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Tina Lee Bio, Age, Job, Bee Czar Walter Schumacher Wife

“Bee Czar” Walter Schumacher mentioned on the teaser of the show that he is a single dad. But, he didn’t mention having a partner but he does. Meet Tina Lee, the mother of his two sons. Here you’ll learn about her age, job, relationship with Walter, and other related details.

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Meet Tina Lee, Bee Czar’s Walter Schumacher Partner

Tina Lee (full name Christina Gale Lee) is the baby mother of “Bee Czar” TV show star Walter Schumacher. She has been an integral part of his life and has been a constant support for Walter’s career and has been together at least since 2007. She has appeared on a few of Walter’s Facebook posts. Most recently, he had mentioned her in February 2022 post, “Tina and I Got Odin bugs for Christmas I think hers just hatched”.

In 2016, Walter also wished her birthday with a photo of her. He wrote, “Happy 32nd birthday”.

Texas-based Walter Schumacher, a beekeeper who is known in Texas as “Bee Czar,” is the star of a Discovery show named after him. He will be rescuing bees from undesirable locations and moving them where they may thrive and pollinate without the need for bee suits on the show.

Walter formed an enduring link with the honey bee after interacting with wild bees and learning about their depth of beauty, intelligence, and essential position in the ecosystem. He even understood that bee suits would kill him faster than bees in the heat, so he stopped wearing them altogether.

Before the COVID-19 pandemics, Walter had a prosperous business. But, like most enterprises, it had an impact on him as well. Walter, on the other hand, is back in business and wants to one day save undesirable hives for donation.

Walter also discussed his plans to turn his family farm into a new business headquarters after creating a small team, which will include his son Will. Walter reopens the business and educates new beekeepers, including his two younger kids, while Will seeks to get contracts selling honey to businesses.

The show premiered on 9 March 2022 on Discovery.

Are Tina Lee And Bee Czar’s Walter Schumacher Married?

No, Tina Lee and Bee Czar’s Walter Schumacher aren’t married. But the surprising thing is Walter has stated on his Facebook that he is a widower. Tina Lee is alive likely hasn’t married Walter. In the preview of the show, he also states that he is a single dad but never mentioned being in a long-term relationship.

So, based on all that Tina and Walter haven’t married yet.

How Many Kids Do Bee Czar’s Walter Schumacher And Tina Lee Have?

Tina Lee shares two kids with “Bee Czar” Walter Schumacher. Their elder son Bodhisattva stood tall at 5 feet 8 inches when he was only 12 years old in 2021. He turned 13 years old on 15 October 2021. Their younger son Odin turned 10 years old in January 2022.

For Tina, it appears Bodhi and Odin are her only child. Meanwhile, Walter Schumacher’s eldest son is William Schumacher. He was born on 7 January 1996 and turned 26 years old in 2022. Walter had him with his partner Jamie.

Jamie had posted and tagged William in a post in May 2019 and wrote, “The one who made me a Mom.”

Meanwhile, William has stated that Nina Marlow was his mother on his Facebook.

Tina Lee Age

Born in 1984, Tina Lee turned 38 years old in 2022. She celebrates her birthday on 3 February.

Tina Lee Job

According to LinkedIn, Tina Lee worked in The Outdoor School from 2003 to 2004. She revealed that the school taught Outdoor Education and experiential learning facility (Ropes Courses, team training, cave tours, environmental sciences educator). For six months, she also started working in Colorado Fourteeners Initiative in 2004.

While there she ran a crew of four adults doing trail maintenance on three different Colorado Fourteeners.

Starting from July 2007, Tina has been associated with Owner Central Texas Bee Rescue. Tina stated that she is a director of education (currently running beekeeping programs at Austin Montessori School, Austin Achieve, Lanier High School, East Austin Prep, and Clifton Career School).

She is also the head apiarist currently running 400 hives and also worked in office and crew management.

On her Facebook, Tina also listed that she is the executive director at American Honey Bee Protection Agency (AHBPA).

Related FAQs

  • Is Tina Lee On Instagram?

No, Tina Lee is not on Instagram. But, she has a Facebook account (@BeeCzarina) but is rarely active.

  • Where Is Tina Lee From?

Tina Lee hailed from Mesquite, Texas. She is currently living in Austin, Texas.

  • Does Tina Lee Appear On Discovery’s Bee Czar?

No, there is no mention of Tina appearing on the show.

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