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James “Reaper” Goad Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Jail Time

Meet James “Reaper” Goad star of Street Outlaws. This article covers information on his wife, his net worth, and his jail time. Keep on scrolling to learn more.

James “Reaper” Goad On Street Outlaws

Drag Racing is a sport that assures thrill but also comes with a cost for some racers like James “Reaper” Goad. The “Street Outlaws” star lost both of his Camaros in a trailer fire in 2020 which had him heartbroken. After losing his prized possessions, James separated himself mentally from racing due to the heartache the ordeal caused, and he had no plans of returning to drag racing ever again.

However, his friends and family showed him encouragement which made him get to the decision to return for the “Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings” circuit. His life after the ordeal was fixing other cars in his shop but people close to him never gave up on him and he finally reevaluated the decision to not come back.

Tytech Performance’s Tyree Smith, in particular, played a huge role in James’s return to racing. With Tyree’s support, he believes that he will be able to get back to racing at the highest possibilities.

He put together a new 1968 Camaro known as ‘Red Reaper’ to compete in the No Prep King series. It was the car he had thought would replace his old Reaper Camaro. But, fans were surely shocked to see him racing in “Street Outlaws” again after a few of the things he had said after his departure.

But, he sees NPK as a way for him to race and hot have to deal with any of the issues he faced on the OKC show.

James “Reaper” Goad Wife

James “Reaper” Goad, in October 2020 video, revealed that he is a hopeless romantic. He shared that she loved her more than any woman he had ever loved. James showed a picture from his phone of Stacy Goad when they first met. At the time she weighed about 200lbs. He shared, “what you guys don’t understand is the way she looks today is how I see her when I met her back then.”

James added that he didn’t see a 200lbs girl that was emotionally beaten down instead he saw the same beautiful person that fans have seen in all of these videos. Then, Stacy lost 70lbs with no medical diet because she was happy for the first time in her life. He added that he made sure that she was happy because every day that was his job and his commitment to her.

The racer told Stacy he loved her ten times each day minimum. James boasted that everyone he had ever been with fell in love with him because he showed respect and what they deserved.

When James met Stacy, he was doing a job at a bank. He was tearing down an old ATM to build a new ATM. Stacy was working as the branch manager. He went in to talk to her and told her what he was going to do but the only thing was he didn’t tell her when he was going to start so she didn’t turn off the alarm so it wouldn’t go off.

But then James started knocking down ATM and the alarm went off and police showed up. She came to him and shared all the complaints she got from the senior authorities. Then James jokingly said that he had been to prison and if the police came and take her back in, he would send her cigarettes.

But, the highlight from that day was when she came to her she was slumped shoulder all bumped out and but when he made the “pinstripe suit and sending cigarettes” joke, she smiled. For him, it was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen in his life. They were just friends when they started. They would talk for hours about everything and nothing.

Stacy had already married twice. When they met, she was engaged at the time. James proposed to her over the phone after she said she wanted to get married. They ended up tying the knots in February 2021. In March James posted on his Facebook, “Let the Honeymoon begin!”.

Furthermore, James “Reaper” Goad was previously married and things between him and his ex-wife Ramona Ann Eyman went wrong when he went to prison. He had two kids from the relationship and he wanted his daughter and son to graduate before they split. He shared that he was unfaithful to his ex-wife and had five-six girlfriends, different women every day of the week.

Their marriage, although ended, lasted for 15 years. James went to prison, his former wife, Ramona had a boyfriend, they thought that they could work, and it all fell apart with his first wife.

Does James “Reaper” Goad Have A Criminal Background?

Yes, James “Reaper” Goad has a criminal background and bribed his way through some of it in the past. But, he was found guilty of drug charges which he couldn’t escape from because it was high profile case.

James “Reaper” Goad Jail Time

James “Reaper” Goad had resorted to jury suggestion and he received 17 years in prison (ie. 12,775 days). On the day of his receiving, he got his DOC number was 242557. He went to the oldest prison in Oklahoma. Then he called his attorney and try to fight for an appeal.

His attorney shared that everything depended on James. James went for 128 days review and he signed up for the LifeLine Drug Program. People spoke for James they gave him and they suspended him back 15 years so he had 20 years to do. At the time nobody was getting parole in Oklahoma.

James signed up for a drug program which was a two-year drug program that started at the very bottom. The drug program changed everything for him. After graduating from the program he took the carpentry class in prison and became a tutor. He then went to the parole board and they gave him parole from 15 years to 5 years.

Also, James then became a peer counselor shared his stories with other prisoners. He went for parole again and this time, they granted him parole from 5 years to going home. So, he got out in five years.

James “Reaper” Goad Job

James “Reaper” Goad had done several works in his 50+ years of life. He initially helped out his father at the shop but once his father got paralyzed and he changed his ways to selling drugs to provide for the family. He made a lot of money, but once he got caught and went to prison, he learned to work as a carpenter and also worked on construction.

After prison, James left his past behind, and quit his old ways of “do** dealer” and “car hustler”. He then got his first job out of prison in a construction company that hired him because of his resume where the governor had signed. He got the job before he got out of prison.

James had come out of prison with nothing. He told his ex-wife, even if he had to work in construction by the day and work at McDonald’s at night, he would get him out of the situation he and his family was in. For him, the prison was the best thing that ever happened because it changed his life.

How Much Is James “Reaper” Goad Net Worth?

About net worth, James “Reaper” Goad should have a net worth of a little over $1 million.

James “Reaper” Goad Height

James “Reaper” Goad stands tall to the height of under 6 feet.

Is James “Reaper” Goad On Instagram?

Yea, James “Reaper” Goad is on Instagram and goes by the handle name (@reaperss68). He is also on Facebook (@REAPERSS1968).

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is James “Reaper” Goad?

Reportedly born in 1968, James “Reaper” Goad should be at least 53 years old.

  • When Is James “Reaper” Goad Birthday?

James “Reaper” Goad’s birthday remains unclear.

  • Where Is James “Reaper” Goad From?

James “Reaper” Goad hailed from Norman, Oklahoma.

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