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Issy Francis-Baum Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth

When Made in Chelsea returned for a five-episode special set in sunny Mallorca in 2022, after the first few episodes, it introduced to its viewers Issy Francis-Baum, India Hoyenden, Willow Day, and Malek Amro.

So, in the rest of the writing today, we take time to write all about one of them only, and that isIssy Francis-Baum.

Issy Francis-Baum On Made In Chelsea

Introducing Issy Francis-Baum on the show, Made In Chelsea tells its people that she is used to living life in the fast lane, not just professionally but in her spare time too enjoying horse riding, and skiing on snow as well as water.

It was then also revealed at the end of episode 2, that newcomer Malek was setting Miles up on a blind date. And that blind date was none other than Issy.

Following this, the show also saw Miles confessing his feelings for Emily Blackwell, and then her saying she would rather they stay friends because she would not want to lose the friendship.

Is Issy Francis-Baum Dating Anyone?

E4 teased Issy Francis-Baum that she is single and very much ready to mingle. They had put it like she loves dating but has not met the one yet.

Also as per Channel 4, Issy’s previous long-term relationship ended when her boyfriend cheated on her. Since then and it was said she had been happily enjoying the world of dating. But, for some reason, had not found the one.

A preview for episode 3 showed Issy heading out on a date with Miles. But, we were not told if she could be the one after Em rejected Miles.

Miles was still following Issy on Instagram as of the time of this writing.

Issy caught Miles’s attention while he was on a ‘lad’s night out.’ She was, like him, out with her friends when “flirty” Miles approached her at the bar and invited her to an event the following day.

They are then seen enjoying a summer romance, and even sharing a kiss on the beach. But things get interrupted when Miles starts developing something more than just friends with Emily. To the extent that even Maeva warns Issy about his feelings for Emily. In the next scene, Miles is shown quizzing Maeva on exactly what she told Issy.

Emily later is seen questioning Miles instead if he has been fully honest with Issy during a private conversation with Liv Bentley. And Liv seemed certain Miles would not have been.

Having said that, Issy marked her relationship status on Facebook as ‘single’ (in 2022).

Issy Francis-Baum Age

Born in 2001, Issy Francis-Baum turned 21 years old in 2022.

Francis-Baum Ethnicity And Nationality

London-born and raised Issy Francis-Baum’s ethnicity is White British or some sort of mixed. She was still inhabiting London as of the time of this writing.

Who Are Issy Francis-Baum Parents?

Issy’s mother is literally her best friend and she does not get tired of telling all about it on her TikTok videos.

Other times, Issy also gives glimpses of her family dinners and more on social media. She also briefly mentioned a brother who turned 14 lately.

Issy Francis-Baum Job

Issy Francis-Baum’s LinkedIn seemed to have been removed as of the time of this writing. Yet, even without it, one could tell she was a part-time student pursuing a fashion degree at university and a model as of 2022. She was signed to a modeling agency in 2019 and had a lot of success since.

Issy had modeled for several well-known brands and has featured in an advertisement in Times Square and in stores across the US. She also not long ago featured in a Jet2 advertisement.

Of course, Issy also is a TikTok famous model. She is totally used to this fame as she entertained 62.9K followers on the account @issy.fb as of 27 August 2022.

Issy could be found on Instagram as well @issy.fbb where she had 111 posts and 19.9K followers and on Facebook. Her social media feed is full of gorgeous selfies and of her outing from around London.

Her first video on her very famous TikTok features her doing a TikTok dance to OUT WEST by JACK BOYS and Travis Scott (featuring Young Thug) in her bikini. It was posted in 2020.

Issy Francis-Baum Height

Beautiful and fashionable Issy Francis-Baum stands above 5’7” tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Issy Francis-Baum’s Net Worth?

Issy Francis-Baum reportedly had less than $200K net worth as of 2022.

She briefly mentioned completing her first year at Manchester Fashion Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University in June 2022.

  • When Is Issy Francis-Baum Birthday?

Issy celebrates her birthday on the 10th of August and that makes her a Leo.

  • Has Issy Francis-Baum Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Issy Francis-Baum, like her fellow Made in Chelsea: Mallorca cast members, found herself amid plastic surgery speculations since joining the rest of the cast. But, until the time of this writing, she chose not to tell a soul if her not she really went under the knife.

Though in several of her TikTok videos, she has requested fellow social media users to not bully her. More than once, there have been people making mean comments about her appearance.

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