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James Wyatt Black Bio, Age, Wife, Job, Alone Season 10

James Wyatt Black is a contestant on the History Channel’s popular show Alone. The show is back for season 10 and so far James is doing pretty well. Although very little has been shared about his life behind the camera, we got a few additional pieces of information you’ll find entertaining and informative.

Tag along with this short bio and find out more about James Wyatt Black.

James Wyatt Black On Alone Season 10

In 2023, a brand-new season of Alone aired on The History Channel. The tenth season of “Survivor” has been dubbed the “toughest yet,” as 10 participants fight to survive and win a cash reward of $500,000. The Alone contestants have battled for survival ever since it began on June 8, 2023. After ten episodes, nearly every survivor has been eliminated from contention. The tenth and final episode of the History Channel series airs on August 17 to wrap up the season.

Wyatt is one of the remaining contestants this season. The other two survivalists in Alone as episode 10 airs are Alan, a school teacher, and Mikey, a carpenter.

Wyatt was raised in Dorset, where his parents had acquired a small marina on Lake of Bays. He claims that his background as an avid hunter and outdoorsman contributed to his ability to survive Alone.

“It’s part of me,” he said. “Hunting, fishing, trapping, gardening, and gathering – it’s all kind of part of the parcel.”

“The winds were just ridiculous,” he said, “each spot has its own challenges.”

Moreover, Axes, saws, ferro rods, pots, US military-grade survival sleeping bags, bows and arrows, 25 fish hooks, 300 meters of line, 2 pounds of snare wire, and 80 meters of paracord were all part of Wyatt’s survival kit. As for what he consumed to stay alive, he claims he can’t discuss that before the episode airs, but alternatives included everything from fish to black bears and wolves to small game species like squirrels, pine martens, and fishers.

“You’re in the true Canadian wilderness and by the time you’ve spent a week out there you’re ready to eat anything,” Wyatt said. “It’s a great weight loss program too, he jokes. “Even if you eat well – it’s because of the calories you’re burning.”

“I’ve watched the show since the day it came out,” he says. “In order to do this, you have to have true peace of mind and know that everything at home, while you’re gone, is ok.”

The show began with ten contestants namely Ann Rosenquist, 56, Cade Cole, 28, 50, Jodi Rose, 45, Lee Ray Dewilde, 59, Luke Olsen, 39, Melanie Sawyer, 54, and Taz Ramos Dos Santos, 35.

Wyatt is honored to have been chosen as one of the 10 contestants out of the nearly 43,000 that applied to be in the show this season. People from many walks of life have been thrown against demanding situations all over the world in the popular survival series. Mongolia, Vancouver Island, and Patagonia have all been covered in previous seasons. The terrain and weather, according to the locals, were both quite difficult.

After it was completed, according to Wyatt, each participant went through a process to make sure everyone was well enough to return to their homes. “It’s quite trying and the longer you’re out there, the worse it could be for both physical and mental anguish for lack of a better term,” he said. “Since it’s ended there’s a group on What’s App where we talk back and forth every day – they (other cast members) become part of your family.”

James Wyatt Black Age

As of 2023, 50 is the current age of James Wyatt Black.

James Wyatt Black Wife

James Wyatt Black is currently married to his wife Michelle Black Mclaughlin. Wyatt has stated he and his wife have been married since 2004. They met each other during their time in high school.

On Mother’s Day 2023, James wished his wife, “Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife thank you for the best gifts a man could ever ask for! I love you.”

Michelle currently has a job as a registered nurse. She is employed at Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. She is also a graduate of Georgian College and finished her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Ontario Tech University.

Furthermore, the married couple shares two boys named Andrew and Evan. The survivalist is quite close to both of his sons and shares their outdoor hobbies. Andrew went to BMLSS and is currently single. He is on Facebook.

Evan is also a 2016 graduate of BMLSS. He too is available on Facebook.

Wyatt stated that they have given his life new meaning and made every day that much more special. None of it could have been possible without the love and support of his wife.

In May 2023, Wyatt wrote, “Nothing better than spending an evening fishing with your kids! Even if they outfish you badly lol.”

James Wyatt Black Job

James Wyatt Black does not make a career as a trapper or a survivalist, in contrast to the majority of his rivals. Instead, the Georgian College alum had always envisioned opening his own company and had a keen interest in the fields of interior design and home repair.

Wyatt started his own business, Maple Creek Renovations LLC, which is currently based out of Muskoka, Ontario, after graduating from college. He started the company in 2005, according to his LinkedIn. It appears that Wyatt works hard to please his customers while providing a variety of remodeling and renovation services through his business.

Wyatt has been a coach of minor league baseball and always has tried to play an active role in his community to make it a better place for everyone.

James Wyatt Black Height

James Wyatt Black’s height is above 6 feet 2 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is James Wyatt Black On Instagram?

Yes, James Wyatt Black has an Instagram account (@wyattblack1971) and a Facebook.

  • Where Is James Wyatt Black From?

James Wyatt Black hailed from Muskoka, Central Ontario, Canada.

  • When Is James Wyatt Black Birthday?

James Wyatt Black’s birthday is not available at this moment.

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