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James Droz Bio, Age, Favorite Team, IG, What Happened?

Popular TikTok creator James Droz has been banned from the platform, temporarily which outraged his followers. James now has garnered over 1.1 million followers on his platform (@jamesdroz566). So, what happened to him and why did he get banned?

Let’s go through what we know so far shall we?

What Happened To TikToker James Droz?

TikToker James Droz rose to fame after he posted a video in January 2022 where he asked “what happened?” In the TikTok clip, he posted a video of the Minnesota Vikings. The video received positive feedback from many viewers, and James started posting similar videos frequently after that. He accumulated more than 500,000 views across all of his videos in 2022.

James’ TikTok account only stated that he was suspended for breaking company rules; there are no more details, and TikTok hasn’t made any sort of public announcement outlining the specifics of James’ suspension.

As James was well-liked on TikTok, the news of his being temporarily suspended prompted many users to express their desire for him to continue using the platform. Soon after that campaign got going, James’s TikTok account was reinstated. His fans rejoiced for him after that as they celebrated on various platforms including Twitter.

Fans posted several hilarious memes in support of the creator. One fan tweeted, “I’m not gonna lie, Tiktok banning James Droz is crazy. You got people like James Charles and EDP who got CAUGHT TALKING TO MINORS on the app. BUT YET THEY BAN THE NICEST/SAFEST kid on the app… smh. Embarrassing.”

Likewise, another fan added, “please join me in a moment of silence for James Droz’s TikTok account being banned. this must be resolved.”

James Droz Age

James Droz turned 20 years old after he celebrated his birthday in September 2022.

Where Is James Droz From?

James Droz is a native of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He is currently attending Bartlesville High School.

James Droz Parents

James Droz was born to his parents Jerry Droz and Susan Hainzinger. His parents are divorced and are with their respective partners. His dad Jerry is married to his wife Kelly Marie Droz. He is working as a salesman at Honda of Bartlesville.

Jerry attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University and graduated in 1981. She completed high school at Nowata High School. He is currently 64 years old.

James’s mom Susan turned 56 years old in May 2022. Susan previously worked as Human Resources Manager at The Voice of the Martyrs. She is currently working as an Account Manager at HUB International. In 2022, Susan appears to be a single mom.

Susan has talked about her son’s shot to fame. It began in 2021 when James told his mom he didn’t plan to go to college, but that he wanted to make some money on TikTok social media.

“He started making those videos. … He’d watch games all the time, hooping and hollering and yelling at the coaches and refs and the players,” Susan told Examiner-Enterprise. Susan didn’t have a TikTok account at the time — in fact, not until about a month ago.

“About six months ago, he said, ‘Mom, I’m famous,’” Susan said, but she thought he was just having fun. Sometime after, Susan joked about it with her family until her brother told her James was famous. “Still, I’m not believing,” Susan said. “I think he’s just having fun. But … I started paying attention to it, which was when it started blowing up.”

One of the videos that might have served as a catalyst for the rocket ride to prominence might have been one where he called out USC and Lincoln Riley. “With the USC video, I sat there and I saw it grow (views) by tens of thousands, minute by minute,” Susan said.

James Droz Favorite Team

James Droz’s TikTok videos consisted of about a wide array of observations on popular culture — especially athletics. His favorite college football teams are Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, and he supports the Kansas City Chiefs the most in the NFL. He spends his weekend watching football and making content for his followers.

James has played football for the Bartlesville squad, although he wasn’t always able to participate on the field because of his particular requirements. He did assist their team’s coach, though. Even when he scored a touchdown against Choctaw the previous season, the fans roared for James the loudest.

How Much Is James Droz Net Worth?

In 2022, James Droz’s net worth is well over $50 thousand because of this thriving popularity on TikTok.

Related FAQs

  • Is James Droz Dating Anyone?

According to James Droz’s Facebook, he is single.

  • When Is James Droz Birthday?

James celebrates his birthday on 5 September.

  • How Tall Is James Droz?

James Droz’s height measures around 5’7”.

  • Is James Droz On IG?

Yes, James Droz is on Instagram (@james.droz.9).

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