “She’s still doing a lot. It’s not over yet. She’s been in my corner the whole time. The. Whole. Time. We might have our differences — what family doesn’t — and we just work through it.”

Kimberlli has been Zion’s loudest supporter. On Mother’s Day 2022, he wished her, “Happy Mother’s Day to my biggest supporter Love you Mama ❤️❤️ also S/o to all the mothers out there!!” Unfortunately, Kimberlli couldn’t make it to Zion’s AGT audition.

More about Kimberlli, she is 53. Her birth year is 1970. On Kimberly’s birthday on 21 June, Zion wished her, “Happy Birthday Mama I Love you thanks for everything ❤️❤️❤️.”

Kim’s LinkedIn informs us that she worked as a Notary Public/ Certified Notary Signing Agent. National Notary Association Member. Starting from 2002, she has been working for Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority.

More about Kimberlii’s socials, you can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Zion Clark Siblings

Now speaking of siblings, Zion Clark has two. We know them as Quamarri Clark and Indonesia Clark, the biological children of Kimberlli Hawkins. Quamarri is at age 32 and was born in October 1990. She is a mom to two kids.

His other sister Indonesia AKA Indy Clark is 26 years old. On Indy’s 23rd birthday in November 2019, Kimberlli wished her daughter, “Yelling to the world Happy 23rd Birthday my middle child Indy. Could smack fire out of her at times but I love this Lil Heff to the moon and back! Me, my Momz, Zion, Malia, and Foster Daughter turnin’ up with Mickey and Minnie for her birthday! Family over everything! Love u Doll.”

Many sibling relationships eventually face challenges that must be overcome. For Zion and Indy Clark, it hasn’t been any different. Despite the fact that they weren’t born together, their love clicked practically right away since they have a similar outlook on life. It’s just being around his personality all the time,” Indy Clark said in a phone interview from Louisiana in 2016. “It’s really like a brother-sister relationship. I’ll always be a fan of him.”

“He likes to pull pranks on me,” she said. “We pull pranks on each other.” However, she admires her brother.

“People love to make excuses about why they can’t do something,” she said. “You look at Zion, and Zion doesn’t look for excuses, he just does it. He doesn’t look at himself as with a disability, so other people shouldn’t either.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Zion Clark Family Reside?

Zion Clark’s family resides in Massillon, Ohio.

  • Are Zion Clark Family Members On Instagram?

Zion Clark’s mom Kimberlli and sister Quamarri are on Facebook (@kimberlli.hawkins) and (@quamarri.hawkins).

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