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Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla Bio, Age, Job, Deep Fake Love

Deep Fake Love is a new dating reality show on Netflix. It involves five couples competing in a cash-prize game that uses deepfake technology to blur the line between truth and lies. They are made to watch their partner “cheat” while left to wonder if it is just AI technology or if they are really being unfaithful. Angel Santiago and Gabriela Fdez de Bobadillawere one of these duos.

In this writing which is mostly about Gabriela, we shall tell you all about her and also about her and Angel’s journey on the show.

Netflix Deep Fake Love: Are Angel Santiago And Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla Still Together?

So, in the show that was filmed in the Dominican Republic, Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla and Angel Santiago are described as the perfect couple and as super connected to each other. During their introduction, Angel admits that just with a look they can tell each other everything. “I want to do this for her to realize she can trust me”, he also admits.

Unlike their co-stars Isabel and Ruben, they had been together for 5 years already. Gabriela said on a social media post that their love started as being each other’s crush and now they are both clear that they are the love of each other’s lives. Despite that, they wanted to see if it is true or not or can or can not survive the Deep Fake Love test.

Their relationship status as of July 2023 was not that well understood. Gabriela, however, on her Facebook had by then continued to mark her dating status as being “in a relationship”.

Last year (2022), they almost routinely showed people their beautiful pictures from their exquisite getaways. Sometimes they would show memories from some “special wedding” and other times they would share glimpses from their visit to some “amazing” gym. On the 4th of August that year, Gabriela, as usual, posted a steamy-looking picture of them together and next to it wrote: “After a year of intense work, we have been able to enjoy the vacations we deserved 💖Always better with you 🥰”. Before that in May, they attended the Spring Gala 2022 in favor of the Economic Kitchen together, while looking fabulous, both of them. At this time around, the two were clearly living together somewhere in Spain, not in Madrid though.

Angel, like Gabriela, is into helping people raise their physique to a higher level. One of the ways he also makes his living is by offering personalized training. Other times, he has been working at SalesportClub since 28 February 2022 and at Lío in Ibiza, Spain for some unknown period of time.

Anyway, had Gabriel and Angel stood the test of time and the challenges that came their way throughout the competition on the Netflix show that they went to, they would have been crowned the winners. Also, they would have taken home the grand cash prize. If not they would have anyway gained a lifetime of experience.

Manuel and Aida, Isabel and Ruben, Paula and Javi, and Alejandro and Ramon also joined Gabriela and Angel in the reality show, hoping to win 100,000 euros.

Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla Age

Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla was reportedly born in 1991. If that is true, she should have reached the age of 31 in 2022.

Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla Job

Since January 2019, Gabriela Fdez has continued working full-time at Global sport norte as their director. At Global Sport, Gabriela has also been overseeing affairs as their Economist since January 2014.

So, you know, the average base salary of an economist in the place where Gabriela calls home was estimated as €40,000 by in 2023.

Moreover, on her BIO on, Gabriela also mentioned having a license to teach Zumba. On the website, she greets people telling she has been a member at ZIN since Sep 2020. She cites she absolutely loves teaching Zumba classes. The reason is simple she tells and talks about how every class feels like a party.

Before, she got her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Cantabria (2009 – 2013).

Is Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla On Instagram?

Yes. Gabriela can be found on Instagram. As of 7 July 2023, the account @gabriela_fdb included 626 posts and 1,691 followers. Besides, she also posted now and then glimpses from her life on ‘Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla’ Facebook and on TikTok @gabriela_fdb.

Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla Height

Beautiful and fashionable Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla stands below 5’7” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla Birthday?

Gabriela most likely celebrates her birthday on October 29th. Should that be true, her zodiac sign would be Scorpio. Scorpios born on this day are believed to be very passionate, ambitious, and driven to achieve their goals. They say they are very determined and will put in a lot of effort to achieve their goals. Yet at times, they can not help but become shy and secretive.

  • Where Is Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla From?

As of July 2023, Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla had been living in Santander, which is the capital city of the Cantabria region on Spain’s north coast. But, it was not yet understood, where she was born and brought up in.

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