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Yasmine Zweegers Parents: Farouk Hubbi And Marianne Zweegers

Yasmine Zweegers was already an actor, model, entrepreneur, and influencer. And late in 2022, she also had her name attached to Made In Chelsea. It seems Yasmine is going to be on this show for a while now. There already have been talks of her being a Master’s student, her owning a brand while also making time for brunches and champagne parties, among her new/old fans. Not only did they love her for going on dates with Miles, but they also felt entertained when episode 1 of Made in Chelsea: Bali episode 1 exploded with the drama between her and Issy Francis-Baum. Yet, so far, there has not been much mention of her parents, despite her fans always being curious about them. So, in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about them.

Who Are Made In Chelsea Star Yasmine Zweegers Parents?

Made In Chelsea star Yasmine Zweegers literally can not get enough of talking about just how amazing both her parents are.

She came into their lives in May 1999. (So, she turned 23 in 2022.) Yasmine inherited their respective Dutch and Syrian heritage. She likely grew up in southwest London with her parents, where she also attended Ibstock Place School.

Meet Farouk Hubbi, Yasmine Zweegers Father

Yasmine Zweegers is really very fond of her father. She refers to him not as”dad” but as “baba”. (Even great!) Also, she often shows him to her people on Instagram @yasmine_myz.

  • Farouk Hubbi Age

Farouk Hubbi appears to be in his sixties. Back in the time, when he got married to Marianne, she looked much younger than him.

  • Farouk Hubbi Job

According to LinkedIn, Farouk Hubbi has worked in trading related to export and import, in particularly Syria. He chose to mention just this on his profile so far.

  • What Is Farouk Hubbi Ethnicity?

Farouk Hubbi’s ethnicity is Syrian. Syrians, if you don’t know, are an Eastern Mediterranean ethnic group indigenous to the Levant.

Farouk could be also called an Arab.

  • Is Farouk Hubbi On Instagram?

Yes. Farouk Hubbi could be found on Instagram @farouk_hubbi with 31 posts and 177 followers as of 26 December 2022.

Besides, he entertained around 3.4K friends on Facebook.

Meet Marianne Zweegers, Yasmine Zweegers Mother

Marianne Zweegers is Yasmine Zweegers’s mother and then she is her style icon. The mother-daughter duo has been loving TikTok for a while now. They love to make videos here by twinning all kinds of styles and trends.

With her mum, Yasmine says, every day is like Mother’s Day. Another time on Mother’s Day, Yasmine called her “the most amazing” and thanked her for everything. To Yasmine Marianne has also been the “bestest friend” and a “life guru”.

and a day never goes by without you making me cry with laughter

  • Marianne Zweegers Age

Marianne Zweegers’s birthday is on June 9th. Speaking of her age, she was born before 1966. So, she should have turned 56 years old even in the least. It is another thing that she does not look that many years old.

  • Marianne Zweegers Job

Since May 1993, Marianne Zweegers has been working continually as an interior and creative design director at MYZ London. As part of the job, she worked on several residential private projects and investments, over the years. On her BIO on her website, she also cited her main passion being designing and sourcing luxury contemporary lifestyle products from all over the world. She also formerly worked as an interior designer at Zelfstandig ondernemer.

Before that, she graduated in interior design and art of history at the renowned Inchbald School of Design in London. Even prior to that, she studied at Institute Villa Pierrefeu Montreux (1984 – 1985) and did a BBA in Public Relations/Image Management at Schoevers College (1986 – 1987).

  • What Is Marianne Zweegers Ethnicity?

Marianne was born in Dutch. Ethnically too, she is Dutch. This ethnicity, if you don’t know, is a mixture of Germanic and Celtic lineages.

Yet, it’s not in the Netherlands but in London Marianne has been living for over two decades now.

Also, other than the Dutch language, Marianne is also fluent in English, Spanish, and German languages.

  • Is Marianne Zweegers On Instagram?

Yes. Marianne Zweegers could be found on Instagram as of 26 December 2022. But, it is not a personal blog we speak of. This account @myzlondon with 678 posts and 470 followers seemed more likely a business account for Marianne’s interiors and styling-related endeavors. Here, she also mentioned being the founder of Luxury Love Candles & Lifestyle Collection.

Besides, Marianne also seemed active on Facebook and on Pinterest @myzlondon.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Yasmine Zweegers Parents From?

Dutch-born Yasmine Zweegers had established herself in London, United Kingdom at the time of this writing. Farouk also should be close to his wife.

  • Are Yasmine Zweegers Parents Still Married?

Yasmine Zweegers’s parents appeared to be together and still married, by the look of things in December 2022.

Yasmine Zweegers with her parents as seen at Puente Romano, Marbella in June 2015 (PIC: Instagram)

Her father, apparently also mentioned being ‘married’, on Facebook BIO.

  • How Many Kids Do Yasmine Zweegers Parents Have?

Yasmine Zweegers is the only child of her parents. So, no. She does not have any siblings.

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