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Lee Nadine Bio, Age, Job, Family, Height, Single’s Inferno

Meet Lee Nadine, who during her introduction on Netflix’s Single’s Inferno alternated between Korean and perfect English with a flawless American accent.

Following the success of the first season, South Korea’s first Netflix reality TV dating show arrived for a second series on 13 December 2022. The first episode welcomed eleven contestants and Lee Nadine was one of them. So, here’s a tell-all about who Lee Nadine is, her age, job, family background, height, Single’s Inferno journey, and more.

Lee Nadine On Netflix’s Single’s Inferno

Lee Nadine happily and willingly shared a lot of things about herself that even her friends and family did not know about her before. She said that she is used to people telling her she sounds more stern and professional when speaking English, and cuter and soft when speaking Korean, and other stuff. Most importantly, she revealed from the very start that she came to Single’s Inferno because she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and because she wanted to date.

Though some fans slammed the “savage” and “boring” start to the drama-filled season, some also have already picked their favorite contestants based on the initial two episodes. And at the top of the list is none other than Lee Nadine, alongside her co-cast member Park Se-jeong.

Together, viewers even raved that no words were needed to describe both girls, who have set the bar high. Yet, both were shockingly rejected to go to Paradise.

Some of these fans decided to root for Lee also because they recognized her from a viral YouTube video where she is reacting to her acceptance letter at Harvard.

Is Lee Nadine Dating Anyone?

Lee Nadine said on the show that her dream man should be someone as tall as her or even taller. But, she has not revealed if she found the one on Single’s Inferno. So, her relationship status after this journey remains untold.

While on the dating show, we see Lee connect to Shin Dong-woo, (to date) the last male contestant to join the cast of Season 2.

In his bio, Shin explains he is into sports, loves playing basketball, and therefore into maintaining a good shape. Yet, fans have slammed Shin for playing their favorite Lee.

Shin at first is clearly giving hints to Nadine that he might be choosing her. But, in the end, he goes with Seul Ki. This not only left the fans getting annoyed but Lee also was naturally left upset when he did not choose her. “That was the first time in my life I’d ever done something like that, asking a guy to have a talk. Yes, I was upset, ” she had said about her pulling Shin for a chat.

So, even if Lee anyway found herself a man on this journey, it certainly should not have been Shin.

Lee Nadine Age

As Lee Nadine celebrated her most recent birthday in 2022, she took to her social media to write “im feelin 22”.

Lee Nadine Family

Lee Nadine’s mother is beautiful Heejin Kim. According to her Facebook, the matriarch studied Graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design from 1995 until 1997. Besides, Lee’s mom is also a YouTuber. She goes around on the internet as “Nemo”. On her YouTube channel ‘shiny nemo’ especially, she already had around 116K subscribers. She started this journey in March 2020.

Here, Heejin also routinely features her daughter Lee. The content she creates here is mostly the story of her “small family”.

Heejin apparently also owns Sweet Nemo, a brand of homemade, delicious, good chocolate. While telling the story behind Sweet Nemo she wrote on her business website how a single mother raising two daughters in the San Francisco Bay Area decided to create a product that would pique the curiosity of picky local consumers. Of course, she was telling her own story.

We have seen Lee gush about her mother, how she loves her through thick and thin and all. But, her father, is likely not in the picture.

Lee also has a sister. She is younger than her and her name is Izi Lee. Izi could be found on Instagram @izillee where there were 61 posts and 12.1K followers so far.

Is Lee Nadine On Instagram?

Yes. Lee Nadine could be found on Instagram @deeenerss with 277 posts and 102K followers.

In a few days, since the Netflix show’s premiere Lee already has seen a rise in her respective social accounts, especially her Instagram. She also ran a Facebook account called ‘Nadine Lee (Nadine)’.

Lee Nadine Job

On her LinkedIn, Lee Nadine mentioned being an undergraduate student concentrating in Neuroscience (Mind Body Behavior Honors Track) and a secondary in Computer Science (Data Science) at Harvard University. She was expecting to graduate sometime in 2023.

Since November 2022, while still studying, she also claimed to be working as a full-time RA/project manager at Harvard Medical School. Of course, she also noted being the executive director of the Peer Buddy Committee at Synapse National.

Lee Nadine Height

Lee Nadine, who played lacrosse and soccer in high school and lacrosse in college, stands around 5′ 8” in height. She likes it that she is so tall.

As you know, some of Lee Nadine’s fans have also taken to Twitter due to finding a resemblance between her and Lauren Tsai, an actress and model.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lee Nadine’s Birthday?

Lee Nadine’s birthday is on May 2nd and that makes her a Taurus.

  • Where Is Lee Nadine From?

Based on her first name alone, one can guess that Lee Nadine may be from Korea. And she indeed was born in Seoul in Korea. But later, she moved to the United States and has been there ever since. While she appeared to be living in Boston, Massachusetts, as of late 2022, she also has lived in San Francisco, California.

  • Has Lee Nadine Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Lee Nadine explained to the cameras on Single’s Inferno that she is self-assured in her distinct and natural features, as well as her “narrow waist.” So, yes. She likely said no to having done any plastic surgeries.

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