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Jack Tavcar Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Serving The Hamptons

Meet Jack Tavcar, one of the casts of Serving The Hamptons.

“Serving the Hamptons” depicts the reality of hospitality workers in one of the most desirable locales in the world — and offers a real-life glimpse into their lives.

Jack spoke with The Patch and shared, “I think it’s a good mix of who we all are as people, what our career aspirations are, and why it makes sense for us to be in the Hamptons. It’s not just about the restaurant, focusing on work, or our personal lives — it’s a whole picture of who we are and what we care about. The camera really sees us for who we are.”

Other casts joining him in the show are Samantha Crichton and Jillian Gough (VIP hostesses), fellow waiter Hailey Druek, two bartenders Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jodie Bisasor, Brogan Wu (chef), Ethan Thompson (DJ), Victoria Hilton (manager), and of course Zach Erdem.

Jack Tavcar On Serving The Hamptons

Jack Tavcar spoke with The Patch about how he wound up in 75 Main Restaurant and Discovery+’s Serving The Hamptons. When COVID-19 started hitting the states, he decided to head to the East Coast from LA where he was pursuing his acting career. He arrived in Hamptons to be with his family members.

When the restrictions began to loosen, Jack was walking through Southampton on his way to cash the check he had received from his job at Stop & Shop. He noticed Zach Erdem, the owner of 75 Main, sitting outside.

“Zach is known as being one of the more influential people in the Hamptons. But when I first met him, I didn’t know who he was,” Jack told The Patch. “The only experience I had with the Hamptons was going out to dinner on Easter with my family. I had never been there for the party scene.”

Jack asked Erdem if he was the owner. “Then I asked, ‘Are you hiring?'” He asked if I had experience and I told him I’d worked at a restaurant in Los Angeles. “He said, ‘Cool, you’re hired,'” Jack said.

Jack had never worked as a server, just as a runner, which Zach didn’t know of, so at first, Jack said: “He was upset. But I grew on him.” He admired his boss and said Zach, “is a great, great restaurant owner.” And, he said, while he’s strict and demands excellence from his staff, he is “very forgiving. If you mess up, you can talk to him.”

With all the crazy drama even before the show between the employees, Jack could tell beforehand that they could have their own show. He said: “Having already been employed there, I had experienced all the crazy drama that goes on in these restaurants. I had joked around that it could be a TV show.”

Jack opened up about the show and said. “All of us are living in this house, so it’s who’s in relationships with who and who’s not,” he said. He thinks the show is “Work drama and life drama intertwined”.

Jack stated that his position among the eight was established early on. “We always joked around that I became the ‘dad’ of the house, the voice of reason,” he said. “A lot of people were fighting about relationships, or worrying if this person did or didn’t like them, I said, “Guys, we’re here for a reason, to make money. We need to focus, to do the job.”

He added: “The restaurant lends itself to this medium of reality TV,” he said. “A lot of what we felt — those moments were real, and we were all reacting to them.”

Just working in a restaurant has instilled in Jack insight. “It’s really taught me a lot about how people should interact with each other, treat people with kindness. Treat your servers well, and treat your guests well. We’re all people.”

Jack Tavcar Net Worth

Jack Tavcar has a net worth of under $100 thousand.

Prior to COVID-19, Jack worked at restaurants in Los Angeles to support his acting career. With the arrival of the coronavirus, Tavcar returned to the East Coast, where his family, like so many others, had chosen to stay in Southampton during the early stages of the quarantine.

He studied vocal music at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and Performing Arts in New York, where he also began his career in musical theater and acting. He studied Theatre Arts at USC School of Dramatic Arts and also attended and graduated from the University of Southern California.

Jack pointed out the irony of most struggling performers working in eateries to make ends meet while auditioning for their big break. He told The Patch “It’s crazy to think that just working in a restaurant for the summer ended up how I’m going to wind up on TV — that’s what got me into acting.”

According to his IMDB, he has worked on a short film titled Harmony of Grey.

After the show, Jack worked in New York City and planned to head back to 75 Main this summer for another season at the eatery.

Does Jack Tavcar Have A Girlfriend?

Jack Tavcar has stayed quiet about his dating life. So, his dating status is unclear as of this writing and appears to be single.

Jack Tavcar Age

In August 2021, Jack Tavcar TURNED 24 years old.

Jack Tavcar Family

Jack Tavcar is the youngest of four kids born to his parents James and Christine Tavcar. He hasn’t shared anything about his parents neither he is connected with them on his socials.

Jack grew up in Queen Village with three siblings—Andrew (@andrew.tavcar), Madeleine (@madeleine.tavcar), and Emily Tavcar. Andrew competed in Men’s Swimming and Diving team while attending Fairfield University. He was also a part of the Fairfield University Orchestra playing the violin. He graduated from Fairfield University with Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2017.

Andrew is currently working as Fit Engineer at Thule Group from April 2021.

Madeline and Emily both attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia HS. Madeline attended Santa Clara University and earned a BS in Biochemistry. Then, she earned her JD from Santa Clara University School of Law in 2018. She is currently working for Wiggin and Dana LLP as an associate attorney.

As for Emily, she also attended the University of San Francisco in 2013 and earned a BA in Sociology. After that, she attended and graduated from the University of Oxford in 2015 with MST Study of Religion, Blackfriars Hall. She is currently working as Senior Research Manager for Deerfield Institute in Deerfield Management.

Jack is the only one among the four who pursued a career in acting. However, his siblings are all musical, playing instruments.

His great-aunt and uncle lived in the Hamptons before they died. His aunt lived in Hampton Bays and his uncle was a priest in Southampton.

Is Jack Tavcar On Instagram?

Jack Tavcar is on Instagram (@jtavcar) and Facebook (@jacktavcar).

Jack Tavcar Height

About his height, Jack Tavcar stands tall at under 5 feet 9 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jack Tavcar Birthday?

Jack Tavcar celebrates his birthday on 20 August.

  • Where Is Jack Tavcar From?

Jack Tavcar hailed from Bellerose, New York but lives in Los Angeles, California. After the show, he is currently in New York.

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