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Jake O’Kane Bio, Survivor 45, Girlfriend, Parents, Height

Jake O’Kane is the castaway for Survivor 45 and here are a few things you should know about him that you’ll probably not know from the show alone. This bio covers details about his girlfriend, parents & siblings, his job and education.

Read all that we know about him here as you scroll down.

Jake O’Kane On Survivor 45

Jake O’Kane, a “Survivor 45” contestant, had always wanted to play the game, but he is now finally prepared thanks to his recent self-improvement efforts. The Massachusetts-born attorney proudly displays his “notorious Irish whisper” and other characteristics.

In Jake’s mind, he lives in many different places around the globe. He is a lawyer who “also works as a bartender and teaches theater to young people.” He claims he “entrenches [himself] not entirely in one world.” In fact, the fact that he is a lawyer who lives with his 85-year-old grandmother amazes people. He acknowledges that he is “mooching a little bit.” She has seen the program before and is familiar with the idea, but she has complained to Jake that “they’re so mean to each other.”

Jake compares himself to “Vanuatu” champion Chris Daugherty in terms of ex-players since he “had this bullsh***ing way,” and Jake believes that “you can be honest, but also, you know, you can still schmooze.” The speaker continues, “If you’re not schmoozing, you’re not playing.” By “really taking care” of himself, Jake “got healthier” in order to be prepared for the game and be able to play the way he wants to play. In order to play this game, he believes he is “in the best part of [his] life.”

Talking about one life experience that prepared him, he shared, “ I feel studying for the bar exam prepared me for Survivor. It takes a lot of dedication, self-control, and enduring some tough days but if one respects it, one can meet the challenge.”

Jake values “an alliance partner that can cover my weakness and get tight with the people who keep me at arm’s length. I need their trust and for them to believe what I say whether it’s true or not.”

He believes that he will be a sole survivor because “no one wants it more than me and no one is going to work harder than me to achieve it. I’m a people person with the intelligence to use my social skills to navigate through the game.”

Jake O’Kane Job

Jake O’Kane is a newly minted lawyer and graduate of New England Law.

He graduated in May 2022 and posted, “3 years ago on April Fool’s Day, I got my first law school acceptance. The other day I walked across a stage and some guy handed me this piece of paper that had my name followed by Juris Doctor. No one said April Fools so at this point I’m assuming it’s legit. It’s difficult to wrap my head around how I got to this point but I know I could not have done it without my family and friends and all the support they have given me. To them I say, my name is on this degree but this is ours. When you need help I will be there.

Jake went to college at Westfield State University. While at WSU, he worked for Angels Take Flight, an organization that supports foster children. In 2018, he also ran for WSU president of the class of 2019.

How Old Is Jake O’Kane?

Jake O’Kane, as of 2023, is 26 years old.

Who Are Jake O’Kane Parents?

Jake O’Kane was born to his parents as Jacob Francis O’Kane. His parents are named Carolanne Carson O’Kane and Francis O’Kane. Carolanne turned 56 in December 2022 meanwhile Francis reached 57 in 2023.

Jake has one sister named Katherine O’Kane. Katherine works as an embryologist at CCRM BOSTON Fertility. She previously served as a Junior Embryologist at CCRM BOSTON Fertility.

Katherine graduated from Emmanuel College (Boston) with a BS in biology and a concentration in neuroscience.

Jake lost his paternal grandfather in January 2021. His name was Francis J. O’Kane. Francis was married to Dorothy (O’Neil) O’Kane. Francis and Dorothy’s other children are Deborah Fiumedora and her husband James of Walpole, Timothy O’Kane and his wife Laura of Fitchburg, and Donna Lamentea and her husband Don of Melrose.

Jake O’Kane Height

Jake O’Kane’s height measures under 5 feet 10 inches. He is also into fitness and flexing his physique, he wrote in July 2022, “Regardless of how the bar exam goes on Tuesday and Wednesday at least I got some decent results this summer #CrushtheBar.”

Jake O’Kane Girlfriend

Jake O’Kane is in a relationship with his girlfriend Courtney Smith. They were officially a couple since 19 April 2019.

Unraveling details about their relationship Jake most recently posted, “Big shoutout to my downright stunning girlfriend @courtrsmithh !!! Courtney and I started dating in the spring of 2019, the year we finished undergrad. During law school, I missed celebrating our anniversary because I was busy with finals each year. I told Court I’d make our 4-year anniversary special and it was, but not how either of us would have expected.”

Jake concluded, “We were separated by 8,000 miles. Survivor is taxing on your entire being and I am so fortunate to have a partner as wonderful as Court is to lean on. Court balances work grad school and my crazy ass with grace like no other. I couldn’t do this without you. Love u babe 😘 @survivorcbs @cbstv #survivor45 #survivor.”

On Valentine’s Day 2023, Jake wished his girlfriend, “Happy Valentine’s Day babe ❤️ You are a light in this world that I am lucky to be graced by each and every day. Additionally to those still reading, I have the best girlfriend #arguemeonit.”

Later in March 2023, Jake celebrated Courtney turning 27 years old.

Courtney being a supportive girlfriend also shared titbits about her boyfriend. She wrote in September 2023, “On our first date nearly 5 years ago Jake told me his biggest and wildest dream was to be on Survivor. He talked about his love for the show and the game and showed me nearly 50 buffs from previous seasons at his apartment. Fast forward to 2023, and I have the honor of watching you live that biggest and wildest dream. To say I’m proud would be an understatement I’m so inspired by your strength and perseverance and I can’t wait for America to see how easy it is to love you ❤️”

Courtney is an MBA student

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jake O’Kane From?

Jake O’Kane hailed from Hanson, Massachusetts. He is now residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • When Is Jake O’Kane Birthday?

Jake O’Kane’s birthday is on 19 November.

  • Is Jake O’Kane On Instagram?

Indeed, he is. Jake O’Kane is on IG and FB.

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