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Mikey Helton Bio, Kids, Family, Wife, Age, Alone Season 10

A contestant on the popular History Channel program Alone is Mikey Helton. Season 10 of the show has returned, and Mikey is doing fairly well so far. Even while not much is known about his life away from the camera, we have some more facts that you’ll find both interesting and enlightening.

Tag along with this short bio and find out more about Mikey Helton Jr.

Mikey Helton On Alone Season 10

In 2023, a brand-new season of Alone aired on The History Channel. The tenth season of “Survivor” has been dubbed the “toughest yet,” as 10 participants fight to survive and win a cash reward of $500,000. The Alone contestants have battled for survival ever since it began on June 8, 2023. After ten episodes, nearly every survivor has been eliminated from contention. The tenth and final episode of the History Channel series airs on August 17 to wrap up the season.

Mikey Helton Jr is one of the final three cast members this season as of the Ep.10. Prior to the premiere, Mikey shared that the hardest part for him was leaving his family. He said, “You don’t know how long you’ll be gone. You’re trying to stay there as long as you can.” So, it will be months before his family could hear from him again.

Speaking to Vegas Film Critic, Mikey also states that he has been preparing himself for this challenge for nine years. He added that Saskatchewan, a province in Western Canada was the place where the show was filmed. For Mikey, just “walking through that mess is terrible.”

Mikey added that he grew up in an environment where he was hunting, fishing, and gathering, and it had become the way of his life. Coming from such background he didn’t have to prepare much before stepping into the show. Surprisingly, the hardest part of the experience was to capture it in the camera for him.

Mikey added that the challenge is not outside of the but inside the head.

The Georgia native is honored to have been chosen as one of the 10 contestants out of the nearly 43,000 that applied to be in the show this season. People from many walks of life have been thrown against demanding situations all over the world in the popular survival series. Mongolia, Vancouver Island, and Patagonia have all been covered in previous seasons. The terrain and weather, according to the locals, were both quite difficult.

After it was completed, according to his fellow cast member Wyatt, each participant went through a process to make sure everyone was well enough to return to their homes. “It’s quite trying and the longer you’re out there, the worse it could be for both physical and mental anguish for lack of a better term,” he said. “Since it’s ended there’s a group on What’s App where we talk back and forth every day – they (other cast members) become part of your family.”

The show began with ten contestants. Others that have been eliminated are Ann Rosenquist, 56, Cade Cole, 28, 50, Jodi Rose, 45, Lee Ray Dewilde, 59, Luke Olsen, 39, Melanie Sawyer, 54, and Taz Ramos Dos Santos, 35.

Mikey Helton Wife

Mikey Helton’s wife is named Hazel Dutton. The details regarding their relationship and marriage are currently under wrap.

Hazel is available on Facebook. She is a cake artist by profession. You can also find Hazel on Twitter (@HazelDutton1). Born in 1977, Hazel is 46 years old. This makes her 14 years older than her husband.

Many natural and traditional practices are used by Mikey and his family, including creating natural remedies, gathering wild foods, and making anything they can out of natural materials. He shared in the show that he wants to win the show to give his family a better life.

How Many Kids Does Mikey Helton Have?

Mikey Helton and Hazel Dutton are parents to five wonderful kids. His youngest son, Nikolai, is autistic. Even though his son’s daily challenges, Mikey and his family spend as much time in nature with him as possible. “Nature has a way of healing”.

Alone is the opportunity for Mikey to change life for his family—especially his son. Mikey wants to provide more opportunities to help Nikolai on his journey and make life easier for his son.

Mikey Helton Age

Mikey Helton was born in 1990. He reached the age of 32 in 2022.

Mikey Helton Job

Mikey Helton has a job as a carpenter. While a significant portion of his professional job involves carpentry, he also uses his understanding of the outdoors to produce natural goods.

In his daily life, Mikey uses a variety of natural and conventional techniques. Mikey usually uses his aptitude for identifying plants and their advantages to produce a variety of customary and medical goods. Consequently, his understanding of the environment aids him in exploring a variety of opportunities in addition to his employment as a carpenter.

Mikey’s profound knowledge of his surroundings enables him to construct various items out of natural resources and gather wild food for consumption. He is a master at foraging and gathering meals in the wild.

How Tall Is Mikey Helton?

The Season 10 Alone cast member Mikey Helton stands tall above 5 feet 10 inches.

Mikey Helton Family

Mikey Helton is the son of Michael Helton Sr. Public record shows that Michael was born in January 1950 which makes him 73 years old.

Public record shows that Michael is now a resident of Rocky Face, Georgia.

Mikey’s mother is likely named Margie Helton who turned 68 in July 2023. He is also related to 31-year-old Tamyria Helton from Summerville, Georgia.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Alone Season 10 Star Mikey Helton From?

Alone star Mikey Helton is a native of Rome, Georgia.

  • When Is Mikey Helton Birthday?

Mikey Helton celebrates his birthday in September.

  • Is Mikey Helton On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Mikey Helton has a Facebook and an IG page.

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