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Jamie Frizzell Bio, Age, Married, Job, IG, Naked & Afraid

Naked and Afraid Season 15 premiered on 19 February 2023 on Discovery Channel and introduced us to Jamie Frizzell, a no-nonsense lifeguard, adventurer, and bushcraft instructor. So, this season of the survival show kicked off with him and fellow survivalists and friend Steve Baxter. These two, who already found fame previously as the country’s top survivalists, were tasked to invite explorers to take a step on the wild side around Keelby.

Anyway, in the rest of the writing let us exclusively tell you all and only about Jamie Frizzell.

Jamie Frizzell On Discovery’s Naked & Afraid

Not just anyone gets to be on Naked & Afraid. According to producers, they look for really elite survivalists from those reaching out to them, individuals like ex-military, and those who have experienced real-life survival situations. As for Jamie Frizzell, he received an email from a casting company in Los Angeles wanting him to take part in the TV show. He thought it was a joke at first and then the thought, “what have a I got to loose?”, came over him and so he replied back and he was quickly assured that the offer was all real and legal.

Back in 2019, Jamie decided he would put his bushcraft and survival knowledge to good use and create a YouTube channel. So, he filmed and uploaded how-to videos such as Fire Lighting, Purifying Water, and How To Shoot A Catapult. They became rather popular attracting fellow bush crafters from around the world. And just a month after uploading his first video, Naked & Afraid also invited him.

Jamie before this not only has been the winner of the previous season of the show, but he actually also survived a 21-day Tribes challenge in the Amazon. He mostly landed international acclaim after surviving three weeks in the South African savannah.

Previously Jamie appeared in just one episode of Naked & Afraid‘s 2021 season. Another year, he received credits for in total of 11 episodes.

Jamie Frizzell Job

On his social media, Jamie Frizzell goes around as a YouTube/social media influencer, survival instructor, and trained lifeguard.

Also back in 2011, Jamie joined the British Army. His time there with the armed forces, he says, was eventful. Only in a few weeks, he said, he had started a passive income business of renting out adult magazines to the squaddies due to lack of internet. Unfortunately, his time there was also cut short when he injured his knee during a 6-miles-long Tactical Advance into Battle.

Today, Jamie makes money also from the likes of “WildMan Frizzell Events” where he offers his Bushcraft & Survival experiences to those looking to get out into the wilderness and learn new skills.

Is Jamie Frizzell Married?

Jamie was not married as of February 2023. But, was he dating anyone? It appeared so.

On 17 March 2022, Jamie announced on social media his engagement to Ellie, who according to Jamie is also known as “The WildGirl”. “The WildMan is now a tamed man”, he wrote for himself, next to a picture of them together and Ellie flashing her new ring. “I asked the absolute love of my life and soul mate to marry me and she said yes. Life is so unpredictable and I love it!!”, Jamie also gushed.

Is Jamie Frizzell married? (PIC: Instagram)

There were several posts featuring Ellie on Jamie’s social media gallery thus far. They still seem to be together. Ellie on her own IG @wildgirl.ellie, however, rarely featured Jamie. Also, from the look of it, she appears to be an adventurer and the owner of a camper van.

Until back in August 2021, Jamie was not seeing anyone. He had at the time confirmed being back to what he knows the best, i.e., outdoors, after having failed at a few other relationships after he broke up with his girlfriend in 2019. He said the relationships were “really not working”.

Jamie Frizzell Age

The bushcraft TV personality became above 33 years old as of February 2023.

Jamie Frizzell Family

Jamie rarely talks about his family. But, this one time in November 2022, he wrote about his great granddad, AKA big papa, quite in detail. Around the time, the elderly had just passed at the age of 97. According to Jamie, he was a business owner and in some ways an entrepreneur, a very hard worker, and very well-known around town. Here, he also mentioned how once his dad called the radio station and got the “big papa” talking on the radio.

Jamie also mentioned “granny Sadie” who also is no more.

How Tall Is Jamie Frizzell?

Jamie Frizzell stands 5 feet and 11 inches (1.80 meters) in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jamie Frizzell’s Birthday?

Jamie Frizzell’s birthday was not known as of the time of this writing.

  • Where Is Jamie Frizzell From?

Jamie Frizzell hails from Ayrshire, which is a historic county and registration county in southwest Scotland. It is located on the shores of the Firth of Clyde.

  • Is Jamie Frizzell On IG And Facebook?

Yes. Jamie Frizzell could be found on IG @wildmanfrizzell with 507 posts and 1,163 followers as of 28 February 2023. He also entertained 6.2K plus followers on ‘Jamie WildMan Frizzell’ Facebook. Here, he proudly highlighted the fact that he is the “First UK survivalist to accept a Naked & Afraid challenge”.

Besides, one could also give Jamie a follow on TikTok @wildmanfrizzell and on Twitter @WildManFrizzell.


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