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Simon Tikhman Parents: Marina And Anatoly Tikhman

Meet Marina and Anatoly Tikhman, the parents of Simon Tikhman. Who are they? Where are they from? Do they share any children other than Simon? What do they do for a living?

Scroll down this article and read all about them here.

Who Are Simon Tikhman Parents?

Simon Tikhman is the son of Marina Tikhman and Anatoly Tikhman. He turned 39 in August 2023.

Simon Tikhman, according to his LinkedIn, is working as a CEO and Founder of The Core Entertainment. He has been running the company since September 2019 with his partner music manager Kevin “Chief” Zaruk. 

“The Core is an entertainment company in partnership with Live Nation, focused on acquiring and cultivating talent in music, sports, film, TV, and technology.” Their artists include multi-platinum rock band Nickelback, Grammy winner Emily Weisband, Grammy-nominated Steven Lee Olsen, Valley, Nate Smith, After Midtown, Bailey Zimmerman, and more.

While still in college, Simon launched Interactive Athlete, a firm that assisted coaches and professional players in producing items and content specifically for their fan base. After that, he started TikGames and Monclarity as strategic investors before founding his own creative spirits company, Simont Enterprises. Simon has made independent investments in a burgeoning portfolio of businesses in addition to serving as a managing partner at the Fund by First Access Entertainment.

The Grammy-winning pop artist Emily Weisband, the genre-bending country duo After Midtown, the alt-pop band Valley, the soulful country singer Nate Smith, and the hybrid rock and country artist Dillon James are just a few of the country and pop artists that The Core, an artist management company founded in 2019 in collaboration with Live Nation, has added to its roster.

He has been married to Erin Foster since New Year’s Eve 2019. In June 2023, Erin and Simon celebrated 5 years together. “Happy 5 years of becoming boyfriend/girlfriend. Made that shit official and never looked back ❤️,” the caption to her post read.

The couple are expecting a first child together.

Meet Marina Tikhman, Simon Tikhman Mother

Simon Tikhman’s mother is named Marina Tikhman.

  • Marina Tikhman Age

In December 2022, Marina Tikhman reached age 67.

  • Marina Tikhman Job

Marina Tikhman is a dentist. She is also serving as the vice president of the JFCS Board of Directors. Anita Friedman of JFCS invited her to a private donor fundraising event at the beginning of the 1980s. At the time, the Soviet Jewry movement was still in its infancy, and the Jewish community was grappling with how to accommodate the thousands of emigrants seeking to begin new lives abroad. She was deeply moved by the desire of American Jews to assist us.

Marina added, “It was a very powerful message about how we are all responsible for each other. The Bay Area Emigre Community was young. I was there at the beginning. I hoped maybe someday the Emigre Community would become involved in American Jewish life and would give back—and now we are! The Russian-speaking Jewish community is now proudly a strong part of the larger American Jewish community.”

For more than 16 years, Marina served many committees “including Loans and Grants, Development, Program and Planning, and the Executive Committee.” She was the “Emigre Development co-chair” and also “served as a Vice President of the Board.”

  • Is Marina Tikhman On Facebook?

Yes, Marina Tikhman is available on Instagram (@marinatikhman).

Meet Anatoly Tikhman, Simon Tikhman Father

Simon Tikhman’s father is named Anatoly Tikhman.

  • Anatoly Tikhman Age

Anatoly Tikhman is 67 years old as of 2023. He was born in June 1956.

  • Anatoly Tikhman Job

Anatoly Tikhman is a CEO and Entrepreneur where he is a leading technology software executive and a serial entrepreneur with an extensive portfolio of successful ventures.

Anatoly has more than 20 years of high-tech industry experience developing and marketing innovative software applications. He is a successful entrepreneur, computer scientist, and technology visionary. In 2012, Anatoly is a co-founder, president, and CEO of Monclarity. He was also the founder and CEO at TikGames. Moreover, he was a Founder & CEO at Digigrad Systems.

Tens of millions of PCs worldwide now use the technology Anatoly built for Microsoft Windows thanks to his ability to negotiate crucial technology license deals with major corporations like Microsoft. Anatoly started several businesses, the majority of which were taken over by well-known corporations like Microsoft, Quarterdeck, Symantec, L&H, VASCO Data Security, and others.

Anatoly developed innovative, commercially successful software for a number of technologies, including speech recognition, biometrics, lossless data compression, and others. Founded in 2002, he is currently the Chairman of TikGames, LLC. He established a market-leading studio that has produced a wide array of excellent in-house and licensed games for many platforms.

Among the highlights are the massively popular Cuboid for the Sony PlayStation and Texas Hold’em Poker for Microsoft Xbox, which is one of the most successful titles in XBLA’s history.

Anatoly graduated from Moscow University’s Institute of Economics and Statistics, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, with a master’s degree in computer science and applied mathematics.

  • Is Anatoly Tikhman On Facebook?

Yes, Anatoly Tikhman is available on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Simon Tikhman Parents Still Married?

Yes, Simon Tikhman’s parents are still married.

  • How Many Kids Do Simon Tikhman Parents Have?

Other than Simon, Marina and Anatoly also have a son named Alex Tikhman. Alex turned age 44 in October 2023. He is a president at TikGames where he served as . He graduated from Occidental College.

Alex is married to his wife Masha Perlman Tikhman. Masha is working as a Program Coordinator for Jewish Family and Children’s Services.

  • Where Are Simon Tikhman Parents From?

Simon Tikhman’s parents are originally from Moscow, Russia. They moved to the US in 1980 and are now residing in Hillsborough, California.

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