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Isabel Bermejo Age, Job, Deep Fake Love, Still With Ruben?

Deep Fake Love is a new dating reality show on Netflix. It involves five couples competing in a cash-prize game that uses deepfake technology to blur the line between truth and lies. They are made to watch their partner “cheat” while left to wonder if it is just AI technology or if they are really being unfaithful. Isabel Bermejo and Ruben Correia were one of these duos.

In this writing which is mostly about Isabel Bermejo, we shall tell you all about Isabel and also about her and Ruben’s journey on the show.

Netflix Deep Fake Love: Are Isabel Bermejo And Ruben Correia Still Together?

So, in the show that was filmed in the Dominican Republic, we see Ruben, a digital creator, propose to Isabel, also simply known as Isa, after finding that “magical connection” with her. During their introduction, Isabel also admitted to having “a little bit of fear” about being a participant in a show like this. But then, she also right away assured viewers that she and Ruben can be one hundred percent themselves together.

So, when Isabel and Ruben decided to test their relationship on Deep Fake Love, they had been together for 8 months. Also, it was said, their connection has been magical from the first minute, Ruben, a sports and fitness instructor, asked her to marry her, right away after he met her.

As of July 2023 though, it was not known if or not Isabel and Ruben are still together. Back in May and June of 2022, they almost routinely showed people their beautiful pictures. Later, in September that year, Ruben had taken to his IG @rbncorreia_13 (among 52.5K followers) to write “there is nothing better than being able to share passion and goals with the person you love” next to their intimate glimpses from gym workouts.

To those of you who don’t know, Isabel is a single mother. She has a daughter who turned 6 years old on 16 January 2023. A year ago on his birthday, Isabel took to her social media to tell everyone how 5 years ago the love of her life was born. Another time, she was also seen promising her “little self, princess, bun” that she will continue teaching her to misbehave and do mischief.

Had Isabel and Ruben stood the test of time and the challenges that came their way throughout the competition, they would have been crowned the winners. Also, they would have taken home a grand cash prize.

Manuel and Aida, Angel and Gabriela, Paula and Javi, and Alejandro and Ramon also joined Isabel and Ruben in the reality show to make the whopping 100,000 euros theirs.

Isabel Bermejo Age

Isabel Bermejo was born in 1988. So, she reached the age of 35 in 2023.

Isabel Bermejo Job

Isabel Bermejo has a separate account on Instagram (@kukissoficial) where she promotes and sells her merchandise. She called it her accessories store. Also, she has named it KUKISS. She claims that at KUKISS they look for originality in each piece. “Looking beautiful and feeling unique does not have to be expensive”, she highlighted as her brand’s slogan.

Is Isabel Bermejo On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Isabel Bermejo can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 7 July 2023, her IG @issabelbc included 812 posts and 1,286 followers. Comparatively, Isabel seemed less active on ‘Isabel Bermejo’ Facebook.

Isabel Bermejo Height

Beautiful and fashionable Isabel Bermejo stands around 5’5” in height. One can see that she loves getting new tattoos every now and then.

Isabel Bermejo Family

Isabel’s mother is Ernes Arlandis Toral. She can be found on Instagram @ernes65. On Facebook, the matriarch quoted “Así de pequeña soy yo, nada de nada” which translates to English as “That’s how small I am, nothing at all”. Isabel’s mom was born and bred in Alicante, Spain. She also has been here all her life.

Isabel too has been seen mentioning her mother on social media. One time for instance, on Mother’s Day, she gushed “Congratulations to the best madri in the world!! ♥️♥️ Ernes Arlandis Toral”, but in her mother tongue. Also, every year on May 3rd, which is her mom’s birthday, Isabel makes her feel special in every way she can. At great length, she talks about having the best mother in the world. Among other things, Isabel also has talked about her mom’s recipes for bread cakes, mollita cakes, and warm toñas.

“We are strong because she has shown us that no matter how many blows life gives you, you have to stay upright and continue”, this also is an excerpt from one of Isabel’s long heartfelt messages for her mother. We here describe Isabel and her sister Marina Cervera Alberca (on IG @mariniita90). Marina seems to be happily married with a baby girl. Her husband is Raúl Quirós.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Isabel Bermejo’s Birthday?

Isabel Bermejo’s birthday is on March 11th, making her Pisces.

  • Where Is Isabel Bermejo From?

Isabel Bermejo hails from Alicante, Spain. Alicante, to unversed, is a port city on Spain’s southeastern Costa Blanca, and the capital of the Alicante province. Even as of July 2023, Isabel had been living here.

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