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Jack Barlow Bio, Age, Job, Girlfriend, RHOSLC Lisa Son

Jack Barlow is the son of RHOSLC Lisa Barlow who was supposed to be on a mission. Did he ditch his travel to Columbia? What is his job?  How old is he now?

Read all about it as this article proceeds.

Meet Jack Barlow, RHOSLC Lisa Barlow’s Son

Fans of RHOSLC have known that Lisa Barlow has two sons and one of them is named Jack Barlow. Since Lisa joined the cast of RHOSLC in Season 1, her children have grown up in front of the camera. Lisa talked about how difficult it was to watch her children, especially Jack, grow up in real-time in Season 4 of the show.

Jack, Lisa’s eldest son, was born on October 20, 2004, making him the first male to leave the nest. But Jack said on camera in Season 4 of RHOSLC that he’s not going to college, asking his mother to “fudge college.” In the next chapter, Jack makes one of his first adult decisions after deciding not to attend college. Lisa found it difficult to accept his decision to embark on a mission for many months.

Lisa and John worked at the Sundance Film Festival during the RHOSLC Season 4 premiere. While running errands, Lisa confided in her husband that she wanted to treasure every second she had left with Jack before he graduated from high school, referring to the days coming up to the big day as “stressful.”

“He sits down next to me and just starts bawling,” according to Bravo, Lisa told her husband about the fight. “And I’m like, ‘What’s going on, Jack?!’ He’s like, ‘Mom, it’s gonna be OK because I decided to go on a mission.’”

In September 2023, Lisa took to her IG where she said goodbyes to her son as he prepared to embark on a years-long Mormon mission. Just before he boarded his aircraft, Lisa managed to get a photo of the teenager cuddling his younger brother, Henry, and bidding them farewell.

“You are about to do some really amazing things,” she wrote. “My whole heart is breaking with happiness and love and this insane feeling that I’m not going to be able to breathe until you are home. I miss you every second of every day and I know God will overwhelm you with love and protect you. Being your mom has made me a better person. My love for you is more than my heart can take. God made you so good.”

“Took an unintentional red-eye to get home to say my ‘see you in 2 years’ to [Jack Barlow],” she wrote in her Instagram Story. “Landed in SLC after a stint in LA. Living on adrenaline.”

Lisa, John, and Jack went shopping in Season 4, Episode 12, to buy clothes for Jack’s mission. Before leaving, Jack had to pick up “one suit, eight to 10 white shirts, six to eight ties, [and] three to five [pairs of] slacks,” according to an email he was reading.

When he tried on the clothing, he told Lisa, “I think you need the separation more than I do. You’re a lot. I love you so much,” he added. “But I need the space… It’s my turn to leave the nest. It doesn’t make it less hard for us,” Lisa responded, before noting that it would be difficult to not have Jack around for holidays.”

It appears that Jack may still be residing in Orange County and may not have relocated to Columbia for missionary. A Reddit member reported on November 13 that they saw Jack Barlow in a Tustin, California, TJ Maxx.

“I just saw Jack Barlow at TJ Maxx/Home Goods in Tustin, CA. He was wearing his LDS badge and was with another missionary guy,” the Reddit user wrote. “The missionary guy was shopping; Jack was on the phone. Apparently, Jack wasn’t interested in discount shopping. I’m guessing Lisa didn’t let him go to Colombia for his mission. Instead, he went to Irvine/Tustin (literally one of the safest cities in the entire United States).”

But Lisa later clarified, “Hi!! Jack had to wait on his Visa, so [he’s temporarily] in CA [to practice speaking Spanish]. Still Columbia. Very active imaginations.”

Besides Jack, Lisa and John Barlow have a son named Henry.

Jack Barlow Age

Born in 2004, Jack Barlow reached age 19 in 2023.

Jack Barlow Job

Jack Barlow is a reality star now appearing on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. He also runs a business named Fresh Wolf.

Fresh Wolf makes hair products that make body wash, hair wax, shampoo, and conditioner. You can find the business on their website. Find their shop on Amazon here.

Jack is a graduate of Corner Canyon High School. As a tribute, following his graduation, Lisa posted, “@_jackbarlow__ This major milestone is done. I’m so glad I was blessed to be your mom. You are everything beautiful in this world. You are the absolute best older brother. Most thoughtful son and my whole sunshine. I’ve been in awe of you since the day you were mine. You are so confident in being you and this journey you are going on will for sure impact the lives of others. I love you beyond. You will always have my complete heart. #cchs.”

When Jack went to his last prom, Lia posted on her IG.

“Last prom for my [Jack]. I love/hate this!!!!! I laughed and cried yesterday…. all at the same time. I’m soooo glad I get to be your mom. So glad you made great choices. So glad you have great style and so happy we get to experience this with you,” Lisa wrote on April 30. “I could not love you more [Jack]. Your next steps are huge. Graduation is going to take me out.”

Is Jack Barlow On Instagram?

Yes, Jack Barlow is available on Instagram (@_jackbarlow__) and TikTok (@the_lsj).

Jack Barlow Girlfriend

Jack Barlow remains low-key about his dating life so it is impossible to confirm his dating life. Back in 2021, he featured Madison Beer on his social and wrote “I want y’all to meet my future wife…”

Jack has also featured a few women on his socials with whom he attended several events. Before Jack donned a cap and gown to receive his high school diploma, he attended prom in a lavender suit. His most recent date was Lauren Cheer and back in September 2022 his other date for fashion week was Zoe Gutierrez.

Jack also has a few other women named Sophie Roberts and Brielle Bodily.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jack Barlow From?

Jack Barlow hailed from California.

  • When Is Jack Barlow Birthday?

Per an IG post from October 2023, Jack Barlow celebrates his birthday on 20 October.

  • How Tall Is Jack Barlow?

Jack Barlow’s height measures above 6’2”.

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