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Chef Brogan Wu Bio, Age, Parents, Serving The Hamptons

Discovery+’s restaurant drama Serving the Hamptons premiered on 7 April 2022 featuring its proprieties Zach Erdem, his general manager Victoria Hilton, Chef Brogan Wu, and more staff members.

The series is all about the professional and personal drama of these staff serving in the Hamptons’ most beloved 75 Main Restaurant.

Anyway, in the writing below, we shall talk about 75 Main’s chef Brogan Wu, who also managed to get enough of the fame as a food vlogger under the moniker “The Kitchen Witch”.

Chef Brogan Wu On Serving The Hamptons

Discovery+’s latest restaurant drama Serving the Hamptons is set to appear on the channel soon on April 7, 2022. Featuring Chef Brogan Wu and nine other staff members, the show will focus on the professional and personal workers of all staff serving the ’75 Main’ restaurant in the Hamptons.

According to the show’s official synopsis, its five-hour episodes features staff members breaking the rules set by their superior, leading to mad drama and revelations. The docuseries is actually being called the rule-breaking drama for that reason.

So, the drama takes off on the Discovery channel with summer in full swing and the restaurant buzzing. V.I.P. hostess Jillian Gough parties a little too hard at the staff house and fails to show up to work the next day. Meanwhile, Zach has his chef preparing his birthday dinner, full of his favorite dishes prepared exactly how he likes. Except the thing is Brogan finds herself in hot water when the staff fails to get her ingredients. She of course stops the crisis improvising on the spot. But she is also not very impressed with her at times trouble-causing coworkers.

Chef Brogan Wu’s Net Worth

Chef Brogan Wu reportedly had around $400K as her net worth as of April 2022.

She went to the State University of New York College from 2013 until 2017. But then, she also shared that until she developed her passion for cooking, she never took cooking classes in school and was instead more interested in ceramics classes.

Her mother always encouraged her to eat healthy meals while her “greedy” father always offered her burgers and pizzas. However, tasty meals did not fascinate her much until she grew up. Talking to, she shared how this one day, while smoking weed at her university, she felt a strange but soothing taste that had a lasting influence on her. Then, by the time she graduated from college because she had gained some weight, she started cooking her own meals at home. Eventually, she caught the cooking bug.

And so in 2019, she started posting her cooking videos on YouTube and the rest is history.

Does Chef Brogan Wu Have A Boyfriend?

Chef Brogan Wu joked on TikTok that no guys talk to her at parties. But clearly, there is no way that should be her reality.

That being said, Brogan still did not give away if her not she is dating anyone. Maybe she posted glimpses of her dating life and boyfriend (if she has one) on her personal and private Instagram @brogbathory.

Chef Brogan Wu’s Age

In 2021, Chef Brogan Wu turned 26 years old.

Chef Brogan Wu Height

Beautiful Chef Brogan Wu stands above 5’3” tall in height. Other than her arm tattoo designs she also must get noticed for her naturally black and long and straight hair. Of course, she also dyes it often. Her eyes, appearing to be hazel, also add to her looks.

Is Chef Brogan Wu On Instagram?

Yes. Chef Brogan Wu could be found on Instagram. Her account @thekitchenwitch included 1,054 posts and 8,766 followers as of 19 April 2022.

Brogan also especially had a huge fanbase (of 142.4K) on Tik Tok @theogkitchenwitch, where she also posts great food content. And (of course) she admits that her online persona is inspired by celebrity chef Martha Stewart and the fictional witch character Morticia Addams. She simply calls her craft “Martha Stewart meets Morticia Addams” or “a little Martha, a little Morticia”.

Chef Brogan Wu Family

Chef Brogan’s parents are still happily married and for more than 30 years.

Her dad Wayne Wu studied Economics at Cook College, Rutgers University, and eventually worked at American Stock Exchange. Originally from Ridgewood, New Jersey, he is now based in Saddle River, New Jersey likely with his wife. He turned 58 years old in May 2021.

Speaking of Brogan’s mom, Michelle Wu, she also turned 58 years old around the time. She is known for her spirituality, beauty, and kindness among her people. On her birthday, her husband beautifully wrote that she is funny, perceptive, and caring in her interactions with all that is around her.

Now, in Brogan’s words, her parents were the absolute coolest and still are. She also said that her little brother will always be the best gift they ever gave her. But then, her brother is not the only sibling she has. Including her, sons Gavin Wu, Cory Wu, and a daughter Kyle Lucia Wu were also born to her parents.

Gavin, the youngest of all, turned 25 on 23 August 2021, and seemingly the eldest, Cory, turned 35 in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chef Brogan Wu From?

Because Chef Brogan’s dad mentioned Saddle River and Ridgewood, New Jersey as the places he lived in, Brogan also like was born and bred in these locations.

  • When Is Chef Brogan Wu’s Birthday?

Chef Brogan Wu celebrates her birthday on the 8th of June. And for people born on this day, the zodiac sign is Gemini.

  • What Is Chef Brogan Wu’s Ethnicity?

Brogan Wu is a Hampton native of Chinese and Irish ancestry.

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