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Jake San Miguel Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Baby Gronk Dad

Meet Jake San Miguel, the dad of Baby Gronk. What does she do for a living? Who is his wife? Furthermore, how old is he?

Find all the answers below as this article proceeds.

Meet Jake San Miguel, Football Prodigy Baby Gronk Dad

Baby Gronk, a football prodigy, has been taking over the internet. With the real name Madden San Miguel, Baby Gronk is the son of Jake San Miguel. Madden presently has more than 300,000 Instagram followers and more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers. He often uploads videos of himself on and off the field on both platforms.

Madden is only ten years old, so he has plenty of time until he needs to start thinking about colleges and his future in general. Even so, his father has already taken him on unofficial trips to numerous institutions across the nation.

The Athletic spoke to Madden’s father Jake about his son and his future plans. Jake revealed during the interview that they have mutual acquaintances with Olivia, which is how the now-viral video footage originated. He also said that Madden “could be bigger than Bronny James” because he has such wide-reaching connections. Jake said that they had already received a verbal scholarship offer from the University of Arizona.

Madden’s social media presence is primarily the responsibility of Jake, who started posting videos when Madden was just 6 years old. He revealed to The Athletic that Madden is currently earning around $100,000 per year through a variety of business collaborations and endorsements, and they are putting that money away so Madden may use it in his later years.

Jake plotted his son’s childhood before he was conceived — yes, he’s named after the video game — and has used Madden as a springboard to build his own business doing for others’ children what he’s done to his own, with no thought to the social and emotional cost Madden may have to pay down the line.

Who Is Jake San Miguel Wife?

Jake San Miguel doesn’t seem to have a wife as of 2023. But, Baby Gronk’s mother is named Elizabeth. Speaking with WFAA 8 (ABC), Jake shared about his baby’s mother Madden adds that Madden’s mother has been playing the role of a balancer.

But, she doesn’t seem to involve herself in the marketing business.

Madden also has a younger sister.

Jake San Miguel Age

Jake San Miguel’s age is 35 as of June 2023. He was born on 8 May 1987.

Did Jake San Miguel Play Football?

Jake is a former musician and high school football player. Because he was in the music industry, it gave him the idea to post the content of his son on social media. Regarding his own career, Jake added, “I used to do music. I used to be in the music industry — had a big fan base, a big following.”

Jake added, “I realized I was too old when I joined it, I knew I wanted to be a father and I couldn’t live both lives, I already knew what to do with the training because I played ball, I was pretty good in high school.”

How Much Is Jake San Miguel Net Worth?

Jake San Miguel has a net worth of above $450 thousand. His job had varied over the years. He has a job in social media marketing and training for young athletes. He is working with around 350 young athletes.

Speaking of his work, Jake told FootballScoop, “A lot of people don’t know how big we really are. I got kids with Oakley deals. I got a sixth grader named Mini Mahomes, he was in a commercial with Patrick Mahomes. I’ve blown up a lot of kids. It’s not like I’m not helping out other people. I’m branching out now and going to NFL players and college players and I’m going to be managing some accounts, setting them up, and training their managers.”

Music was always in his life he would listen to Boosie, spm, and Young Jeezy. He made a couple of songs in high school and was known to freestyle at parties. But he never looked at it as a business or a way to make money. ​

Find his music here at this link.

Jake San Miguel Height

Jake San Miguel’s height measures 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs 

  • When Is Jake San Miguel Birthday?

Jake San Miguel’s birthday is on 8 May.

  • Where Is Jake San Miguel From?

Jake San Miguel’s birthplace is Weslaco, Texas. He is now residing in Frisco, Texas.

  • Is Jake San Miguel On Instagram Or Facebook?

No, Jake is not on Instagram or Facebook. But he runs his son’s IG (@maddensanmiguel).

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