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Baby Gronk Parents: Mom Elizabeth And Dad Jake San Miguel

Get to know Elizabeth and Jake San Miguel, the parents of Baby Gronk. Who are they? What do they do for a living? Where do they live? Are they still married?

Here is what we know.

Who Are Baby Gronk Parents?

Baby Gronk was seven years old when he started creating buzz and became the attention of news and social media. His mother is named Elizabeth and his dad is Jake San Miguel.

First-grader Madden, who was from the Dallas region, gained over 300,000+ Instagram followers with a combination of football videos and antics like towing a Cadillac Escalade. Madden is nicknamed “Baby Gronk” for his size– 82 pounds in first grade, which is more than 25-30 pounds larger than the average 7-year-old boy. His real name, is also, an obvious reference.

“I named him after John Madden– the game,” Jake told Click2Houston in 2020.

Meet Elizabeth, Baby Gronk Mother

Elizabeth, the mother of Baby Gronk, remains under the radar. Time and again, she has been described as the one who keeps Baby Gronk grounded. She reportedly helps him with school and other childhood activities making sure that he has a balanced family.

On Mother’s Day 2021, Madden did appear with a busty woman who many believed to be his mom. The caption was later edited to “IM BABY GRONK.”

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case and the woman appearing alongside him was someone else. The woman has appeared on another post.

Meet Jake San Miguel, Baby Gronk Father

The Athletic recently spoke to Baby Gronk’s father Jake San Miguel about his son and his future plans. Jake revealed during the interview that they have mutual acquaintances with Olivia, which is how the now-viral video footage originated. He also said that Madden “could be bigger than Bronny James” because he has such wide-reaching connections. Jake said that they had already received a verbal scholarship offer from the University of Arizona.

Madden’s social media presence is primarily the responsibility of Jake, who started posting videos when Madden was just 6 years old. He revealed to The Athletic that Madden is currently earning around $100,000 per year through a variety of business collaborations and endorsements, and they are putting that money away so Madden may use it in his later years.

Jake plotted his son’s childhood before he was conceived — yes, he’s named after the video game — and has used Madden as a springboard to build his own business doing for others’ children what he’s done to his own, with no thought to the social and emotional cost Madden may have to pay down the line.

As of June 2023, Jake San Miguel will be 35 years old. On May 8, 1987, he was born.

Jake was a football player and musician in high school. He had the idea to share his son’s stuff on social media because he worked in the music business. Regarding his own career, Jake added, “I used to do music. I used to be in the music industry — had a big fan base, a big following.”

Jake added, “I realized I was too old when I joined it, I knew I wanted to be a father and I couldn’t live both lives, I already knew what to do with the training because I played ball, I was pretty good in high school.”

Jake’s occupation had changed over time. He works in social media marketing and athletic development for young people. About 350 young athletes are under his instruction.

Furthermore, speaking of his work, Jake told FootballScoop, “A lot of people don’t know how big we really are. I got kids with Oakley deals. I got a sixth grader named Mini Mahomes, he was in a commercial with Patrick Mahomes. I’ve blown up a lot of kids. It’s not like I’m not helping out other people. I’m branching out now and going to NFL players and college players and I’m going to be managing some accounts, setting them up, and training their managers.”

Related FAQs

  • Are Baby Gronk Parents Married?

It is unclear if Baby Gronk’s parents are even married. In several interviews that Jake has given, he has referred to his partner as Madden’s mom rather than his wife.

  • How Many Kids Do Baby Gronk Parents Have?

Elizabeth and Jake San Miguel have two children. They have a younger daughter who loves playing basketball.

  • Where Do Baby Gronk Parents Live?

Baby Gronk’s parents are likely residing in Frisco, Texas.

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