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Jamal Edwards Family: Biological Dad, Sister, Wife

Jamal Edwards Family is garnering attention after the music pioneer’s sudden death in 2022. Fans were interested to learn more about his biological dad, his sister, and his wife. Keep on scrolling as we address it all in this article.

Who Are Jamal Edwards Family Members?

Jamal Edwards, a pioneer figure in the British Music industry, died in February 2022. He was survived by his mother Brenda Edwards and his sister Tanisha Edwards.

Based on his Facebook, he was also very close to the mother’s side of his family. In December 2020, Jamal had shared about his maternal grandparents who passed away in a car crash when his mom was only 4 years old at the time.

He added, “I wish they could see us all now, having come from a humble beginning in St Vincent & The Grenadines they’d probably be quite proud at what we’ve all achieved. Their story & not getting to meet them myself is part of the reason I feel so connected to a country I’ve never visited before, so I thought I’d change that”.

His mom Brenda needs no introduction. She is best known as the panelist in the TV show “Loose Women”. But, when Brenda was diagnosed with cancer it was hard on Jamal. He shared in an interview, “My mum [ X Factor star Brenda Edwards] getting diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn’t know how to deal with it. One of the things she took from me was my self-belief and positivity. That helped her get through it. But for me, that positivity left me.

He added further, “They found cancer at a late stage, she lost her hair and my head was all over the place as a result. But she smiled through it. She’s in remission now. She’s on Loose Women and involved in the Sister Act 2 tour. Life has changed around now. I learned that when it’s raining outside it can be sunny in your brain.”

Jamal Edwards Biological Dad

Jamal Edwards never knew his biological dad. But, he has talked about his father on his Twitter.

In June 2013, Jamal tweeted, “It’s such a shame I’m seeing so many posts about people’s dad’s not being there for them…”. It was followed by another tweet, “..if you’re a new dad, make sure you’re there for your children & don’t become like you’re the stereotypical statistic of not being there.”

Then, he talked about his biological dad, “I don’t even know where my real dad is or even know who he is, one day might be good to know what happened but I love my stepdad..”

But, his wishes to learn about his biological dad probably didn’t happen at the time of his death. These tweets from 2013 were the only time Jamal had addressed his father.

But, several news outlets reported that his father was in a brief relationship with his mother Brenda when she became pregnant at the age of 20.

Who Is Jamal Edwards Step-Father?

Jamal Edwards however had a father figure in his life. He was raised by his step-father Patrick Edwards. His step-father worked as a mortgage broker who provided him with cameras and equipment in the early days of his experimentation.

Brenda Edwards was married to Patrick Edwards in 1996. He came into Brenda’s life when Jamal was only five. Jamal respected and loved his step-dad. In 2012, he wrote, “I wake up in the morning with motivation to make this SBTV ish happen so that my mum/dad never have to work a day in their life again.”

But, the relationship started getting abusive years later.

Brenda has also talked about the abusive nature of the relationship back in September 2020 during an emotional interview on Today’s show. She talked about fearing for her life when she was punched in the face and threatened with a knife, two years after she had escaped her abusive boyfriend. She revealed that she would “blame herself” for her partner’s violent and manipulative behavior, but eventually left her boyfriend after he strangled her over a ‘missing apple pie’.

Brenda hadn’t revealed the abuse to her family because it would make the matter worse. She planned to escape with her best friend. After a brief tussle between her and her friend and Patrick, they got out. Jamal’s mom disappeared for two years and felt she was rebuilding her home until her partner showed up unannounced.

Brenda also revealed that Patrick had become a man completely different from someone she had fallen in love with.

Jamal Edwards Family Sister

Jamal Edwards has a younger sister named Tanisha Edwards Artman. Tanisha celebrates her birthday on 6 November. According to her Facebook (@tanisha.artman), she studied at West Thames College after graduating from Acton High School. Tanisha currently lives in London, United Kingdom.

Did Jamal Edwards Family Leave Behind A Wife?

No, Jamal Edwards wasn’t married to leave behind a wife.

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