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Jackie Gonzalez Squid Game #393, Age, Job, Instagram

Squid Game The Challenge brought several contestants over and player #393 is Jackie Gonzalez. How old is she now? What job does she have to support herself? Read all about it as you scroll down this article below.

Tag along and find out more here.

Meet Jackie Gonzalez, Player #393 From Squid Game: The Challenge

Jackie Gonzalez or Player #393 is the only deaf contestant on Squid Game: The Challenge. As a near-perfect fiction-to-reality adaptation, Netflix’s “Squid Game: The Challenge” offers us a competitive series that is confusing, amusing, and unexpected. After all, in addition to 456 players from all over the world vying for a $4.56 million jackpot, there are also secret exams, competitions, and mental games involved.

“I’m a lone ranger,” Jackie shared in the show. “I can work in groups, but I don’t prefer it, you know. There’s something about my hearing loss that I feel like I have to give a lot of energy when socializing with hearing people. I’ve gotta listen. I’ve got to lip-read sometimes.”

She added, “I’ve got to, you know, read the room. It’s a lot of work. To survive [in this merciless game], I’m gonna try my best. I’m gonna do whatever I can to live another day, but I’m not willing to… screw people over no matter what.”

In actuality, Jackie did make a few friends in the dorm as the games and tests progressed, but she also remained loyal to herself and didn’t really develop any formal alliances out of self-interested caution. She was aware that, in the long term, perhaps having support would be preferable, but she couldn’t take the chance of suddenly being someone else’s target or living in constant fear of an impending betrayal.

Jackie remained largely private as a result, which seemed to work out well for her because she was protected, no one seemed to notice her, and she was free to make her own judgments without interference.

Despite her hearing impairment, Jackie doesn’t allow anything or anyone to stop her from pursuing her hobbies, activism, or passions by putting herself in the public eye. Therefore, it should not be surprising that she always chooses to live her best life by watching TV or movies, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends at brunches, dinners, or the beach.

But more significantly, she now seems to be pursuing her goals of being a creative artist and entrepreneur. She runs the Jack and Bec business with her sister Becca Marie and uses her social media profile to raise awareness of the deaf population.

After her appearance on Squid Game, Jackie wrote, “I’ve been keeping this secret for an entire year now and I’m so excited to finally share it with yall! 😭 I am player 393 on @netflix Squid Game: The Challenge! For those of you who don’t know, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of reality competition shows and have always wanted a chance to “compete”. However, as a young girl, I never saw anyone like me present. I quickly wrote off the idea of this ever happening to me. I had never seen any deaf Hispanic girls in any of these shows, why would I be the exception?”

“As I grew up and into my deaf identity I started to see the surge of deaf talent all around me and it reignited my fire. I COULD be the exception, because why the hell not? Flash forward a couple of years and here we are. I did it y’all, I went after a dream over and over again and now it’s reality. Never count yourself out, never tell yourself you’re not good enough, never stop trying. I love you guys. You’re a huge part of this. Thank you for acknowledging my story, my art, my everything. You make my life day after day. 🤟,” she concluded the post.

Jackie Gonzalez Age

Jackie Gonzalez was born in 1994. She is 29 years old as of 2023.

Jackie Gonzalez Job

Jackie Gonzalez is an artist and entrepreneur by trade She is one-half of the Jack and Bec.

Jack and Bec is female-founded and family-operated from San Antonio, Texas. Some key topics in Jack and Bec’s art include body positivity, representation of marginalized or disabled bodies, social justice, and mental health awareness. Their original art, inspired by 60’s and 70’s art and fashion, organic shapes, and color theory, can be viewed on their Instagram @jackandbec or website.

You can also find Jack and Bec makes accessories like tote bags, apparel (crewneck, T-shirt, and more), art prints, and more. For portraitures and the options they provide, you can click the link.

Furthermore, you can find Jack and Bec on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Is Jackie Gonzalez Dating Anyone?

The relationship status of Jackie Gonzalez is unclear.

Jackie Gonzalez Height

Jackie Gonzalez’s height measures under 5 feet 4 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jackie Gonzalez From?

Jackie Gonzalez is originally from San Antonio, Texas. She has a sister named Becca Marie. Becca is working as a fashion model with 2306 followers.

  • When Is Jackie Gonzalez Birthday?

Jackie Gonzalez celebrates her birthday in September.

  • Is Jackie Gonzalez On Instagram?

Of course, she is. Jackie Gonzalez is available on Instagram (@tismejackieg), TikTok (@tismejackieg)m and Twitter.

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