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Meet Emily Nowell, Home Town Josh Nowell’s Wife!

Can we all agree that HGTV’s Hometown wouldn’t be the same without its woodworker Josh Nowell? But what you might not know is that his wife Emily Nowell is also an equally important part of the show, who’s been friends with Ben and Erin ever since their college days.

So, what’s her story? Keep reading to learn all about Josh Nowell’s wife.

Meet Emily Nowell, Home Town Josh Nowell’s Wife

Emily Nowell and Josh Nowell first met on a blind date after graduating from their respective colleges circa 2005. The duo then went on to date for a couple of years and finally tied the knot in October 2010.

Reportedly, their wedding was held in a fabulous southern style at Emily’s grandparents’ house. There was a fiddle and guitar playing traditional Irish tunes, Spanish moss hanging from a huge live oak tree, an immaculate pink 1957 Packard that drove Emily around to the aisle, and tons of sweets at the reception.

After being Mr. and Mrs. Nowell, the lovebirds spent the first few years of their married life on the road as traveling landmen until they realized that the lifestyle wasn’t very practical to raise a baby. So, the two came back to Mississippi, restored their historic house for their growing family, and settled down.

As for their kids, Emily and Josh share four children. Their oldest is named Sam, followed by Teddy (who joined his brother 15 months later), and their youngest is Nora.

Josh didn’t want to talk about his third child/his only daughter. “I skipped my three-year-old little girl on purpose,” he said at the time.

But Josh did share that everything he did was for creating a lasting legacy for his four children, and not for fame, applause, or notoriety.

Ironically, Josh’s woodwork was hindered by the time he had to spend raising 4 kids. He admitted, “Neither of us can be in the woodshop as much as we’d like.” And yet,  Josh managed to find time to get in the woodshop for fun. Let’s commend the guy on having good time-management skills.

Trivia: The Nowell family also had 2 dogs.

Emily Nowell On Home Town

Emily Nowell, her husband Josh, Mallorie and Jim Rasberry, and Ben and Erin Napier, were the only first people who lived in Laurel, MS. The group then decided to bring the town back to life, and thus the show Home Town was born.

And to say they’ve revitalized the downtown wouldn’t be an understatement, because that empty town is now a home of multiple small businesses that draw larger, younger crowds to the area. To name a few businesses sprouting there are —  Knight Butcher, Sweet Something, J. Parker Reclaimed, and Adam Trest Home.

According to IMDb, Emily’s been mentioned on Home Town credits for at least over 8 episodes ever since it premiered in 2017.

Emily Nowell Job

Emily Nowell is a part of the Lauren Mercantile family. She joined the group of pioneers to develop the downtown in 2016 and used her combined expertise in history, design, historic preservation, organizational management, finance, and accounting to reopen Laurel’s bygone hometown store. 

Yes, if you don’t know, Laurel Mercantile Co. first opened in 1901.

But “renovation” wasn’t all the company offered. Do check their official website to buy antique art collections, woodworks, necklaces, and pendants. It all ranged any weather from $10 to $1000.

As of 2022, Emily was still working with her husband as part of the Lauren Mercantile family.

Talking about her education, Emily attended the University Of Mississippi, the same college Josh went to. But we don’t know if they were from the same faculty or the same batch.

All that’s shared was Josh graduated with his bachelor’s in business administration from the University Of Mississippi in 2005. He then spent the next 10 years of his life as an independent landmine working for companies like Suncoast, Angelle & Donohue, Novus Exploration, and Southeast Land Servies until he founded in 2015. That year, Josh also became the founder and advisor of Petrolia Land Company.

But now, Josh is a woodmaster who’s working with his old friend Ben on HGTV’s Hometown. He recalled that his key to mastering the craft was “patience.”

Emily Nowell Age

Emily Nowell was 39 years of age when Hometown season 6 premiered in 2022.

His husband, Josh also shares her age.

Is Emily Nowell On Instagram?

Yes, as of Jan 2022, Emily was on Instagram @ebnow with 403 followers. Most of her posts then were just about her babies and dogs.

Also, here’s her Twitter @e_b_now.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Emily Nowell’s Maiden Name?

Emily’s reported maiden name is “Bowman.”

  • Does Emily Nowell Still Reside In Laurel, MS?

Yes, as of 2022, Emily still resided in Laurel, MS. Or at least, this was what her Twitter stated.

  • How tall is Emily Nowell?

She stands tall at a height under 5 feet 7 inches.

Her distinct features include — blond hair and hazel eyes.

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