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Jackson Kalb Bio, Height, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Top Chef

The 19th season of Bravo’s Top Chef commenced covering the food scene in Houston, Texas on 3 March 2022. With a batch of all-new contestants, judges Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons were back to taste and to judge.

Jackson Kalb, whom we are discussing in the rest of the writing, is of the contestants vying for the $250,000 prize, the Food & Wine feature, and the appearance at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. For someone who lost his sense of taste and smell from COVID ahead of this competition, will be able to win Top Chef? Find out in this ‘Jackson Kalb BIO’.

Jackson Kalb On Top Chef: Houston

Jackson Kalb was introduced to the audience on Top Chef: Houston as the chef and owner of Jame Enoteca and Ospi in Los Angeles (along with his wife).

Despite his exceptional culinary résumé, Jackson had to deal with one major disadvantage of not being able to taste or smell.

As per the show’s format, the judges are joined by a Top Chef alum each week on the panel from the (first) of the 15 contestants they featured.

So these promising chefs started in the competition. But because the eliminations kicked off at the end of the March 3 premiere Padma became the first one to leave.

Before S19E02, chefs Leia Gaccione and Stephanie Miller also got eliminated. LA-based Jackson, on the other hand, got lucky so far.

Jackson Kalb Net Worth

Jackson Kalb reportedly held above $2 million as his net worth as of March 2022.

Alone (not with his wife), Jackson is also a partner at Wake & Late, a casual breakfast spot with locations in Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Hollywood.

Jackson was 13 when he started working for Josiah Citrin, chef/owner of Melisse. Then after spending weekends and holidays there for 6 years he was able to hone his passion, creativity, and professionalism. Again, while still in high school, he worked at Joel Robuchon for a summer. Upon graduating, he went to Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. And that is where he said he truly understood the importance of business in hospitality.

Then following graduation there, he worked for Hillstone Restaurant Group.

From there, he moved on to work for Factory Kitchen. There, he quickly moved up from Sous Chef to Chef de Cuisine. And finally, in 2018, he decided to leap from chef to restaurateur, with then-partner/now wife.

Who Is Jackson Kalb’s Wife?

Jackson Kalb got married to Melissa (née Saka) Kalb late in January 2022; in what looked like a Jewish ceremony at their restaurant, Ospi Venice. This had happened about two years after they first got engaged; and once Jackson wrapped up filming for Top Chef: Houston.

One with the liveliest bride and groom (PIC: Instagram)

For the show, Jackson also told Bravo that he and Melissa were set to open their next eatery, Gemma di Mare, in the summer of 2022. He shared that they will have a limited opening for the East Coast Italian seafood spot in the warmer months; that, it is expected to open in a full-time capacity later on in the year.

For more, you could give Melissa a follow on her Instagram @melissaskalb.

On Melissa’s birthday, on the 1st of August Jackson expressed that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. “After 3 years of not just being together but also working together. I can’t wait to marry you”, Jackson wrote on Instagram as she turned 30 in 2021.

Then this year on Valentine’s Day we learned that though Jackson is not a fan of Valentine’s Day he celebrates it anyway as it means a lot to his beautiful partner.

Jackson Kalb Age

The reality culinary star Jackson Kalb is seemingly a couple of years older than his wife Melissa. He turned 30 in December 2021.

Jackson Kalb Height

Jackson Kalb stands around 6-foot tall.

Is Jackson Kalb On Instagram?

Yes. Jackson Kalb could be found on Instagram @jacksonkalb which included 180 posts and 1,550 followers as of 13 March 2022.

Jackson also occasionally shared glimpses from his kitchen and other aspects of life on ‘Jackson Kalb’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • What Do We Know About Jackson Kalb’s Parents?

By the look of it, Jackson Kalb’s parents brought him up a Jewish.

In March last year, as his niece was born Jackson also mentioned very adorably that he will teach her to make his grandma Helen’s famous “cheesecake” brownies. The newborn that we are speaking of was born to Jackson’s sister Kimberly “Kim” Kalb Baumgarten and her husband Cory.

Jackson may have not told much about his parents. But we can tell from his social media that his sister is now based in San Francisco and that she married Cory married on 1 September 2019.

  • When Is Jackson Kalb’s Birthday?

Every year the 1st of December marks Jackson Kalb’s birthday. “HBD to my one and only. the guy who never fails to turn my frown upside down. my strongest support system. my true love. just when I thought I couldn’t love you more, another day passes and my love for you grows. you’re my best friend and I will cherish you forever. always yours, liss. ❤️” Melissa wrote to him on his special day.

  • Where Is Jackson Kalb From?

Jackson Kalb is from Los Angeles, California and it seemed he never really lived anywhere else.

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